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Take you to pretend to force you to fly!15 Whimsical Robotic Projects Around the World

Top 15 Newest and Most Active Kickstarter Crowdfunding Platforms in 2016robotProject inventory.
Take you to pretend to force you to fly!15 Whimsical Robotic Projects Around the World

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Designing and building Robots is probably the most imaginative thing to do.Whether it’s the magical fantasy in movies, novels, or even comics, or what lazy people want robots to do for themselves, the demand is almost everywhere.Home InnHomes, hospitals and factories, etc.The shape of the robot is also ever-changing, it can be onlymechanicalInsects can take a stupid and cute route to make a personal appearance, or even have no personal appearance, just an arm that can work.

In this issue of Smart Internal Reference, we take stock of the latest and most active 15 best robot projects on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform in 2016, represented by them, reflecting the rise of robot innovation trends.

According to FreedoThe nia Group predicts that the current global robot market has reached 12.3 billion US dollars, and this growth trend is continuing. Global robotics demand will increase by 10.5% annually, reaching $20.2 billion in 2016.U.S.,Japan,GermanyChina andSouth KoreaWill continue to dominate, while the United States is also the largest market for the robotics industry. FreedoThe nia Group concluded that “smaller and cheaper service robots will grow faster than high value-added medical robots”.

Although home applications are an important scenario, the robotics market is moving in other directions. For example, according to firmReportsWeb’s forecast, the market for rehabilitation robots was $221.4 million in 2015, and this figure will grow to $1.1 billion in 2022. For another example, according to the forecast of MarketsandMarkets, between 2016 and 2022,industryThe compound growth rate of robots will reach 11.92%. By 2022, the market size of Industrial robots alone will reach $79.58 billion.

With such a huge market capacity and strong market demand, it is believed that quite a few start-up companies will enter the robotics industry, and at the same time, quite a few outstanding unicorns will be brewed among them. Let’s take a look at the following 15 robotics projects that are going viral on Kickstarter.

  · · ·A drone that fits in your pocket

Project Initiating Team: AirDroids

Funding target: $35,000

Actual financing: $929,212

Supporters: 1946 people

Location: San Diego, California, USA

Introduction: Putting the drone in your pocket, the greatest significance lies in the selfie artifact from now on. In addition to various beauty mobile phones and selfie sticks, there is another convenient and powerful device. Of course, the significance of this mini drone is not only to take selfies, but to lower the threshold for some professional photography.Even today’s particularly popular shortvideoAnd live broadcasts can also be more easily achieved through mini drones.

  · · ·The Robotic arm everyone can fit

Project Initiation Team: Dobot

Funding target: $36,000

Actual financing: $615,600

Supporters: 1208

Location: Shenzhen, China

Introduction: 5 post-90s made this open source robotic arm based on Arduino. This robotic arm is designed to help people complete their daily actions. You can use it purely for good (Zhuang) play (Bility), or you can make it To help you complete repetitive mechanical activities, the repeatability of the robotic arm can reach 0.2 mm, and the operation is easy. The most important thing is that the price is only $499.

  · · ·The so-called omnipotent manufacturing arm

Project Initiation Team: Makerarm

Funding target: $349,750

Actual financing: $435,433

Supporters: 340 people

Location: San Francisco, California, USA

Introduction: The biggest feature of Makerarm is that it is a feature-rich desktop personal manufacturing system. The rich functionality is that you can achieve many functions by changing the manufacturing head, such as 3D printing, drawing, milling, laser engraving, electronic assembly and so on. In the future, it will not be enough to have only a multi-functional screwdriver at home, but also a multi-functional manufacturing arm. Do you think that you can make a suit of armor for Dabai?

  · · ·Solar-Breeze Next Generation Solar Pool Cleaning Robot

Project Initiation Team: Solar Pool Technologies

Funding target: $315,000

Actual financing: $408,078

Supporters: 758

Location: Philadelphia, Arizona, USA

Introduction: Swimming pools tend to accumulate debris such as leaves, dust, pollen, etc. After these swimming pool pollutants float on the water surface for three or four hours, they will sink to the bottom of the pool and gradually breed bacteria and algae. The Solar-Breeze is able to move on the water and clean it every hour. It is powered by solar energy, and the power is stored in a lithium battery, so there is no need to plug in any wires. The Solar-Breeze rear paddle is used as the power for movement, and the front paddle collects debris such as leaves, which can filter out 90%-95% of dust and debris through an ultra-fine nylon filter.

  · · ·A little home guard who monitors intruders

Project Initiation Team: Amaryllo

Funding target: $1000

Actual financing: $365,538

Supporters: 1627


Introduction: Don’t look at a demo of a camera, but in fact iCamPRO FHD can not only watch, but also listen, track moving objects, and even chat with you. In fact, the iCamPRO project landed on kickstarter in December 2015, and won the Innovation Award at CES less than a month later.

  · · ·Robotic Building System

Project Initiation Team: Modular Robotics

Funding target: $100,000

Actual financing: $361,293

Supporters: 1978 people

Location: Boulder, Colorado, USA

Introduction: MOSS is a modular construction robotic system that has been prototyped and engineered over the past two and a half years. Due to the structure of the MOSS magnetic structure system, the construction work through it is more intuitive, simple and more fun.

