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MiR officially opens its China exhibition hall, investing more resources to promote the implementation of local automation technology

The leader in the global mobile robot market – Mobile Industrial Robots (hereinafter referred to as: MiR) today opened its China exhibition hall in Shanghai and held a special technology exhibition to present the new autonomous mobile robot (Autonomous Mobile Robot). Robot – AMR) products and MiRGo platform top module technology. The China showroom will become MiR’s training and R&D base in China, providing communication space for customers, distributors, technical partners and scientific research institutions. MiR plans to regularly launch application courses and theme seminars to strengthen the interaction of all parties and promote the production line logistics automation process of various types of manufacturing enterprises.

MiR officially opens its China exhibition hall, investing more resources to promote the implementation of local automation technology

MiR China Showroom Technology Demonstration Space

Fearless of challenges, in the second quarter of 2022, MiR still maintained steady growth, and its global sales performance increased by 9% compared with the same period last year. In China, MiR AMR technology not only continues to be trusted and selected by manufacturing enterprises, but also successfully expanded to local scientific research and higher education institutions. It is regarded as a representative head automation technology and is incorporated into daily scientific research, teaching and professional training. The newly established China exhibition hall will also undertake part of the technology sharing work, assist various types of skills training, and indirectly promote the improvement and transformation of local manufacturing talents.

On the opening day of the exhibition hall, MiR held a special technology exhibition to share the key technology and application development this year, including the MiR1350 AMR, MiR250 Hook towing hook solutions, and the application of the MiRGo top module platform.

The MiR1350 AMR is the first Industrial robot to achieve the Ingress Protection52 (IP52) rating, which can prevent dust and water droplets from entering, and protect the components in good condition. It is suitable for challenging and even harsh industrial environments. Its maximum load is 1350 kg, which is suitable for the handling of other materials such as large-weight and large-volume pallets in factories, warehouses, and logistics centers.

The MiR250 Hook is one of the few AMR solutions on the market that can hook and release the cart autonomously, and is MiR’s global patented innovation. This product is mainly used for hooking, pulling and unloading of various carts. With the MiR250 AMR, it can drive smoothly and efficiently in highly dynamic human environments, suitable for industrial manufacturing, logistics and warehousing, and medical industry scenarios.

MiRGo is MiR’s third-party top module supplier platform, bringing together dozens of partner-developed out-of-the-box solutions, including but not limited to frames/shelves, traction units, jacking units, conveyor belts, robotic arms, disinfection modules, electric stations, etc. All solutions have passed rigorous testing. Through this platform, customers can continuously extend the functions and application scenarios of AMR, allowing robots to perform more and more sophisticated tasks.

This special exhibition focuses on the Display of AMR software capabilities and the specific practice of related technologies in the fields of electronics, automobiles, FMCG and OEM, and focuses on demonstrating the safety performance, precise operation, ease of operation interface, and task deployment modules of MiR AMR technology. characteristics, top module adaptability, etc. Since the beginning of the year, MiR has brought a series of updates to customers in terms of AMR software capabilities, including operation interface, obstacle avoidance capability, and network security, and launched automated warehousing solutions with Modula partners.

Zhang Yu, Sales Director of MiR Autonomous Mobile Robot China, said: “Scale deployment is one of the most important automation trends we have observed. With the deepening of production line logistics automation in manufacturing enterprises, customers’ new requirements for AMR are almost all based on powerful software. In terms of capabilities, it includes the stable collaboration of multiple robots, precise access to other equipment on the production line, digital twin technology, and the expansion of AMR functions. We believe that software is the key to defining the automation capabilities of robots.”

In addition to the offline special exhibition in the exhibition hall, MiR will also hold an online global industry summit from October 12th to 13th to further share its AMR technology in China and overseas markets. Share the best practices of production line logistics automation from different industries. Follow MiR official account (MiRrobots) for event details.

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