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“Pervasive”? ! Inovance Technology’s new desktop robot is here!

At present, the application of Industrial robots is becoming more and more extensive, and the harsh production environment also puts forward higher requirements on the size, weight and flexibility of robots. Small, flexible and small footprint “desktop” six-axis robots are suitable for the occasion. pregnancy.

IR-R4 (load 4.0kg)/IR-R11 (load 11.3kg) desktop-level six-axis robot, with its fast cycle time and compact structure, can be widely used in industries with fast delivery and pursuit of extreme production efficiency, such as 3C industry, photovoltaic industry, as well as application scenarios such as assembly and gluing, to meet the multiple needs of users such as time-saving, labor-saving, and high efficiency.

“Pervasive”?  ! Inovance Technology’s new desktop robot is here!


Maximum space utilization increased by 32.5%

Free stretch in narrow space, all-pervasive

IR-R4/IR-R11 are designed to closely fit the internal stacking, reducing redundant shapes and avoiding the interference of fixtures.

The maximum width of the IR-R4 forearm is only 99.8mm, the body weight is 24kg, the base size is 138mm*138mm, and the overall improvement space utilization rate is as high as 32.5%.

IR-R11 adopts a lightweight design, the body weight is 47kg, and the body weight is 37% lighter than similar products.

In addition, it supports optional built-in Gigabit Ethernet cable, which can be used as an 8pin IO cable; supports ECAT communication, which can be freely extended in a very small space.

The IR-R4H hollow wrist model can effectively reduce the interference to external equipment, is conducive to narrow space operations and high-speed movement wiring more stable, and better meet the needs of extreme space.


The tempo is increased by more than 24%

Immaculately fast stepping

IR-R4/IR-R11 is equipped with Inovance’s self-developed optimal trajectory algorithm and self-learning vibration suppression algorithm to ensure high-speed and smooth operation to the greatest extent.

Among them, the IR-R4 has the fastest speed compared with similar products, the takt time is only 0.34S, the takt time is increased by more than 24%, and the repeat positioning accuracy can reach ±0.01mm, which helps the high-precision processing line to greatly improve the efficiency.


The load is increased by more than 61%

Small body, big power

The IR-R11 has the characteristics of large wrist load capacity, and innovatively increases the maximum load from 7kg to 11.3kg, an increase of more than 61%, which can easily cope with the operation of handling multiple workpieces at the same time.


One-click power replacement

7×24h continuous and stable operation

The loss cost per minute of downtime on the robot production line is very high. Manufacturers hope that the machinery and equipment can achieve 7×24h continuous and stable operation, but the replacement of key components is complicated and time-consuming, and it is difficult to recover from collision.

The IR-R4/IR-R11 base has a separate cover plate on the side, which is easy to disassemble. The battery can be quickly replaced by a spare cable without interruption, just like changing the battery of the remote control.

With the IRCB500 drive-control integrated control cabinet, the EtherCAT network is all-in-one, and the IR-R4/IR-R11 can realize ultra-high-speed interaction with peripheral equipment; coupled with self-developed algorithms such as optimal trajectory and high-speed stability, the optimal performance can be achieved without repeated parameter adjustment. performance.

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