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Supporting China’s continued leadership in energy storage, ABB’s technology has built a safe and reliable cornerstone

Supporting China’s continued leadership in energy storage, ABB’s technology has built a safe and reliable cornerstone

Energy storage, as a flexible control tool, can effectively meet the above challenges and is an important support for the continuous increase in the proportion of renewable energy installed capacity. Energy storage technology realizes the decoupling of new energy power generation and power load in time, solves the bottleneck of clean energy volatility and intermittency, and realizes dynamic balance on the power distribution side, becoming the basic element of the new power system “source network load storage” , is hailed by the industry as the “dragon pulse” industry of the future energy power system.

The National Development and Reform Commission and the Energy Bureau issued the “14th Five-Year” New Energy Storage Development Implementation Plan earlier this year, which also emphasized the promotion of new energy storage industrialization with demonstration and pilot projects. By 2025, new energy storage will enter the stage of large-scale development. In 2030, new energy storage will be fully market-oriented and fully meet the needs of building a new power system. According to the “2022 Energy Storage Industry Application Research Report” released by the China Association of Chemical and Physical Power Sources, the installed power of the global energy storage market will be about 205.3GW in 2021, of which the installed power of China’s energy storage market will reach 43.44GW, ranking first in the world. one. Recently, ABB Electric analyzed the development of the domestic electrical energy storage industry and proposed relevant solutions.

Overview of ABB’s solutions for the electrical energy storage industry

Coexistence of multiple technical routes

A safe, green and flexible energy storage system is just needed

Energy storage runs through the complete energy chain of power generation, transmission and consumption. It is the core technology for energy conversion and buffering, peak regulation and efficiency improvement, transmission and dispatch, management and application. It is not only an important guarantee for national energy security, but also an The main driving force for the development of the industry has important strategic value under the new infrastructure and carbon neutral policies. At present, the realization of energy storage is in the stage of coexistence of various technical routes. According to the energy conversion form of charge and discharge, it can be roughly divided into physical energy storage (such as pumped water energy storage, compressed air energy storage, flywheel energy storage, etc.), electrochemical energy storage ( Such as lead-acid batteries, redox flow batteries, sodium-sulfur batteries, lithium-ion batteries, etc.) and electromagnetic energy storage (such as superconducting electromagnetic energy storage, supercapacitor energy storage, etc.).

At present, the main energy storage in China is still dominated by pumped energy storage, which is also the energy storage technology with the largest installed capacity. ABB can provide technologically advanced electrical application solutions for the construction of pumped storage hydropower stations, such as in the electricity consumption of hydropower plants In the high-voltage system, ABB iVD4 integrates a number of medium-voltage digital power distribution technologies. Tmax XT is configured with Ekip’s new generation electronic trip unit with more protection functions, higher precision and wider range.

On the other hand, although the technology of pumped water storage is relatively mature, it requires many external constraints such as adjacent water deployment, and the construction period is usually several years, with relatively limited incremental space. Electrochemical energy storage has flexible configuration, short construction period and high cost performance. It has gradually become a common choice for supporting wind and new energy consumption and new power system construction on the power side and grid side. It has entered the stage of commercial deployment and has a broader market. Application prospect. Among them, lithium battery energy storage technology has become the most widely used electrochemical energy storage method due to the small size, high energy density and fast response of lithium batteries. Discussions centered on this in the industry basically focus on how to use lithium batteries for energy storage The technology realizes peak shaving and valley filling in terms of power regulation, further improves power quality, reduces system energy consumption, and ensures power safety while the complexity of the grid structure is increasing.

Regardless of the implementation method, the cost, safety and environmental protection issues of the energy storage system require the construction of a market-oriented technological innovation system, which coordinates from multiple levels such as materials, equipment, systems and applications, and takes into account environmental load and resource regeneration. Design and application of the whole industry chain. As a global technology leader, ABB will effectively promote the integration and development of safe, green and flexible energy storage systems and new power systems through high-performance power equipment products, improve the level of power security and overall system efficiency, and help China continue to lead the way in energy storage system track.

Flexible, Reliable and Safer

High-performance equipment forms the cornerstone of energy storage system

Taking the emerging electrochemical energy storage system as an example, the system usually consists of one or more energy storage units. The energy storage unit uses the battery device as the energy storage carrier, and is connected to the energy storage branch switch cabinet or low-voltage busbar through the power conversion system. In terms of technology, it mainly includes battery packs, battery management systems (BMS), energy management systems (EMS), power storage converters (PCS) and other electrical equipment. As an excellent supplier of smart equipment, ABB can provide a series of device products used in battery protection devices, power conversion systems and grid-connected systems in energy storage systems. They are the equipment base for the realization of energy storage systems and can help customers build energy storage systems. Apply the first-mover advantage of deployment, and at the same time provide core components for China’s top new energy companies, support Chinese companies to go global, and play an important role in overseas projects undertaken by Chinese companies.

Architecture composition of electrochemical energy storage system

In the energy storage system, the DC-AC converter, as the core equipment connected to the AC-DC bus, must have bidirectional power transmission capabilities. Considering the high gain ratio and system safety issues, it is also necessary to achieve electrical isolation in the AC-DC system. In high-voltage DC systems, ABB OTDC series disconnectors can be deployed in multiple occasions for energy storage applications. The modular design and wide range of accessories endow the product with flexibility in installation, and are suitable for standard high-voltage boxes and busbars of DC combiner cabinets The layout can provide a complete isolation and protection scheme even in harsh environments. Thanks to many such high-performance electrical equipment, ABB has launched in-depth cooperation with leading domestic lithium battery manufacturers in technological innovation and Industrial ecological co-construction to jointly promote the healthy and orderly development of the energy storage industry.

ABB OTDC series isolating switch

As the interface between the battery energy storage device and the power grid, the power conversion system needs to realize functions such as bidirectional conversion of electric energy, control of the battery charge and discharge process, AC-DC conversion, isolation and boosting of the AC side, and support of the AC busbar in the absence of a grid. Converter, isolation (boost) transformer, and grid-connected switch, and ABB can provide AC and DC products such as AF series contactors and Tmax molded case circuit breakers T7D to meet customer equipment needs. For example, it helped a new energy high-tech enterprise build a The customized solar-storage integration solution completed a large-scale solar energy storage project in the upper reaches of the Yellow River for Huanghe Company, a leading clean energy developer in China.

Vigorously developing new energy and optimizing the energy structure are the requirements for promoting China’s energy production and consumption revolution, building a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system, and are also the needs of the global economic and social transformation and development to digital and green. The performance of the energy storage system is continuously optimized, and the rigid demand market on the power supply side, the grid side, and the user side has already met the conditions for commercial deployment. In response to the continuous improvement of users’ pursuit of low-cost and high-quality electricity consumption, it will coexist with the new power system for a long time. And derived a variety of new application scenarios.

In this process, ABB’s global advanced AC and DC power technology and high-performance power equipment will accelerate the development of energy storage industry technology into the “fast lane”, and at the same time enable the large-scale deployment of energy storage projects to help the “double carbon” goal realization.

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