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Wind River is No. 1 in the edge computing OS market

  • Wind River remains the market leader in edge computing operating systems, according to new report from VDC Research
  • Wind River continues to be No. 1 in the real-time operating system and commercial embedded Linux markets
  • Leading companies across industries are increasingly focused on a software-defined future, and Wind River Studio addresses the evolving needs of the edge computing market.

Wind River, the world’s leading provider of mission-critical intelligent systems software, continues to maintain its No. 1 position in the embedded real-time operating system (RTOS) and commercial embedded Linux markets, once again confirmed by the latest VDC Research report. The ranking is based on Wind River’s edge computing operating system platforms, including VxWorks®, Wind River Helix Virtualization Platform and Wind River Linux, which are part of Wind Rivers Studio. Wind River’s cloud-native platform is mainly used for the development, deployment, operation and service of mission-critical intelligent systems, covering both the device and the cloud.

“Wind River is proud to be recognized as a leader in intelligent edge software,” said Kevin Dallas, President and CEO of Wind River. “Society will enter a new era of intelligent machine economy. By 2025, 75 percent of Enterprise data is processed at the edge. Studio provides our customers with an excellent platform to meet the edge computing needs of various industries, especially aerospace, defense, automotive, Industrial and telecommunications. Studio is the first to cover mission critical intelligence A platform for the full lifecycle of edge systems. Among them, real-time performance, 5-9 availability, information security and functional safety must all be listed as top priorities.”

In VDC Research’s latest research report, Global IoT & Embedded OS Market 2020-2025, Wind River is listed as a leading provider in the following markets:

  • The share of the total global market revenue of IoT and embedded operating systems reached 28%, which is much higher than the second place’s 18.7%
  • Its share of total commercial embedded Linux global market revenue is 46%, much higher than the second place’s 11.5%
  • The share of RTOS global market total revenue is 32.9%, much higher than the second place’s 21.3%

“Wind River’s IoT/embedded operating systems focus on intelligent, precise, and consistently high-performance applications, and their achievements in markets such as aerospace, defense, and Industrial applications allow them to Well-positioned to further expand edge computing capabilities. Recently, container technology in Wind River Studio has provided enhanced support for application development, strengthening Wind River’s dominant position in the market as more and more Enterprises are looking to apply container technology to IoT and edge intelligence systems.”

Leaders of high-tech enterprises generally realize that the world is evolving to a remote edge business model, and remote edge computing must be regarded as the most influential and necessary characteristic capability in order to stand out in the intelligent system application market, and more Key requirements also include a common workflow platform, AI/ML and real-time application ecosystem across the complete lifecycle of the system.

Wind River supports the complete customer journey, enabling businesses to leverage the drive for community innovation to deliver superior products while meeting the functional safety, information security and reliability required by mission-critical applications.

Wind River has won numerous awards for its platform products. Recent honors include: Grand Stevie Award for Best New Product and Service of the Year, Gold Stevie Award for Cloud Infrastructure, Globee Award for Cloud Infrastructure Products, and TMC 2022 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award.

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