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Professional, efficient and timely Schneider Electric releases remote expert service to provide comprehensive guarantee for the sustainable operation of edge computing

With powerful processing power and fast response speed, edge computing is playing an indispensable supporting role in unlocking the growth momentum of the industry and enabling enterprises to transform and develop their data-driven business. challenge. A few days ago, for edge computing multi-service scenarios, Schneider Electric officially released EcoStruxureTM Asset Advisor remote expert service (EAA) for critical power and cooling. Through innovative integration of digital tools, 24/7 online resources and professional knowledge, it provides expert-level active monitoring and forward-looking Asset insight, and ultimately achieve intelligent operation and maintenance management with professional remote services, helping enterprise customers reduce downtime risks and operating costs.

Professional, efficient and timely Schneider Electric releases remote expert service to provide comprehensive guarantee for the sustainable operation of edge computing

At present, edge computing is showing a strong momentum of development. Gartner predicts that more than 75% of data will be processed at the edge by 2025. However, with the increasingly complex network architecture and the rapid expansion of edge sites, the large number and distributed characteristics make the operation and maintenance of edge devices more difficult, which puts forward higher requirements on the number and professionalism of operation and maintenance personnel. In addition, due to the complex deployment environment of edge sites, involving typical edge IT environments, commercial open office environments, Industrial fields, and harsh environments, site stability and reliability are facing huge challenges. Previously, the research results in the white paper “Realizing Connected Operations with Edge Computing” released by Schneider Electric and IDC revealed that technical human resources, data security, time and labor costs are the three common challenges in realizing the transition to remote monitoring of edge infrastructure.

As a leader in construction and digital services in the fields of data centers, IT infrastructure and key power infrastructure in the industry, Schneider Electric has accumulated decades of experience in the industry, and has a unique and profound understanding of the diverse scenarios and business needs in the field of edge computing. In recent years, a number of innovative products and solutions have been launched one after another. The EAA remote expert service released this time will provide professional, efficient and timely remote support and service guarantee for the operation and maintenance of edge computing and enterprise computer rooms:

  • 24/7 online monitoring, expert team guarantee: Thanks to professional teams distributed all over the country, 24/7 online monitoring can be implemented for enterprises, including alarm classification, online diagnosis, active and accurate order dispatching, and providing full-process event tracking, and timely remediation Sexual maintenance, and the setting of consulting line will solve professional technical problems for enterprises;
  • Expert insight report, professional advice support: Based on continuous centralized observation, the expert team will conduct regular professional analysis of the equipment, including statistical analysis of monthly monitoring data, equipment health status analysis, battery health analysis, etc., and provide preventive maintenance suggestions;
  • High mobile visibility, anytime, anywhere access: Enterprise users no longer need to network or connect to an internal VPN, and can access anytime, anywhere through the app or web page. Alarm notifications will also be sent to users in the form of text messages, phone calls, and apps, and online one-click real-time inspections will improve work efficiency and ensure equipment safety and reliability. At the same time, the platform supports automatic upgrades to help achieve efficient operation and maintenance;
  • The service process is fully guaranteed to ensure stability and build security: in the entire link from development, operation to the user side, standard service processes are provided to ensure data security while efficiently coordinating resources; for the after-sales service system, professional personnel training and Guarantee, a nationwide logistics system and an efficient after-sales service platform.

Schneider Electric EAA remote expert service brings multiple values ​​to operation and maintenance personnel and enterprise managers from different perspectives of enterprise users. For operation and maintenance personnel, the downtime and operation and maintenance cost of edge devices are effectively reduced, which further improves business continuity and stability, and allows operation and maintenance personnel to devote more time and resources to the core business of the enterprise. For enterprise managers, Schneider Electric EAA remote expert service will bring many benefits while optimizing user experience and ensuring business growth. Based on the 24/7 online support of the remote expert team, enterprises can achieve unified management of edge devices without having to equip multiple sets of maintenance programs, and are not afraid of the diversity and complexity of infrastructure, which will provide a solid guarantee for the sustainable business operation of thousands of industries!

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