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Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Accelerating the integration of artificial intelligence and the real economy in my country

At present, the integration of artificial intelligence and the real economy has made positive progress. A number of typical application scenarios of artificial intelligence have been established in key industries, and a number of typical industry solutions have been formed. Ren Aiguang, deputy director of the Science and Technology Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, revealed that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will give full play to the role of the artificial intelligence pilot area, and accelerate the integration and application of artificial intelligence in manufacturing, transportation, medical care, education, finance, etc. Demonstration and promotion of new products.

  Preliminary formation of a complete Industrial chain

“Under the guidance of system layout and system development strategy, my country’s artificial intelligence industry has initially formed a ‘three-in-one’ development pattern of key common technology research and development, innovative product application, and emerging industry cultivation.” Yang Chunli, deputy director of the China Software Evaluation Center, said.

The scale of the artificial intelligence industry is growing rapidly. At present, the scale of my country’s artificial intelligence core industry exceeds 400 billion yuan, an increase of more than 6 times compared with the same period in 2019.

Enterprises with innovative vitality and international competitiveness are rising rapidly. At present, the number of AI core enterprises in my country exceeds 3,000, an increase of 15% over the same period in 2019. A number of leading companies and brands have emerged in the fields of drones, speech recognition, and image recognition, and a number of leading companies have emerged in emerging fields such as intelligent Robots, smart cars, wearable devices, and virtual reality.

The innovation capability of the AI ​​industry has been significantly enhanced. Key technologies such as artificial intelligence chips and deep learning algorithms for vision, speech, natural language processing and other fields have accelerated iterative innovation, a number of smart chips have made important breakthroughs, and the innovation capabilities of iconic products such as smart terminals and smart robots have continued to increase.

The layout of new infrastructure has been gradually improved. By the end of June this year, the number of 5G base stations in my country has reached 1.854 million, 150 large-scale Industrial internet platforms have been cultivated, and more than 78 million units (sets) of connected industrial equipment have been established. A number of public service platforms such as computing power centers and data centers have been built across the country, and the quantity and quality have been continuously improved.

“In order to support the development of the artificial intelligence industry, all localities actively provide application scenarios according to the characteristics of the industry, and accelerate the speed of technological innovation. The application of artificial intelligence technology has brought profound changes to production, life, and social management. Manufacturing, logistics, business, medical, film and television, retail, The level of intelligence in games, finance, cultural tourism, etc. has been continuously improved.” said Liu Xu, senior vice president of Zhongcheng Think Tank.

  Accelerated application of technology products

“Artificial intelligence technology is optimizing the allocation of production and service resources with a larger scope, higher efficiency and more accuracy, effectively promoting the digital and intelligent transformation of all walks of life, and spawning new technologies, new formats, new models and new markets.” Yang Chunli Say.

For example, the composite material testing of the tail of the core component of the aircraft used to require several hours of collaborative work by several masters, as well as the cost of comparative testing samples of several hundred thousand yuan. After adopting the artificial intelligence-assisted detection system built by Tencent Cloud and COMAC, the detection process only takes a few minutes for an ordinary inspector, and the inspection cost is also reduced to 2 yuan.

Relying on artificial intelligence technology, JD Cloud uses the “smart terminal + flexible computing power” model to connect supply and demand for Changzhou, Jiangsu, effectively utilize idle production capacity and computing power, and empower regional production capacity while increasing enterprise efficiency. “. At present, the Jingdong Industrial Internet platform has successfully connected to more than 40,000 devices in more than 600 factories in Changzhou, and successfully digested more than 300 million yuan of remaining production capacity, realizing the transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure in the region.

“Based on artificial intelligence technology, the pace of digital and green coordinated transformation and development of the manufacturing industry has accelerated, and the intelligent economy of data-driven, human-machine collaboration, cross-border integration, and co-creation and sharing has been rapidly formed. The development paradigm is beginning to emerge.” Yang Chunli said.

Ren Aiguang said that the integration of artificial intelligence and the real economy has achieved remarkable results. One of the manifestations is that the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries has continued to accelerate, cultivated and grown a number of typical enterprises of “traditional industries + artificial intelligence”, and promoted the application of a number of typical intelligent upgrades. cases, and derive new models and methods for the integration of artificial intelligence and the real economy.

For example, in the field of intelligent manufacturing, the application of intelligent technology has greatly improved the efficiency of product testing and equipment utilization. In the field of smart education, many schools have built smart education cloud platforms based on cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies. With the help of core applications such as smart cloud classrooms, smart assessments, smart homework, mobile classrooms, and personal space, students, teachers, , parents and education administrators all-in-one solution. In the field of smart medical care, smart technology can effectively reduce the work pressure of medical staff and improve the diagnostic accuracy and service convenience of medical equipment. At present, more than 40 types of artificial intelligence imaging medical devices have been approved in China.

“The new crown pneumonia epidemic has accelerated the integration of artificial intelligence and medical fields. In order to improve efficiency and reduce personnel contact, medical services need to be more flexible and expandable, and there is a strong demand for mobile devices. Smart medical equipment, medical robots, telemedicine, mobile medical Industrial demand is rapidly emerging.” Liu Xu said.

 Promote industrial innovation and development

Artificial intelligence is a strategic technology leading a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation. The integration of artificial intelligence technology and the real economy will promote industrial transformation, enhance the value of factors, promote service innovation, reconstruct the development paradigm, and give birth to an intelligent economic form.

Ren Aiguang introduced that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology focuses on promoting the deep integration of artificial intelligence and the real economy, creating a favorable policy environment, vigorously strengthening artificial intelligence technology innovation and tackling key problems, accelerating the application of artificial intelligence products, and creating an industrial ecology that integrates development.

It is understood that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology takes the artificial intelligence innovation task of “revealing the list and taking command” as the starting point, discovering and cultivating excellent enterprises, producing a batch of excellent products, and building a “fast track” for research and development and application; approved the construction of 8 national artificial intelligence innovation applications In the construction of the pilot area, the ministries and provinces have cooperated to create a highland for artificial intelligence innovation and development; a number of 5G base stations, industrial Internet platforms, computing power centers and other information infrastructure have been built to support the construction and opening of industry data sets to consolidate the foundation for industrial development.

Not only that, “Artificial intelligence has a strong spillover effect in industrial upgrading, product development, service innovation, etc., and in the process of integrating with the manufacturing industry, a number of data-driven, software-defined, platform-supported, Service value-added, intelligent-led new model and new method of intelligent manufacturing.” Yang Chunli said.

During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, the industrialization and commercialization of artificial intelligence will be further accelerated. Liu Xu believes that the degree of systematization of the artificial intelligence ecosystem will be greatly improved. At the same time, the challenges of information security, personal privacy, morality and ethics of the commercialization of artificial intelligence will also become increasingly prominent.

In addition to accelerating the integration and application of artificial intelligence in key areas, Ren Aiguang said that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will continue to reform and optimize the policy environment, promote the intelligent transformation and upgrading of various industries, continue to reduce costs, effectively empower small and medium-sized enterprises, and provide artificial intelligence technology. real money” application market.

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