· · ·DIY electronics development kit with tutorials

Project Initiation Team: Oscar Pedroso & David Brenner

Funding target: $25,000

Actual financing: $295,760

Supporters: 1776 people

Location: New York, USA

Introduction: The Thimble team has developed a series of tools to help people understand the infrastructure of electronics and how hardware and software work together. Through such a deepened understanding of home, people can better develop electronic products, and even DIY their own home. Thimble is able to teach kids and adults how to assemble fun hardware and have it delivered to your door within a month. Thimble’s first kickstarter project is a robot that can be controlled via WiFi on a phone, tablet or laptop. The robot will realize the project you build and can act according to the instructions on the mobile APP. The APP used in combination provides users with step-by-step tutorials throughout the construction process, and can also be shared with other developers in the community within the APP.

  · · ·private flying robot

Project Initiation Team: Fleye

Solar Pool Technologies

Funding target: EUR 175,000

Actual financing: EUR 314,080

Supporters: 717 people

Location: Belgium

Introduction: This is a spherical aircraft that flew out of the comics.It is simple to operate and canautomation. It is also open source and programmable. The official API and SDK are provided, making it a platform for everyone to develop aircraft.

  · · ·Little 7 Robot: A $350 Robotic Arm That Can Look Back and Learn

Project Initiation Team: 7Bot

Funding target: $50,000

Actual financing: $290,962

Supporters: 758

Location: Shenzhen, China

Introduction: This robotic arm allows you to operate without the need to use boring code, and it does not require the blessing of a highly educated halo to play well. This is a robotic arm that everyone can operate, and the price is half the price of an iPhone.

  · · ·An educational robot that every child can use

Project Initiation Team: Makeblok

Funding target: $20,000

Actual financing: $285,463

Supporters: 2512 people

Location: San Francisco, California, USA

Introduction: What do you think this robot teaches? In fact, they teach children how to write code and how to develop a dummy. To accompany a geek, start with a doll.

  · · ·Mini Industrial robotic arm on the desktop

Project Initiation Team: UFactory

Funding target: $5 dry

Actual financing: $251,887

Supporters: 1263 people

Location: Shenzhen, China

Introduction: Who says robots have to be the big guys in the factory? Fast, there are robots that can do complex movements or take on dangerous tasks. Can I have one too? How much will this sell for? Now UFactory, a start-up company in Shenzhen, says that we will sell a robotic arm that can be placed on a desk for $50,000. You can use it if you want, this is the meaning of UFactory.

  · · ·Robots that everyone can build

Project Initiation Team: Robo Wunderkind

Funding target: $800,000

Actual financing: $6,225,354

Supporters: 1169 people

Location: San Francisco, California, USA

Introduction: Robo Wunderkind is a toolbox for robot development, you can develop various robots according to your own preferences, and it is also equipped with basic coding functions.

  · · ·Bartendro Bartending Robot

Project Initiation Team: Party Robotics

Funding target: $135,000

Actual financing: $197,464

Supporters: 486

Location: Fe Cupertino, California, USA

Introduction: Bartendro can mix wine, it can quickly make delicious drinks, especially suitable for parties, weddings and other occasions, drink and watch it drink

  · · ·Four-in-one painting master

Project Initiation Team: Makeblok

Funding target: $50,000

Actual financing: $193,937

Supporters: 757 people

Location: San Francisco, California, USA

Introduction: Four-in-one means that the state of the robot’s drawing can be transformed into four kinds of appearances. It can be a mechanical arm holding a stroke, or it can be transformed into a car with a trajectory drawing, and it can also be transformed into a spider hanging on a wall. Painting on the wall, and holding an egg to paint Easter eggs. This project landed on kickstarter at the end of March this year, received financial support on the same day, and completed the financing goal in two days! The heat is also amazing. And this drawing kid’s favorite gift is $49.

  · · ·Mini Mobile Printing Robot

Project Initiation Team: ZUtA Labs Ltd.

Funding target: $400,000

Actual financing: $511,662

Supporters: 3081 people

Location: Israel

Introduction: Everything is becoming mobile. Thanks to smartphones, tablets and laptops, we are able to stay connected and mobile without being tied to the office.The printer hardware seems a bit outdated and missesMobile internetThe trend of web development. But no matter where the student party or the white-collar workers are in the mobile Xiaogou office, when they think of printing, they all have no (1) skills (face) to (ignore) to apply (X). Therefore, mobile printers can solve many people’s problems, and in addition to being portable, this printer can also print on paper of any size, which is also capricious.

After reading the above 15 robots, do you feel that your “imagination” needs to be recharged? However, this one can bring us more inspiration than imagination:

1. Life-oriented and low-cost robots are a shortcut to cultivating users.

2. Open source and tutorial-based robots are the cradle for cultivating developers.

3. From “giant industrialization” to “miniature desktop” is the trend of robot development.

4. More and more robots areIndustry 4.0 reserves the technical base.

For Chinese practitioners, on the one hand, consumers pursue a more convenient, quality, and personalized life, and they have needs in both home and office scenarios, which are not well met. This is the market space. .On the other hand, China’s labor cost dividend has begun to disappear, and the manufacturing industry has fledIndiaSoutheast Asia, like Europe and the United States, began to build robotic manufacturing to re-establish its advantages, which is the industry’s push. Fortunately, Shenzhen’s performance in the innovation and development of robots has given us more confidence. At the same time, many environmental conditions have also made China and the world’s small partners in the development curve. After the curve, overtaking and overturning are possible, it depends on how we save. Strength, looking for opportunities.

When it comes to robots, we know that the Japanese Robot Industry is extremely developed, and the R&D team is often keen to develop human-like robots. Many “beautiful robots” are already close to real people. Zaizhishi (public account: zhidxcom) replied to “beautiful robots” and saw all the “beautiful robots” in Japan.


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