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Supcon Technology × Guangxi Huayi Neng Hua: Building a world-leading digital lighthouse factory

On August 3, the Industrial gas island smart factory project jointly launched by Supcon Technology and Guangxi Huayi Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd. was officially selected as the 2022 pilot project of intelligent manufacturing standard application by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, setting a benchmark for the construction of intelligent factories in the process industry. On September 16, Guangxi Huayi Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd. officially passed the national intelligent manufacturing capability maturity level four assessment, becoming the first enterprise in the domestic chemical industry to pass the national intelligent manufacturing capability maturity level four assessment.

Supcon Technology × Guangxi Huayi Neng Hua: Building a world-leading digital lighthouse factory

Huayi Qinzhou Chemical New Material Integration Base Project is located in Qinzhou Petrochemical Industrial Park, covering an area of ​​about 8,000 mu, and will be implemented in three phases. The first phase of the Guangxi Huayi Neng Chemical Industrial Gas Island Project mainly involves the coal chemical industry chain. The new construction includes 5 sets of 2,000-ton aerospace furnaces and one Huayi furnace for gas production. ton/year ethylene glycol, 1.2 million tons/year acetic acid and other devices and related supporting facilities.

As an overall solution provider of intelligent manufacturing in the process industry, SUPCON has won customer recognition with its leading design solutions and high-quality product services. In May 2020, SUPCON successfully signed a technical agreement for this smart factory project.

At present, all business systems have been basically put into use, and have been fully affirmed by users. During the implementation of the project, Supcon Technology worked with customers and partners to overcome difficulties such as high integration, wide technical fields, and many customized development, and helped Guangxi Huayi Nenghua build a first-class smart factory, forming valuable experience and results.

Casting a safe, green and efficient first-class factory

Methanol, acetic acid and ethylene glycol, as the three core products of Guangxi Huayi Nenghua Company, have been affected by environmental pressure, foreign giants and macroeconomic factors, which have brought certain pressure to the operation and development of enterprises. Keeping the bottom line of safety, reducing energy consumption, reducing costs and increasing efficiency are the core goals of the construction of Guangxi Huayi Smart Factory.

As the general integration unit of Guangxi Huayi Smart Energy and Chemical Plant, Supcon Technology is responsible for the overall design and construction of Guangxi Huayi Smart Energy and Chemical Plant. With its profound industry experience, technical accumulation and talent team, it is determined to be “safe, green and efficient”. As the core goal of factory construction, it is committed to forging it into a first-class production automation, management visualization, energy consumption optimization, intelligent operation, remote monitoring and diagnosis of energy and chemical intelligent factory and demonstration base of ecological industry chain.

While determining the overall goal, the difficulties in project implementation have gradually become clear, which are highlighted by challenges such as new projects, new platforms, new personnel and systems, many interfaces, and many problems.

The key to the construction of a smart factory is to build a practical top-level design. Supcon Technology cooperated with Guangxi Huayi Neng Hua and other partners, according to the overall planning requirements and the difficulties existing in the project, combined with the specific business management and control needs of Huayi Qinzhou base, using the “data + industrial internet platform + intelligent industrial APP” system architecture, from Optimize the control layer, intelligent production layer and intelligent operation layer, and carry out research on multiple subsystems in key areas such as production management, quality management, equipment management, safety management, steam balance optimization, and alarm management, including: PI real-time database, production execution system , production planning and scheduling optimization system, energy management system, quality management system, equipment management, intelligent inspection system, HSE management system, emergency linkage system, geographic information system, personnel positioning system, desktop deduction system, steam pipe network balance optimization , advanced alarm management system, etc., forming a typical practice of central control technology “factory operating system + industrial APP”.

The planning scheme is based on an advanced and mature product platform architecture, with a complete security backup strategy guarantee system, which conforms to the basic process business practices of production management in process industrial enterprises, and can meet the basic requirements of Guangxi Huayi’s daily production management. The function expansion interface of the company’s new projects in the future forms an application management platform with the characteristics of Huayi Group.

Highlight core issues and break them down

According to the plan, as a key component of the project, the “factory operating system + industrial APP” platform of Central Control Technology has the ability to support the rapid development and deployment of industrial intelligent APPs, and connect a large number of industrial equipment, instruments and products downward to realize real-time data collection, Transparent production process, systematic quality management, scientific equipment management, digitized safety management, refined energy management, intelligent decision-making support and other functions enable the construction of future factories in an all-round and multi-dimensional manner.


