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Several Industrial Internet Industry Demonstration Lists Announced Large-scale Enterprises’ Intelligent Transformation Goes Deep into the Core of Business

At the end of 2020, when we just waved goodbye, a number of Industrial internet industry demonstration lists were announced, which attracted industry attention. Judging from the list, more large enterprises have carried out “intelligent” transformation, and the transformation has also penetrated into the core business area from the initial “small fight”. The industry believes that the Industrial Internet technology and market are initially mature, and the new year is worth looking forward to.

On December 24, 2020, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the “List of 48 Pilot Demonstration Enterprises for the Integration and Development of Manufacturing and the Internet in 2020”, and the 48 demonstration point applications are divided into product life cycle management, supply chain Management, digital twin-based data management, and manufacturing and operations management.

“We believe that the current industrial Internet is initially mature, in addition to technology, it also includes the initial maturity of the market.” Huang Songyan, a partner of Linear Capital, said, “It can be seen from the list that the application of the Industrial Internet is diverse, from initial digitization to supply chain. optimization, and then to the in-depth integration of digitalization and front-end production processes. It is worth noting that large enterprises have begun to intelligentize their core links and are willing to pay for digitalization and intelligence. In our opinion, this means that the market has truly opened up. “

With the deepening of the implementation, how to make the industrial Internet truly “improve quality, increase efficiency, reduce costs and reduce storage” for enterprises has become the direction of industry exploration. One of the important paths is to more closely integrate the industrial Internet with vertical fields.

In the “2020 Pilot Demonstration List of 64 Characteristic and Professional Industrial Internet Platforms for the Integration of Manufacturing and the Internet” just announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, 44 characteristic industrial Internet platforms for the industry were announced, covering chemical safety production, marine power systems , automotive electronics, power generation industry, steel and other fields.

Shanghai Quanying Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the field of thermoelectricity, and controls the operation of the heating system through industrial Internet technology. “We use the digital twin technology to calculate the most efficient process parameters in real time and then feedback the equipment operation. According to calculations, the application of the industrial Internet can effectively improve the energy efficiency of power plants by 3% to 5%.” said Xia Jiantao, general manager of Shanghai Quanying Technology.

Xia Jiantao introduced that it is difficult to integrate traditional craftsmanship with digital technology when applying the Industrial Internet to vertical fields. “Currently, many industrial platforms have insufficient industry know-how and expertise. Affected by this, the application layer potential of the Industrial Internet still has a lot of room for development.”

In addition, the release of the “Measures for the Management of Industrial Internet Labels” at the end of 2020 also attracted attention. “Industrial Internet identification analysis is an important part of the Industrial Internet. Relying on the identification analysis system, the cross-system, cross-enterprise, and cross-regional interaction of information can be realized. The application and promotion of the industrial Internet identification analysis system has entered a period of accelerated development. The development of my country’s industrial Internet industry Step into the fast lane,” said Zhang Jianmin, an analyst at Zheshang Securities.

As a key part of my country’s industry and informatization field during the “14th Five-Year Plan”, the industry is full of expectations for 2021. “In 2021, there will be more industrial Internet companies in different vertical fields. We have also observed that top talents have begun to gather in this industry, and some top industry experts have joined the industry from colleges and universities.” Huang Songyan said.

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