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Weidmüller: Rooting in the ground for development and intensively cultivating customer needs

In a day where supply chain cycles are often measured in months or weeks, long lead times make balancing supply and demand challenging. Especially under the current complex international situation and the severe test of the epidemic, the world ecological pattern and global governance system are being restructured at an accelerated pace. In addition to focusing on high-quality products, buyers who are pursuing realism are increasingly looking forward to faster delivery and higher quality products. Excellent customer service.

For enterprises, adapting to the new market environment and variables as soon as possible in the face of adversity, broadening the extreme pressure boundary of the supply chain, and maximizing customer satisfaction are the way to win under the new normal. Recently, Mr. Chen Xiangjun, senior sales and marketing director of Weidmüller, shared in an interview how Weidmüller can seize favorable opportunities in the new round of Industrial transformation in the face of multiple challenges.

  Weidmüller: Rooting in the ground for development and intensively cultivating customer needs

Mr. Chen Xiangjun, Senior Sales and Marketing Director of Weidmüller

  Responding to changes with the same – rooting in the local area is a constant strategy

The global economic and financial shocks are constantly emerging, the risk aversion in overseas markets has been rekindled, and the global supply chain has fallen into the predicament of imbalance. Under the confusion, it is not only the demand side that is vulnerable, but the supply side will be tested again, and Weidmüller has been able to respond to needs in terms of ensuring production and supply, and is a real “action group”.

“Weidmüller always takes solving customer problems as the starting point. In order to ensure on-time delivery during the epidemic, we quickly launched a new logistics transfer station in Suzhou, and added a number of decentralized logistics points in Shenzhen to strengthen supply capabilities. To ensure the delivery needs of customers across the country. For some basic parts and raw materials imported from abroad, Weidmüller chooses localized R&D and production to shorten the delivery cycle as much as possible.” Chen Xiangjun introduced.

“Time is not for me” is an appropriate comment on the localization of Weidmüller’s development. Facing the future, Weidmüller will build a highly resilient localized supply chain, from product design, R&D, manufacturing to logistics and transportation, and strive to fully meet the needs of Chinese customers. Starting from its own business advantages, it will solve customers’ pain points in a targeted manner. and shortcomings, to ensure the stable production and operation of domestic regions when the supply chain system is affected by the global impact.

Adhering to the development gene of the group headquarters in the field of new energy, Weidmüller’s domestic business focus will be more focused on lithium batteries, new energy vehicles and other sectors. “Different from foreign markets, China’s demand for new energy vehicles is extremely strong. Lithium batteries, new energy vehicles and other industries are also the main layout industries for China to achieve carbon neutrality. As a solution that has been in China for more than 20 years and has been deeply involved in serving local customers As a supplier, Weidmüller will assume its own corporate responsibilities and obligations and contribute to the development of China’s new energy industry,” said Chen Xiangjun.

  Changes remain the same – empowering customers is the consistent aim

Today, with the acceleration of digital transformation in all walks of life, customers’ demands for digital products and solutions are also increasing. The “major premise” of embarking on the path of empowering customers’ digital transformation is that the solution provider needs to have certain digital capabilities, and Weidmüller is no exception.

“The deeper the digital transformation process, the larger the amount of data generated, and the key point of Industrial process value mining is how to analyze and use this data.” Chen Xiangjun said. As an intelligent solution provider, Weidmüller is committed to bringing efficient solutions and services to customers. Weidmüller’s industrial data analysis solution uses artificial intelligence technology to assist in analysis and mining, helping customers gain more knowledge from it, so as to detect equipment failures and abnormal operations in advance, predict production quality, and improve production and service efficiency. Cooperate with Weidmüller’s connection consulting services to provide customers with feasible advice and help them improve the overall level of automation and digitalization.

In Chen Xiangjun’s view, most of the digital solutions are still in the semi-automatic stage, each system fights alone, and the intermediate links still need to be manually connected and transitioned, and a complete chain has not been formed. “Focusing on customer needs, from dealers, customer service, to internal operations, we will build a digital platform for the entire value chain step by step, empower customers with complete digital services, and work together with customers to the future.”

Guided by the three brand values ​​of “intelligent solution provider, ubiquitous innovation, and local customer orientation”, Weidmüller always maintains its strategic strength and determination to take root in China, and is unswervingly going well” The long-term development path of “Based on China, Radiating the World”, the future can be expected!

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