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The entrepreneurial sample of “robot finger” is happy to “return the wild goose” to bring back the technology flow

In May, an entrepreneurial competition in Ziyang made Gao Chaoping a star. Once the roadshow was over, olive branches were thrown to him one after another. At the beginning of June, Gao Chaoping was in his factory, figuring out which orders to give up. Since he has received too many orders recently, he can only choose the best.
Gao Chaoping, 35, is self-taught after graduating from high schoolmechanicalautomationKnowledge has made a breakthrough in Shenzhen. In 2015, Gao Chaoping and his wife, the “son-in-law of Lezhi”, returned to Lezhi County and founded Sichuan Dongju Automation Technology Co., Ltd.At present, the company independently develops and producesrobotFinger and other equipment has entered Foxconn, Lenovo, CRRC, AVIC Group and other well-known equipment manufacturing enterprises.
The technology-based “Guiyan” brings back the technology flow, and is even more happy to attract new seeds of technology entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurial projects begin to move towards high value-added projects.industrymanufacturing sector.
Returning home, there is a hot spot for entrepreneurship
With his love for Industrial automation technology, Gao Chaoping has become a comprehensive engineer spanning multiple technical fields through research and innovation. In 2013, Gao Chaoping established his own company in Guangdong to produce Industrial robots. During the two years of operation of the company, he found that customers were scattered all over the country, “as long as the logistics is convenient, the production is the same wherever”.
Gao Chaoping chose to return to Lezhi mainly for “family reasons”. He and his wife are struggling outside, and the children have been brought up by their parents-in-law in their hometown. In 2015, when the child was about to enter primary school, Gao Chaoping felt that “the time has come to come back”.
Gao Chaoping and his wife returned to Lezhi to start a business, and they were warmly welcomed and supported by the local cadres and masses, allowing his business to survive and go far.
When I first arrived at Lezhi, it was very difficult to start a business. The factory was hard to find, and the company was not well-known. The first three months have been in a state of loss. Lezhi County spares no effort to serve technology-based small and micro start-ups, and solve problems such as factories and loans for Gao Chaoping, so that the company’s production can gradually get out of trouble.
development, also has advantages
In August 2015, the smart electric finger solution designed by Gao Chaoping won the project bidding of Nanjing Jinhangte Logistics Co., Ltd. “Our system has the world’s first gripping force adaptive function and environment perception function.” Gao Chaoping said that Jinhangte Logistics has almost strict technical requirements, and there are many large companies in the bidding enterprises, “We are ultimately better by technology. win”.
In the super flat Lezhi factory, he taps a button, and the robot fingers can pick up heavy objects and accurately pick up eggs. The robot finger developed by the company can grab a chip the size of a fingernail and precisely install it on a circuit board. One robot is equivalent to the workload of 10 workers. “There are 8 technologies in a seemingly simple design. The most difficult thing is to do system integration. It is necessary to connect customer needs with various technologies to produce customized products for customers.” Gao Chaoping said, “Few companies are willing to integrate various All the links are done, because at least 8 engineers are needed, and the cost is too high. My advantage is that I know all the technologies by myself.”
Entrepreneurship is inseparable from the team. In Lezhi, Gao Chaoping’s most worrying talent problem was easily solved through the recruitment fair, and several high-level skilled talents that were scarce in coastal areas were also recruited. “Lezhi has no shortage of talents, and the employment cost is half lower than that of the coastal area.” The relevant person in charge of Lezhi County said that with the continuous development of Lezhi’s economy and society, the attraction to high-skilled young talents has also continued to increase.
“Returning geese”, leading to industrial upgrading
In February 2016, Nanjing Jinhangte Logistics Co., Ltd. planned to purchase Gao Chaoping’s technology, but he refused. In the end, the two parties negotiated to establish Nanjing Jinhangte Automation Technology Co., Ltd. From the beginning of happiness, Gao Chaoping has done business in other places.
In Lezhi County and even Ziyang City, in the past, entrepreneurial projects that returned home were mainly concentrated in the agricultural field, and technology-based entrepreneurial projects were very scarce. “Gao Chaoping’s entrepreneurial experience has made a good start and a turning point. His successful samples are the most convincing and attractive.” The relevant person in charge of Lezhi County introduced that the county’s “13th Five-Year Plan” proposed to build a Chongqing Economic Zone’s industrial undertaking and upgrading base, industrial robots can be used in labor-intensive enterprises, which play an important role in attracting industrial transfer.
In order to attract “returning geese”, Lezhi took the initiative to “build a nest”. At the end of this year, a maker space project will be built, with the function of an entrepreneurial incubator, providing free entrepreneurial venues, entrepreneurial counseling, financing docking, project declaration, talent introduction and other services for entrepreneurial youth who meet the conditions for entry. Starting this year, Lezhi has also set up 4.5 million yuan of innovation and entrepreneurship guidance funds, and will provide patent subsidies according to the standards of 1,500 yuan/piece for invention patents and 800 yuan/piece for utility model patents, and further improve the patent application funding incentive mechanism. At present, the county is focusing on the development of electromechanical, biomedical and other industries to declare and implement a number of national and provincial science and technology projects to promote the upgrading of the county’s industries.
Editor: Jia Yichao

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