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NTU’s robot “Jiaojiao” becomes CCTV’s Olympic anchor

NTUrobot“Jiaojiao” is the CCTV Olympic anchor and host. She is erudite and talented, with rich expressions and blinks.
NTU’s robot “Jiaojiao” becomes CCTV’s Olympic anchor
“Jiaojiao” is hosting “Secrets of Brazil” with Long Yang CCTV screenshot


Height: 115cm

Large face (touchable high-definition screen): 10 inches, can look up and turn left and right, with rich expressions

Good at:

Communicate with people, be erudite

Core Technology:

Use cloud service platform for speech recognition and semantic understanding “Hello everyone, I’m Jiaojiao, a knowledgeable assistant, nothing can trouble me…” Recently, I opened the CCTV Finance Channel Olympic special program “Brazil’s Secret”, you can always watch it To a robot “Jiaojiao” to host the show together with the host Long Yang. “Jiaojiao” can be cute and cool, very arrogant.A reporter from Modern Express was informed that this “Jiaojiao” was born by Jiangsu Nanda University.digital informationIt is the second-generation upgraded version of the robot “Jiaojiao”, the lobby manager of Bank of Communications (601328, stock bar), which was popular on the internet last year. How did she know so many Brazilian secrets? And how did you manage to communicate with the host? Yesterday evening, a reporter from Modern Express interviewed her research and development staff.

Correspondent Hou Yinguo Modern Express/ZAKER Nanjing reporter Yu Yuehua

How capable is this robot?

As an anchor of the CCTV Olympic Games, he knows all about Brazil’s anecdotes

The reporter watched an episode of “Brazil’s Secret” co-hosted by “Jiaojiao” and CCTV anchor Long Yang.

Long Yang introduced the erudite assistant “Jiaojiao”, and “Jiaojiao” on the side answered naturally: “Hello everyone!” This episode introduced a landscape painting by Mr. Zhang Daqian, and then the host Long Yang asked “Jiaojiao” “, do you know what this painting is called and how it was created? “Jiaojiao” replied with a smile, “Nothing can trouble me.” Immediately, he gave a detailed explanation of Mr. Zhang Daqian’s creation. At that time, Mr. Zhang Daqian took a fancy to a piece of land in Brazil. How much did he buy it for? The host Long Yang asked. “Jiaojiao” replied, “It’s equivalent to US$200,000.” She also added: “Zhang Daqian is a local tyrant!”

The program also asked, the origin of St. Paul’s “25th Street”? “Jiaojiao” answered quickly, which was to commemorate March 25, 1824, the day when Brazil’s first constitution was promulgated.

In the program, “Jiaojiao” not only introduced a lot of Brazilian secrets to the audience, but also showed the charm of natural dialogue with the host. “Jiaojiao” will also blink, with rich expressions.

Why is she so eloquent?

Derived from the cloud service platform, the core technology is speech recognition and semantic understanding

In August last year, the Express reported that the first generation of “Jiaojiao” was the lobby manager of the Bank of Communications. When faced with large deposits, she would be cute and say, “There is too much money, local tyrants!” People can’t help laughing.

And this “Jiaojiao” who is an anchor on CCTV is obviously more knowledgeable. How does she do it? The person in charge of Jiangsu Nanda electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of NTU, told the Modern Express reporter that a few years ago, a bank proposed to be an intelligent customer service robot. As a result, he led the team to integrate a number of top artificial intelligence technologies including speech recognition, speech synthesis and natural language understanding technologies and even images, faces and voiceprints, and finally “born” the first generation of “Jiao” in July and August last year. Jiao”. “The first generation can speak well and think and judge. It is the first fully intelligent customer service robot in China.”

Since October last year, their team has focused on developing the second generation of “Jiaojiao”. “This “Jiaojiao” is 1.15 meters tall and has a ten-inch screen, which is larger than the previous 7-inch screen. Not only can he look up, but he can also turn his head left and right, and has richer expressions. The core technology is voice recognition and Semantic understanding. Because “Jiaojiao” can answer the host very well, she needs a lot of knowledge bases to support her. We have trained “Jiaojiao” specifically for the customs of Brazil.”

“We have a cloud service platform that is connected to the network, which can continuously enrich Jiaojiao’s knowledge and update her functions.” The person in charge said.

How did the robot “Jiaojiao” instantly understand the host Long Yang’s questions, and how could it be fluent in answers? The person in charge said that they first input the content into the cloud service platform, and then let “Jiaojiao” understand the content of the question through voice recognition, then retrieve the answer accordingly, and then synthesize it with speech. “It is mainly supported by a large database.” And the rich expressions are actually because “Jiaojiao” has at least ten kinds of expressions in the expression library, which can make her use it freely.

Where can I see her?

“Jiaojiao” may be seen at a service place in Nanjing next month

The person in charge also told a reporter from Modern Express that not only is she a host in TV shows, but the second-generation “Jiaojiao” can also show her charm in banking and other financial fields, shopping malls and other service places. “We are the first to put it into use in the financial sector in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. It is planned to be used in some banks and shopping malls in Nanjing in September this year. She can serve as the assistant to the manager of the bank lobby or the assistant to the sales staff.”

In addition, the person in charge revealed that his team is also developing a children’s educational companion robot that accompanies children. “Like a little person as tall as a child, enter the textbook content for her, and parents can download it in our online store. For example, the learning content of the first grade, after downloading, the child can ask the robot “5+4 equals how much?” In this way, the arithmetic that is synchronized with the book can also ask the robot “what is the opposite of a good word”, and she can answer correctly.” Not only that, the robot will also be a playmate for children. Accompany your child to grow up together in life and emotionally. And this children’s educational companion robot will come out early next year.

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