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The autonomous ratio of core components exceeds 80%, and the robot industry in Foshan High-tech Zone is ushering in a new round of development

Not long ago, the self-adaptive self-developed by Feixi Technologyrobot“Rizon (Dawn)” became the first force-controlled robot in China to obtain CE+ETL dual certification. CE certification, as a recognized access certification in the European Union, is regarded as a “passport” for manufacturers to open and enter the European market.

“Choose to come to Foshan and settle in Foshan High-tech Zone, because of the good upstream and downstream Industrial chain and perfect Industrial ecology.” said Wang Shiquan, CEO of Feixi Technology.

In recent years, as the main force in the development of the Robot Industry in Foshan, Guangdong, Foshan High-tech Zone has carried out independent innovation,applicationPromote a series of powerful measures such as innovation and financial innovation, form a complete industrial innovation chain covering “core technology research and development – robot body – robot integration – robot application – industrial big data”, and create a perfect robot industry innovation ecology, attracting A group of robot companies such as Feixi Technology came to take root here. With the new wave of digital and intelligent transformation in Foshan’s manufacturing industry, the robot industry in Foshan High-tech Zone is ushering in a new round of development opportunities.

Robot industry develops steadily

“Our self-developed robot control system has achieved large-scale batch applications, and mass-producedIndustrial RobotThe independent proportion of core components exceeds 80%. Especially in the overall solution of intelligent production line, it has completely competed with similar foreign products on the same stage. “Foshan Wasu Robot Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wasu Robot), Deputy General Manager Feng Xiaotong, introduced that Wasu robot products have been widely used in 3C, automobile and motorcycle, new energy, home appliances, kitchen and bathroom and other fields, especially in the field of notebook computers. Import substitution is achieved.

From scratch to a leading enterprise in the industry, the development process of Wasu Robot is also the epitome of the vigorous growth of the robot industry in Foshan High-tech Zone. Foshan is an important manufacturing base in the country and even in the world. In the stage of high-quality development, it has keenly captured the opportunities for the future development of the robot industry, and took the lead in building an industrial robot industrial park in China, which has developed into one of the main robot producing areas in China. As an important driving force for Foshan’s technological innovation and development, Foshan High-tech Zone insists on developing the robot industry to lead the upgrading of the manufacturing industry.

In recent years, with the development of the industry, a number of local robot companies have emerged in Foshan High-tech Zone, such as Longshen Robot and Jiateng Robot, which have attractedabb,Kuka,FanucA large number of world-class leading companies such as Yaskawa Electric Co., Ltd. and Yaskawa Electric Co., Ltd. have laid out their layout in the form of cooperation or investment, and the “local tigers” and “crossing the river dragons” complement each other.

It is precisely because of the early layout that even though facing the huge impact of the epidemic on the economy in the past two years, the robot industry in Foshan High-tech Zone is still moving steadily.

In April this year, the construction of the second phase of the Midea-KUKA Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Park started. Japan’s Kawasaki Robot “joins hands” with Longshen Robot, an enterprise in Foshan High-tech Zone, and invests 100 million yuan to establish a joint venture company. In addition, domestic and foreign robot companies such as Yinghe and Lan Fatzi have settled down one after another.

A strong army with an output value of 300 billion yuan

The development of an industry requires a sound industrial innovation ecology. The vigorous development of the robot industry in Foshan High-tech Zone actually contains the “ingenious mind” of Foshan High-tech Zone.

In response to the needs of technology and services for enterprises, Foshan High-tech Zone spends its mind on the integration of industrial innovation resources to build a carrier platform. China (Guangdong) Robot Integration Innovation Center, Guangzhou University of Technology CNC Equipment Research Institute, Foshan Intelligent Equipment Technology Research Institute… A number of high-end robot industry development platforms have been established one after another. Among them, the “shared factory” jointly constructed by the CNC Research Institute of Guangzhou University of Technology and other units——smart robotGrinding and polishing shared workstation for enterprises to test water intelligent manufacturing at low cost.

Local enterprises take a wait-and-see attitude towards “machine substitution”. Foshan High-tech Zone has put great effort into strengthening industrial policy support, launched the “lighthouse factory” cultivation plan, and customized financial leasing services for enterprises to carry out “machine substitution”.

“When we settled in Foshan High-tech Zone in 2015, the robot industry in the park was in its infancy, and now the entire robot industry ecology in the park has been built.” Feng Xiaotong has a deep understanding of this.

A good ecology has driven the booming development of the industry. At present, the number of enterprise application Robots in the park has exceeded 10,000. Foshan Desena Technology Co., Ltd. renovated the production line. Without adding space and personnel, the production efficiency was increased by 25%, the labor cost was reduced by 50%, and the annual sales increased by 30%. Having tasted the sweetness brought by robots, the company has also become the regional general agent of Yaskawa Robot, gradually realizing the transformation and development of production enterprises to service-oriented enterprises.

Foshan City’s “14th Five-Year Plan” outline proposes that by 2025, four major industrial clusters, including intelligent manufacturing equipment and robots, will sprint to 300 billion yuan in output value.

The benefits don’t stop there. In August this year, the Foshan High-tech Zone Management Committee officially launched the 2021 Foshan High-tech Zone pilot demonstration project for cutting-edge technology application scenarios, with a maximum subsidy of RMB 1 million for enterprises and institutions that have been identified as pilot and demonstration projects for cutting-edge technology application scenarios. This also announces that Foshan High-tech Zone is about to usher in the largest wave of digital and intelligent transformation, the robot market will enter the “blue ocean”, and will become a strong force for the Foshan robot industry to move towards a 300 billion-level cluster.

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