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Minions turned into robots, WowWee “Despicable Me 3” derivatives are on the market

OFweekrobotWeb News July 06 News:illuminationThe popular animated comedy “Despicable Me 3” produced by entertainment companies and Universal Pictures will be released in mainland China on July 7. It is reported that in “Despicable Me 3”, all the Minions who love to cause trouble are all imprisoned, and the restless Minions planned a collective “prison break” operation. They are lively and cute, mischievous, and have a cute but very restless heart. What kind of farce will be staged this time? Undoubtedly, fans and friends are looking forward to it.

Minions turned into robots, WowWee “Despicable Me 3” derivatives are on the market

The release of the movie will also set off a boom in the sales of derivatives around “Despicable Me 3”. Minions T-shirts, schoolbags, dolls, and various ornaments emerge in an endless stream, and are deeply sought after and loved by the majority of Minion “favorite fans”. Among the many Minion derivatives, a unique and novel “species” – WowWee Minion Robot is particularly eye-catching. Balala~ Minions turned into Robots! Cute appearance, plus a witty head, very pleasing.

It is reported that this is an intelligent interactive robot Minion Mip launched by WowWee, a well-known smart toy brand. It has the same shape and sound as the cute little yellow people. It rides on 360-degree free-rotating and variable-speed double wheels. A self-balancing robot that moves freely.

Minion Mip has built-in sound detection, touch sensing and many other high-tech technologies. Players can easily control this “trickster”, and use gestures to direct it to move forward, backward, circle, etc., completely listening to your commands. And turn the wheels of the Minion robot, walking, dancing, fighting… A high-level performance begins.

The APP mode brings more interactive experience. Select the drive mode, use the most intuitive and simple way to command the Minion robot, let it move forward and never dare to retreat; select the path mode, just draw a line, it will walk according to your route; select the battle mode, command from the side Minions robots use fart guns to fight, funny and funny. Play along the way and you’ll find a witty and playful Minion robot!

It is understood that on July 7, the Minions version of the robot synchronous movie “Despicable Me 3” was released. If you also like such a cheap and funny peripheral derivative product Minion robot, go to JD.com, Tmall, search WowWee, and learn more about its secrets!

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