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Mobile security ushered in a game-breaker, UBTECH uses security robots to help intelligent security in all scenarios

The Expo, which has been held silently for 30 years, has received unprecedented attention under the sweep of the wave of artificial intelligence technology. The 2019 Security Expo is being held in full swing. After soaking in the Expo for a whole day, the deepest feeling of Zhishi is that AI technology has further penetrated into the security industry. Huawei is emphasizing the integration of “5G+AI” technology into the security industry. Hikvision’s two-year-old AI Cloud has brought a large number of implementation cases, and the AI ​​Four Little Dragons continue to demonstrate the deep integration of AI technology and security scenarios.

In this year’s security exhibition, we also saw a lot of fresh blood join. The world’s leading artificial intelligence and robotics company UBTECH uses “AI robot” as the carrier to create a new model of three-dimensional active public security prevention and control.

At the 2018 Security Expo, Ubisoft brought the intelligent inspection robot ATRIS (Security Patrol), focusing on outdoor inspection scenarios. This year, Ubisoft brought new products and solutions, and launched AIMBOT (Intelligent Patrol), which focuses on indoor inspection. AIMBOT (Intelligent Patrol Officer) plus ATRIS (Security Patrol Officer) and AI police service robot Cruzr (Cruzr) have formed a new three-dimensional active public safety prevention and control model.

In the security industry where multiple forces are fighting, UBTECH, as a typical representative of artificial intelligence and humanoid robot companies, how does it think about landing in the security industry? During the Expo, Smart Things had an in-depth exchange with Tan Min, CBO of UBTECH. Next, let us take a look at the ideas of UBTECH’s landing in the security industry.

1. Mobile security has become a new blue ocean for the expansion of the security industry

The new situation of “AI + security” is ushering in the era of large expansion of the security industry. This is an indisputable fact.

According to the statistics of the “China Security Industry market Prospect and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report” released by the Qianzhan Industry Research Institute, since 2010, the total revenue of my country’s security industry has been growing rapidly year by year.

At the end of 2017, there were about 21,000 security companies in my country, and the total industry revenue increased to more than 600 billion yuan. The total revenue of the security industry in 2018 is initially estimated to reach about 667.8 billion yuan, and it is predicted that the total revenue of my country’s security industry will exceed 800 billion yuan in 2020.

In the scenario of large-scale expansion of the security industry, a very important part is the expansion in the field of mobile security.

So, what is mobile security? It is generally believed in the industry that mobile security is an intelligent security system based on a mobile communication network. For example, a mobile phone uses a mobile signal to communicate, and it belongs to a mobile communication network device. Security Robots born in recent years are also an important carrier of mobile security.

In the years of deep integration and precipitation of AI technology and robot technology, intelligent robots have developed rapidly in the directions of machine vision and autonomous positioning and navigation technology, and have become an important part of the mobile security layout.

Under this general trend, a number of robot companies have become the beneficiaries of the industry, and UBTECH is a typical example.

Mobile security ushered in a game-breaker, UBTECH uses security robots to help intelligent security in all scenarios
Ubisoft’s indoor intelligent inspection robot AIMBOT works in the IDC room

What are the unique advantages of security robots? Let’s take the AIMBOT (Intelligent Patrol), the newly launched indoor intelligent inspection robot by Ubisoft as an example.

The advent of the era of big data has caused the explosion of the server market and the rise of cloud services, which has also brought great pressure to the inspection of computer rooms, especially the usage scenarios of large data centers. For example, a considerable proportion of the operator’s large and medium-sized data center business will be leased to third-party enterprises. When the third-party IDC equipment has problems or failures, the enterprise needs to send people to the equipment room for maintenance, and sometimes even needs to dispatch manpower across regions .

How does the indoor intelligent inspection robot AIMBOT solve this problem? The product manager of UBTECH AIMBOT (Intelligent Patrol) introduced to Zhixi that by simulating the natural interaction between humans and the environment, AIMBOT (Intelligent Patrol) can perform AI “full sensory” detection of various types of sensitive information, and realize all-weather equipment. Status intelligent detection and all-weather security warning replace 80% of the existing manual inspection tasks, and the inspection accuracy rate is as high as 99.9%.

In addition, AIMBOT also has core functions such as security inspection, automated asset inventory, remote diagnosis, multi-dimensional visitor management, hierarchical alarm, automated energy consumption management, etc., which can be applied to office buildings, IDC operation and maintenance, and power distribution. It has an open and scalable system architecture, which can meet the needs of users to the greatest extent and realize the commercialization of artificial intelligence robots.

As an important carrier of mobile security, security robots have multiple security functions in delicate scenarios such as computer room operation and maintenance, and occupy an important position in the large-scale security blue ocean. The combination of fixed-point security and mobile security has also become the best combination of intelligent security systems.

It is worth mentioning that, with its innovative security technology in the era of intelligence, AIMBOT stood out in the eight-month product evaluation and expert evaluation, as the only robot product won this year’s Security Expo. The official award, the authoritative and representative “Golden Tripod Award” in the international security industry.

2. Using “AI robot” as the carrier to create a new three-dimensional active public safety prevention and control model

UBTECH is a typical representative of companies with dual-track parallel in AI technology and robotics, and experienced in the scene. At this year’s Security Expo, Tan Min, CBO of Ubisoft Technology, stepped on the podium and elaborated to the industry on Ubisoft Technology’s thinking about using AI robots to enter the security industry.