The project relies on the deployment of the “factory operating system + industrial APP” architecture to effectively solve the problem of Guangxi Huayi’s data island, and build a base for enterprise application and data unification to form a new form of smart factory. In the construction of the smart factory, the data coordination and connection between the control system, the production management system and the operation management system are considered comprehensively, and the standardized production master data and operation master data system are defined, so as to realize the standardization of data in all aspects of the whole factory and meet the Requirements for fast data access and seamless integration.


Based on this architecture, the industrial gas island smart factory project has completed the custom development and integration of more than 40 industrial APPs, and made full use of Huayi’s native APPs to completely dredge the complex data business relationships in the industrial system and break the data islands of traditional special information systems. To achieve effective data acquisition and data value utilization, to meet the continuous accumulation of data in the whole life cycle of the factory. Among them, the real-time database, as the core database of the industrial gas island intelligent factory system, collects 62,400 points of data, realizing the collection frequency of key process points and key equipment every 1 second/time.


In terms of personalized customization, the “factory operating system + industrial APP” architecture can fully meet the needs of personalized applications. Using this architecture to develop industrial APPs with “thousands of people and thousands of faces” can support the standard application functions contained in standard portals , component functions, but also reflects personalized data Display. The APP is freely classified and easy to navigate. The component data can be freely changed according to different user requirements, and the single sign-on of each system is completed.


In view of the difficulty of integration between the systems of the Guangxi Huayi Industrial Gas Island Smart Factory Project, Central Control Technology focused on formulating interface specifications in the integration scheme, and developed and realized the unified management and registration of interfaces between systems by ESB integrated bus APP. , unified release, unified message, protocol conversion, process monitoring, interface log and other functions are integrated.


It is worth mentioning that the production execution system, one of the core APPs of the “factory operating system + industrial APP” platform, connects and shares business data from the bottom up through the interface, and the data is integrated into the platform for production process tracking and inventory analysis. and material balance and other business operations to fully support the digitalization of production management. After the intelligent factory system is fully put into operation, the “three rates” (stable rate, alarm rate, and automatic control rate) of the factory can be statistically assessed in real time. At present, the “three rates” of Guangxi Huayi Nenghua have been greatly improved.


In addition, through the integration of the planning optimization APS system with PI, EWM, and ERP, the data exchange between the systems has been successfully realized, so that the advanced planning optimization scheduling system is based on safety stock, procurement lead time, production lead time, production process data and other elements. The production capacity calculation carried out has a data basis, and the profit margin of product timeliness is increased by 5%.


Central control technology advanced alarm management system AAS, through the OPC protocol and realize the unified planning and management of the alarm. Interacting with factory data, relying on a large amount of real factory data for “statistical analysis”, sorting out alarms, so as to reduce the number of alarms, reduce operator load, and help users quickly locate key alarms.


The central control technology equipment management software SAMS provides users with the full life cycle management function of the intelligent instrument equipment in the whole plant, and improves the user’s maintenance capabilities such as diagnosis and adjustment of the field intelligent instrument equipment, so as to realize the innovation of the instrument maintenance mode.

Facing the future, “wisdom” creates the future

The rigorous and serious attitude, solid and exquisite technical craftsmanship, and careful and dedicated service awareness of the SUPCON technology project team have been highly praised by our leaders and related personnel.

——Guangxi Huayi Neng Hua

In this project, in the face of key complex controls such as the industrial application of multiple first units and pulverized coal gasification technology, Central Control Technology has conducted in-depth research on industry technical solutions, discovered and solved problems in a timely manner, and put forward rationalization suggestions based on industry and technical experience. Continue to create value for customers.

With the successful operation of this project, the intelligent manufacturing mode of “factory operating system + industrial APP” has been verified once again in large-scale smart factory projects, which will accelerate the construction of intelligent factories in Huayi Qinzhou Chemical New Material Integration Base. It has played a good guiding role and experience in the planning of the second and third phases of Guangxi Huayi’s smart factory projects, and provided strong support for Huayi Group to realize the digital transformation strategy of “Digital Huayi”.

In fact, since the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement between Supcon Technology and Huayi Group in 2009, the two parties have continued to use various cooperation modes such as complementary advantages, resource integration, information sharing, and joint development to compose the mutual relationship between process industry technology companies and industrial companies. A story of achievement and co-prosperity.

At present, Shanghai Huayi (Group) has completed the “Digital Huayi” strategic plan, and will continue to move towards the goal of “becoming a digital enterprise in China’s chemical industry” in the future. Supcon Technology will also continue to work with Huayi Group to help it cast leading Digital lighthouse factory.

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