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The 2022 NAMUR China Annual Conference was successfully held

On October 26-27, the 2022 NAMUR China Annual Conference with the theme of “Technology Integration, Creating New Value in the Process Industry” will be held in Shanghai as scheduled. Nearly 200 professionals and industry experts from BASF, Bayer, Yangzi Petrochemical-BASF, Covestro, Evonik, Wacker, Wanhua Chemical, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, etc. attended the meeting. Supcon Technology will be the exclusive exhibitor of the 2022 NAMUR China Annual Conference The sponsor is also the first Chinese company organizer of the annual meeting.


NAMUR, currently has 170 member units around the world. As an influential international organization in the field of process automation, it was established in Germany in 1949 by 7 companies including Bayer and BASF. With its high-quality technical communication level and rigorous The spirit of technological exploration is well-known in the industry.

At the beginning of the conference, Dai Xiaolong, head of the core group of NAMUR China and chief manager of the automation function center of Yangzi Petrochemical-BASF Co., Ltd., delivered an opening speech. He summarized the achievements of the NAMUR working group in China in the past year and introduced the recent Structural adjustments and new members, as well as the specific schedule of this annual meeting. At the same time, the number of registrations for this year’s annual conference has reached a record high.

The 2022 NAMUR China Annual Conference was successfully held

Subsequently, Tobias Schlichtmann, member of the board of directors of NAMUR and senior vice president of BASF, and Emanuel Trunzer, a member of the working group, shared the theme online. Tobias Schlichtmann introduced the latest developments of NAMUR, and elaborated on how NAMUR can achieve its core goals of “helping factories to produce safely and efficiently, realizing digitalization of process industries, combining automation with digitalization, and promoting the construction of young talent teams”. Dr. Emanuel Trunzer, automation engineer of BASF, focused on the latest application of APL.

Voice from Central Control Technology

Ms. Yu Xiang, a member of the core working group of NAMUR, made a company introduction of Supcon Technology, the sponsor of this annual meeting, and introduced the general situation and current strategic layout of Supcon Technology to the guests.

SUPCON mainly focuses on technologies, products, and solutions related to 5T integration, a new generation of intelligent operation management and control system, open and shared asset performance management, Industrial safety management and control, and quality assurance evaluation, etc., to share and dialogue with international counterparts.

Cui Shan, chairman and president of Supcon Technology, made a keynote speech. He pointed out that the current development of the process industry is still facing many problems such as low factory operation efficiency; dilemma. To this end, process industry enterprises must achieve more breakthroughs in technology integration and industry integration, thereby enhancing their competitiveness. In particular, they must increase and accelerate digital transformation as a driving force to create agile and flexible enterprises and seize more market opportunities. .

Cui Shan pointed out that under the epidemic situation, the supply chain and Industrial chain of the process industry are facing a more complicated situation. The resilience and sustainable development of the process industry in the post-epidemic era have become the key to the survival of enterprises. Technology integration and industrial integration have become an inevitable trend in the development of the process industry. Through the integration of technologies from different fields, industries, and professions, the deep integration of chemical reactions occurs to give birth to new revolutionary technologies, thereby promoting industrial development.

Wu Yucheng, Assistant President of SUPCON Technology and President of 5T Technology Department, pointed out that 5T is AT (automation technology), IT (information technology), PT (process technology), OT (operation technology) and ET (equipment technology). A new technology form that helps customers succeed, can effectively solve problems that cannot be solved by a single technology, support the major industry needs of the process industry, and define and reshape new business scenarios.

Wu Yucheng emphasized that central control technology will create a new form of industrial life cycle from design, construction, operation, maintenance and other stages through 5T integration. Taking an acrylic acid factory as an example, he pointed out that 5T integration brings about reduced raw material costs and more stable device operation , Reduce operating frequency and other significant advantages. By building a diversified technology integration base to accelerate the process of intelligence, it helps users to forge more flexible processes, more efficient solutions, and smarter integrated equipment. In the exploration of the future, Wu Yucheng further proposed the concept of Supcon Industrial Metaverse, hoping to integrate various new technologies through the Industrial Metaverse to create a next-generation industrial production form that combines virtuality and reality.