First of all, why did Ubisoft choose to land in the security industry, and what is the race track for this group of heroes? Tan Min mentioned three reasons:

1. In recent years, the country is vigorously promoting the implementation of AI technology as a tool into the industry. As an artificial intelligence company and a pioneer in domestic AI+ robotics technology, Ubisoft Technology is duty-bound.

2. At present, artificial intelligence is in the stage of weak artificial intelligence, robot products are also in the early stage of development, and the traditional security industry is also expanding. In traditional fixed security systems, robots can take advantage of mobility to supplement mobile security. He emphasized that this is also the basis for UBTECH to choose to enter the security industry.

3. UBTECH has accumulated commercial capabilities integrating research, production and sales in the robotics industry, and has rich experience in matching user needs with technology and mining services.

In Tan Min’s view, AI robots are the most effective supplement to smart security. This supplement mainly lies in three aspects: the organic integration of fixed-point and maneuvering, the complementary joint defense of civil air defense and aircraft defense, and the combination of high-altitude and ground monitoring perspectives.

What UBTECH needs to do is to create a new three-dimensional active public safety prevention and control model with “AI robots” as the carrier. The so-called three-dimensionalization extends from outdoor to indoor, and extends to many sub-scenarios, realizing a high degree of integration of technology and industry, product and scene.

In his speech, Tan Min emphasized that in terms of industry cooperation, Ubisoft will focus on applications, cooperate with industry partners for a win-win situation, and create a smart security ecosystem. Focusing on AI robots, it cuts into detailed security scenarios, such as safe campuses, smart computer rooms, safe cities, smart buildings, smart parks, smart projects, and smart policing.

Since 2016, Ubisoft decided to enter the security industry. At last year’s Security Expo, Ubisoft launched the intelligent inspection robot ATRIS (security guard). After the launch of ATRIS (security guard), Ubisoft hopes to open up the application of outdoor and indoor security scenarios. In 2019, Ubisoft launched AIMBOT, an indoor intelligent inspection robot.

In the interview, Tan Min, CBO of Ubisoft, told Zhishi that in the security industry, Ubiquit Technology will do two things well: one is to integrate the upstream and downstream of the industry; the other is to serve as a platform service provider in the security industry. . This is also the long-term goal of UBTECH in the security industry.

There are many entrants in the security industry today, traditional security giants, internet giants and AI companies. This is undoubtedly a track that has proven to be rich in opportunities. Historical experience tells us that in the early stage of industry development under the new situation, all forces exert their own advantages and the upstream and downstream partners of the entire Industrial ecology can work together to move the industry forward together and quickly.

3. UBTECH uses AI robots to break through the ceiling of many industries

In terms of industry implementation, UBTECH, which has been established for more than 7 years, has rich experience. The security market is also a newly entered industry in the field of UBTECH to B. In addition, UBTECH has continuously used AI robots to break through the industry ceiling in B-end fields such as education, party building, exhibition, government affairs, transportation and banking.

In 2016, Ubisoft made a strategic adjustment, established the To B business unit, and began to enter the commercial field. The industry experience accumulated in the C-end market such as home, entertainment, and education was used in the field of commercial services.

Today, in the fields of artificial intelligence education, smart retail, smart park/campus security and other fields, UBTECH provides a variety of industry solutions. After meeting and running-in with users in different industries, UBTECH has accumulated rich experience in the B-side market, which has also become an important stepping stone for UBTECH to bring AI robots to other industries.

For every B-end market that it enters, Ubisoft does not choose to enter “on a whim” or “as soon as the head is hot”. The decision-making level of Ubiquit Technology in each industry has been carefully considered.

In previous interviews, Zhou Jian, founder, chairman and CEO of Ubisoft, and Zhixi explained in detail the selection criteria of Ubiquit Technology in the to B business: “The landing scene must be based on Ubiquit’s future business, For the technical direction, it is necessary to consider the growth value of UBTECH. If your scene does not have any necessary core technical requirements such as robot motion control, navigation, AI interaction, etc., and it is purely a To B direction, UBTECH is not made.”

If it is said that the intelligent inspection robot ATRIS (Security Guard) launched by Ubisoft Technology at the Expo last year was the first shot of Ubisoft Technology’s security strategy, this time, Ubisoft exhibited indoor inspection. Robot AIMBOT (Intelligent Patrol Officer) and a variety of security robots and solutions are the clear targets for its security strategy.

At the same time, the newly launched indoor inspection robot AIMBOT (Intelligent Inspector), together with the intelligent inspection robot ATRIS (Security Inspector) and the AI ​​police service robot Cruzr (Cruzr), have formed a three-dimensional UBTECH technology. The new mode of active public safety prevention and control is also another heavy hammer smashed by Ubisoft in the security industry.

Conclusion: Security robots usher in a golden period of development

With the continuous emergence of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and 5G, the security industry is facing the heavy task of transformation and upgrading. With the rise of smart city construction, the implementation of the National Skynet Project and the Xueliang Project, the needs and requirements for full-scene security are also getting higher and higher. Traditional fixed-point security needs to be organically combined with mobile security.

With excellent mobility, security robots, as an important hardware carrier equipped with artificial intelligence technology and robotics, are ushering in a period of opportunity for the security industry to upgrade. However, the security robot market is still in the early stage of exploration, and representative typical cases are needed to point out the direction for the industry.

With its accumulation in AI + robotics technology and its accumulation in B-side scenarios over the years, UBTECH has honed a team that can quickly and deeply integrate technology and scenarios. It is believed that their participation can better link the upstream and downstream of the security industry, and realize the intelligent and comprehensive upgrading of the security industry.

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