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The 10,000th robot of the Yuejiang Rizhao production base officially rolled off the production line

On September 24, the 10,000th robot in the Yuejiang Rizhao production base went offline, and a new generation of intelligent collaborative Robots integrating artificial intelligence and perception interaction officially achieved large-scale mass production.sameTimebyDigital intelligence leads, flexible intelligenceThemed Intelligent Robot Innovation Application Summit Forum and Yuejiang Rizhao Production Base No. 1The offline ceremony of 10,000 robots was held inShandongSunshine held.

The 10,000th robot of the Yuejiang Rizhao production base officially rolled off the production line

Tan Jianrong, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor of Zhejiang University, Sun Lining, a foreign academician of the Russian Academy of Engineering and dean of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Soochow University, Li Yibin, a professor and vice president of the School of Control Science and Engineering of Shandong University, and representatives of customers from various industries jointly witnessed this important event in Yuejiang. At the moment, Jia Gang, Deputy Mayor of Rizhao City, and Sun Li, Secretary of the Working Committee of Economic Development Zone, attended the event.

The launch of the Rizhao production base is a milestone in the development of Yuejiang.As the world’s leading provider of intelligent collaborative robot solutions, Yuejiang has opened up the market for robot products.“R&D+ production + service” whole chain, which ensures the rapid delivery of the Yuejiang global market.The project has been signed since September 2020 and construction will start on November 10, 2020construction, covering an area of ​​53,000 square meters. In less than 2 years, 10,000 robots were rolled off the production line in the trial production stage, and orders were received from 50 or 60 companies at home and abroad, and the results were impressive.

Yuejiang Rizhao Base No. 110,000 robots offline

Chairman and Chairman of YuejiangCEO Liu Peichao delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the conference, sharing the development process of independent innovation of Yuejiang in the past seven years.

From creating the world’s first desktop Robotic arm todevelopedinternational leadingFouraxis,sixAxis full-sensing collaborative robot,to launchfor businessDobot Nova series,cross borderBe the first in the industry to own0.5-16kg full product matrixcooperationRobot company, service network all over the worldMore than 140 countries and regions, the cumulative sales volume has exceeded 55,000 units,The export volume of domestic Industrial robots has been ranked for four consecutive yearsNO.1.

Yuejiang Rizhao Production Basethe first10,000 robots offline is just the beginning, inbaseAfter full production, Yuejiang will promote the artificial intelligence industry to enter a new stage of development. First, it will reduce internal costs and increase efficiency, and then continue to move towards the core goal of promoting the full application of robots.“Liu Peichao said.

Relying on the production base, Yuejiang will also actively build an artificial intelligence robot training base and an Industrial service platform for small and medium-sized enterprises, and take advantage of the location advantage of Rizhao Port to integrate upstream and downstream industrial chains to realize the opening and integration of interfaces within the industry.

Digital intelligence leads, flexible intelligence

Intelligent collaboration reshapes next-generation productivity

China’s manufacturing industry is in a period of profound change, and the rapidly changing end market demand has made flexible intelligent manufacturing a major trend in the manufacturing industry.

Academician Tan Jianrong pointed out that an intelligent collaborative robot is a production tool that can satisfy flexible intelligence. Different from ordinary robots that require a lot of programming, intelligent collaborative robots can complete trajectory planning through a small amount of programming and a large amount of autonomous learning, which will be the main form of next-generation productivity.

Academician Sun Lining believes that intelligent manufacturing is not a simple stacking of equipment, and it is impossible to ignore the process technology, because the process is the soul and the equipment is the carrier, which is very critical. Only by continuously developing the technological application of collaborative robots can we broaden the field and finally realize the development of intelligence.

Professor Li Yibin said that the current development of robotics technology focuses on artificial intelligence applications, and future intelligent robots will improve human life in more fields. The key to the development of high-end robots lies in the comprehensive development of talents, technology and market, so that problems existing in the industry will be gradually discovered and solved, and finally the development and maturity of intelligent collaborative robots will be promoted.

Liu Zhufu, Director of Yuejiang Business Development Support Center and General Manager of Suzhou Subsidiary, pointed out that with the continuous development of intelligent manufacturing, new process scenarios continue to emerge, and traditional industrial robots have been unable to meet the needs of their long application programming deployment cycle and insufficient flexibility. The explosive growth of new scenarios.

In response to this situation, Yuejiang strives to improve its product line toTake the CR series robot as an example,It is designed for flexible automation needs, covering3-16kg load, is widely used in the process of loading and unloading, sorting, polishing, flexible assembly, welding, palletizing and other processes.

besides,returnAn integrated process package has been developed for scenarios such as welding, palletizing, loading and unloading, which truly allows customers to plug and play, simple and easy to use.Leading enterprises in 3C, automobile, new energy, semiconductor, metal processing, new retail and other industries have been widely used.

The sharp blade opens a new chapter, driving the upgrade of China’s intelligent manufacturing

The event was held at the Rizhao Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute of Shandong University.– The unveiling ceremony of the Yuejiang Robot Innovation Practice Base, with the support of Shandong University and other top universities,Cross border will continue“Research and development, strong innovation”, to achieve the international leading level in technology and productsAt the same time, based on rich practical experience, more and more solutions that meet the needs of the industry are created.

Over the years, Yuejiang has successfully developed robots through independent innovationTrajectory recurrence, transfer learning, security skinAnd many other leading human-computer interaction technologies have greatly reduced the operating threshold and import cost of robots, making it possible for robots to be popularized and applied in more fields. This time,Shandong University Rizhao Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute-The establishment of the Yuejiang Robot Innovation Practice Base will further accelerate the innovative application of robotsexistGlobalSceneslanding.

today,Rizhao production base No.The offline ceremony of 10,000 robots is a new starting point for Yuejiang to serve global customers.In the future, relying on the Rizhao production base, the Rizhao innovation practice base, and the Shenzhen R&D base, Yuejiang will provide solutions based on industrial needs, cultivate technical talents for the purpose of application practice, and promote industrial upgrading by means of talent transfer, and truly help the manufacturing industry. Customers realize cost reduction and efficiency increase, and promote the high-quality development of China’s intelligent manufacturing.

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