Gu Yong, chief industrial software engineer of Supcon Technology, shared his thoughts on the new generation of open and shared asset performance management. He emphasized the importance of APM (asset performance management) and pointed out that Supcon’s new generation of open and shared asset performance management The standard asset management solution includes five links of data collection, asset modeling, asset analysis, decision optimization, and strategy execution, forming a continuous improvement PDCA cycle, covering all equipment assets in the process industry.

As the exploration and crystallization of the new generation of full-process operation management and control system, Wang Changzheng, Director of Intelligent Monitoring Technology of Supcon Technology, shared that the company launched the Supcon i-OMC system in July this year. Based on the functions of the traditional distributed control system, the system integrates the core technical advantages of the factory operating system, industrial AIoT, advanced industrial network, intelligent optimization, model prediction, etc., and is committed to realizing the transformation of the process industry from traditional automation to intelligent autonomous operation. Major innovations and upgrades have been applied in many industry benchmark companies.

In addition, Wei Chuan, President of Supcon Technology’s Petrochemical Industry Solution Department, shared Supcon’s thinking and practice of strengthening intrinsic safety by relying on digital intelligence application integration on the process safety management and control plan. Focused on the technical integration and exploration of SUPCON in safety feature research, process hazard analysis, risk protection operating procedures, dynamic risk management, intelligent alarm management, operation navigation, accident analysis, system integrity management, etc., to help enterprises enhance process safety management and control capabilities to improve the intrinsic safety level.

Yu Mengda, head of the industrial control security business of SUPCON Technology, shared in the sub-forum seminar on the best practice of equal protection evaluation. By introducing the network security incidents of the industrial control system and giving an example of a 10-million-ton oil refining industrial control network security construction project, he emphasized the importance of security technology and management. The importance of system building.

In addition, Zhang Wei, Director of Industrial Communication Technology of Supcon Technology, also participated in the theme forum of heterogeneous network fusion IT/OT integration.

Technical exchange, thought collision

Members of NAMUR working groups such as Covestro, BASF, and Evonik, and participating experts also shared information on unlicensed band wireless networks and their applications, factory energy management and energy management systems, digital maintenance in the chemical industry, and heterogeneous network convergence IT/ OT integration, the selection and application of diesel generators, the explosion-proof strategy of the analysis cabin, the list of qualified equipment applied to SIS, and the sharing of applications in the fields of class guarantee 2.0, etc., discussed the digital and intelligent development path with experts in the industry.

media face to face

During the meeting, NAMUR and Supcon Technology jointly held a media meeting. Dr. Felix Hanisch, Chairman of NAMUR Board of Directors, Mr. Tobias Schlichtmann, Ms. Christine Oro Saavedra, General Manager of NAMUR, Mr. Dai Xiaolong, head of NAMUR China Core Team, and members of NAMUR China Core Team Mr. Wang Haitao, Chairman and President of Supcon Technology Mr. Cui Shan, Assistant President of Supcon Technology Dr. Wu Yucheng attended the meeting and answered the joint interviews of 4 media outlets including Gongkong, Process Industry, Financial Associated Press and 21st Century Business Herald. Due to the epidemic situation, the interviews of the three German high-level officials were all conducted via video connection.

NAMUR China condenses industry wisdom, understands industry needs, and has always been at the forefront of technological innovation, which coincides with the development concept of Supcon Technology. Felix Hanisch, chairman of the board of directors of NAMUR, said that he looks forward to more cooperation and exchanges with ZKT in the future. In the future, SUPCON Technology will always accompany the high-quality development of the process industry, concentrate on the development of the industry, create more new value for process industry enterprises through technology integration, and hope to create process together with all industry partners The new future of industry.

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