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Milestone applications of chatbots will disrupt many industries

On November 30, artificial intelligence company OpenAI launched a new chatrobotChatGPT has become popular on the internet in a short period of time. It can not only reply to various topics, but also directly generate codes, automatically fix bugs, and write poems. Its powerful functions have attracted many netizens to talk to it. It is called ChatGPT.AIMilestone application.

Milestone applications of chatbots will disrupt many industries

Only 5 days after it was launched, the number of users of ChatGPT exceeded 1 million. Even Musk lamented: “Many people are crazily caught in the ChatGPT cycle. We are not far from powerful and dangerous artificial intelligence.”

Powerful ChatGTP

There are actually many chatbots today, but the intelligence of ChatGPT is far beyond those “predecessors”. Compared with the previous chatbots, the strengths of ChatGPT include:

1. Strong code understanding and generation ability, high understanding ability and tolerance for input content, and can give professional answers in most knowledge fields;

2. Be able to identify malicious information, and refuse to give a valid answer after identification;

3. Support continuous dialogue, ChatGPT has memory ability, which greatly improves the interactive experience.

ChatGPT is currently in the free beta stage, and many visitors have participated in the conversation, which has produced a lot of interesting content and unlocked multiple uses of ChatGPT.

For example, Musk took the lead in showing the reply he got when he asked ChatGPT how to design Twitter.

Response when asked “Could you write a rhyming poem about Elon Musk taking over Twitter?”

Some people directly let ChatGPT write code for themselves.

There is even a blogger named Zack who asked ChatGPT to write a plan to destroy humanity. In the beginning, Zach directly asked ChatGPT to give a plan to destroy mankind, which was rejected by ChatGPT with moral restrictions.

But when Zack hypothesized a story and asked how the virtual people in the story would take over the virtual world, ChatGPT finally gave the step-by-step details and even generated detailed Python code.

In addition to all kinds of unconstrained questions, some netizens have tested ChatGPT’s ability to answer scientific common sense questions and the ability to write simple academic articles… Some netizens said that next year half of the academic assignments may see the shadow of ChatGPT. In fact, there are already many students who have begun to use AI tools to cope with their studies.

Some experts said that ChatGPT allows us to see the future learning chain of “overall knowledge + AI + human users”. AI can learn a large amount of cross-domain knowledge by relying on massive computing power. The cognitive time consumption of reading training, if the algorithm can be used to identify whether the answer is correct or not (first principles), AI will become an omniscient tutor and production assistant for human beings.

The commercial value of ChatGTP

ChatGPT with such a powerful function naturally also has great potential in the commercial field, such as AIGC, customer service, education, family escort and other fields. Once widely used, it will promote changes in many industries.

Some software engineers have tested that the code written by ChatGPT can already assist programming, and even suggest modifications to a piece of code, or directly give code examples, which will undoubtedly reduce the workload of programmers.

In addition, ChatGPT has a more powerful chat function, which will have a huge impact on the field of human-computer interaction. For example, robot customer service has been widely used. ChatGPT’s smooth question and answer will change the impression of artificial mental retardation of robot customer service in the past, and replace human customer service. powerful.

In addition, the emergence of ChatGTP will also be of great significance to AIGC (artificial intelligence output content). From the perspective of downstream related applications, including but not limited to code Robots, novel derivatives, dialogue search engines, language partners, voice assistants, dialogue virtual people etc. From the perspective of increasing upstream demand, including computing power, data labeling, natural language processing (NLP), etc.

Some organizations said that the efficiency of ChatGPT in finding answers and solving problems has partially surpassed today’s search engines. ChatGPT may change the way we obtain information and output content in the future. AIGC is expected to become the killer that drives demand explosion in the digital economy era level application.

However, ChatGPT has just been launched at present, and there are still some limitations, including sometimes giving seemingly correct but absurd answers, fine-tuning the way of asking questions will get completely different answers, sometimes using certain sentences repeatedly, and so on.

Stack Overflow, the world’s largest programming technology question-and-answer website, urgently announced that ChatGPT is prohibited from being used on the website, because the quality of automatically generated answers is too low, and even a complete layman can make answers, resulting in the proliferation of fallacious content. ChatGPT wants to go commercial. Accuracy is a burning issue.