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Mitsubishi FX series round mouth 1 to 3 artifact FX-3COM

FX-3COM (290 yuan including tax):

  Mitsubishi FX series round mouth 1 to 3 artifact FX-3COM

 typical application:


For the application where one Mitsubishi FX series PLC serial port needs to be connected to multiple touch screens, this is undoubtedly a good way to save costs.

  BCNet-FX (600 yuan including tax):

Of course, some customers are very accustomed to using Beichen’s BCNet-FX, which is the best choice for informatization. This product is to expand a round port + 1 network port (network port protocol: MC protocol + ModbusTCP protocol). BCNet-FX is a business card of Beichen. It is a product with high cost performance and stability. It has been widely used in intelligent, information chemical factories and lighthouse factories since it was launched for 5 years, and has won numerous customers in the circle. affirmation and favor. For its function and description, I won’t go into details here. You can check it on Beichen’s official website. You can also download the information on Beichen’s official website.


 ETH-FX (390 yuan including tax):

There is also a relatively economical product, ETH-FX. This product also expands a round port + network port. Compared with BCNet-FX, the network port does not support the ModbusTCP protocol. It has certain limitations in equipment networking and informatization. sex. But it is indeed a good choice for expanding the connection of the touch screen through a round port or a network port.


ETH-FX is an economical version of BCNet-FX, which can expand the RS422 programming round port of Mitsubishi FX3U/FX3G/FX3S series PLC into two RS422 programming round ports and one Ethernet port. The extended round port can be connected to the touch screen, and the extended Ethernet interface supports the MC protocol (BCNet-FX supports both the MC protocol and the ModbusTCP protocol), supports Ethernet programming, program uploading and downloading, and host software monitoring.


  technical parameter:

 For more information, please refer to the website: http://www.beichen-automation.com/

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