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The Internet celebrity robot airborne at the Oktoberfest once played with the Prime Minister

The Internet celebrity robot airborne at the Oktoberfest once played with the Prime Minister

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OFweek Robot Net News This year, the Qingdao International Beer Festival will continue to set up a robot canopy, paying more attention to interaction, application and experience to create a unique place for popular science education. Among them, there are many robot stars, and even robots who have shaken hands with the Prime Minister and played ball have also come.

The reporter learned from the organizing committee of the 27th Qingdao International Beer Festival that robots are widely used in this beer festival, involving welcome, tour guide, restaurant service and so on. At the same time, interactive robots will be selected, the interactive experience of robot tents will be set up, and the robot parade performance team and the youth robot competition will be added, and the forms of expression will be more abundant.

Robot collective performance sets Guinness record

It is understood that the construction area of ​​the robot canopy is 1,000 square meters, and it pays more attention to creating interactive experience scenes. The venue adopts static Display and dynamic display, among which the static display includes badminton robots, shooting robots, painting robots, sword dancing robots, wrench wrist robots, etc. Activities can be completed in situ.

On April 25, 2016, Li Keqiang came to the Jingrong Maker Town in Chengdu, Sichuan to communicate with entrepreneurs. The Prime Minister was invited to “study” with the badminton robot designed by the entrepreneurial team.

These robots are all well-known, and some of them are regulars on CCTV. Among them, Xiaoyu, the badminton robot, once shook hands with Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council to “study ball skills”. The sword-dancing robot can dance with music, and the movements are extremely standard. Visitors can also compete with the wrench-wrist robot… These interactive projects will satisfy the interactive experience of tourists. Special robots are placed in the dynamic exhibition area. Each of these robots weighs several hundred kilograms. They are heavy but flexible and can move around. The planners also set up roadblocks based on the steel structure of the special robots, and performed dynamic displays such as crossing roadblocks.

Robot dragon dance

This year’s robots have worked hard on intelligent applications. A lion dance welcome robot will be set up at the entrance of the craft brewery to welcome tourists into the craft brewery. During the visit, there will be robots in charge of drinking wine for tourists to taste. In addition, there are robots responsible for explaining, food delivery robots, companion robots, etc.

At this year’s Oktoberfest, there will also be a parade of robots. A large-scale scene story robot acts as the host and undertakes tasks such as storytelling and leading dance, and other small robots are responsible for cooperating with the performance. The scene-based robot parade performance is composed of multiple robots, which are arranged through music and scenes. These robots have performed all over the world and were invited by NASA as a resident staff member to teach the audience about space.

In order to popularize the popular science education of intelligent robots, a youth robot competition will also be held in the robot tent, allowing tourists to understand, experience and feel robots at close range, and there will be more robots on stage.

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