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It is time to develop the industrial robot industry

As an important indicator to measure a country’s technological innovation and high-end manufacturing level,robotIndustrial development has attracted more and more attention from countries all over the world.andindustryAs a jewel inlaid in the crown of the manufacturing industry, Robots have become an important supporting technology for advanced manufacturing and an important production equipment for an information society by virtue of the advantages of a high-efficiency and high-precision flexible production system. At present, Huishan Economic Development Zone is taking “informatization, intelligence, and greening” as the guide to speed up the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, encourage enterprises to replace people with machines, and promote the development of the Robot Industry.

Advantages of developing Industrial Robot industry in Huishan Economic Development Zone

In the next 4 to 5 years, the pace of Industrial upgrading in my country will continue to accelerate, and the development of industrial robots will also usher in an explosive period. At present, the development of industrial robot industry in Huishan Economic Development Zone mainly has the following advantages:

Multiple policies are favorable to boost the development of the industry. Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the “Robot Industry Development Plan (2016-2020)”. At the same time, the National Robot Innovation Center integrating government, production, learning, research, application and integration is accelerating its establishment. The National Robot Industry Association is also in the process of being established. During the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, intelligent equipment represented by industrial robots will achieve explosive growth. In addition to the strong support of national policies, Wuxi City proposed to revive the industry’s glory, vigorously develop advanced manufacturing, encourage the replacement of enterprise machines, and established the Wuxi Robot and Intelligent Manufacturing Association in January 2016 to develop the industrial robot industry in the development zone brought opportunity.

The agglomeration of scientific research institutes provides strong technical support. At present, Huishan Development Zone has 4 academician workstations including Ding Han, Li Longtu and Wang Yuzhu, more than 20 branches of scientific research institutes in universities, such as the Wuxi Research Institute of China University of Science and Technology, Tsinghua High-Definition Digital Research Institute, Wuxi Branch of the Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the internet of Things. , gantry cranes, motor vehicles and other 6 national key testing laboratories, as well as 4 national incubators, 1 national patent technology (Wuxi Huishan) exhibition and trading center, laying a solid foundation for the development of intelligent manufacturing industries such as industrial robots Base.

Countermeasures and Suggestions for the Development of Industrial Robot Industry in Huishan Economic Development Zone

Find the right position and formulate a development plan scientifically.In the automotive field, for auto parts, hardware tools, valves and other die-casting machines that require hot extrusion forming processes and their fullautomationEquipment, focusing on the creation of die-casting parts picking and spraying robots, hydraulic machine loading and unloading robots and die-casting robots deburring processing equipment to achieve double improvement in quality and efficiency; in the field of aviation and aerospace, for high-end manufacturing fields such as aviation and aerospace, the operating space is large and flexible High-quality, low-cost, high-efficiency intelligent robot processing equipment requirements, focusing on building robot milling processing equipment, robot automatic drilling equipment, robot deburring equipment, etc. that can be applied to multi-variety, small batch, and complex curved parts; In the field of guidance, for the robot assembly of auto parts, the vision-guided handling robot and the vision-guided assembly robot of the solar photovoltaic production enterprise, the intelligent equipment such as the vision-guided robot handling of silicon ingots and the vision-guided assembly robot is created to realize the robot and the vision-guided assembly robot. The integrated application of machine vision inspection improves the intelligent level of robots. Strive to form more than 20 core robot enterprises in Huishan District by 2025, and cover more than 100 enterprises in Wuxi and surrounding areas, forming an industrial robot-related industry with an output value of over 10 billion yuan.

Grasp the key and shape the core public platform. Focusing on the goal of being based in Huishan, facing Wuxi, and radiating the Yangtze River Delta, we will make every effort to build the Wuxi Huishan Robot Processing and Intelligent Manufacturing Service Alliance, focusing on building a robot-assisted processing technology service platform with Shanghai Jiaotong University Robotics Research Institute, and Huazhong University of Science and Technology Digital Manufacturing The State Key Laboratory of Equipment and Technology jointly builds a robot calibration and measurement technology service platform, jointly builds a robot system integration technology service platform and a robot technology training service platform with the Wuxi Research Institute of China University of Science and Technology, and builds a service robot research center with Harbin Institute of Technology. Jointly build an aviation equipment intelligent processing center with Beihang University. By undertaking robot automation projects, carrying out research on cutting-edge robot technology, introducing high-level innovative and entrepreneurial talents, and incubating high-tech enterprises, it actively builds a leading domestic and international advanced robotics public service organization. At the same time, relying on the technical strength of the Wuxi Branch of the Jiangsu Special Inspection Institute, we are actively preparing for the establishment of the Jiangsu Industrial Robot Testing Center, striving to build a one-stop testing service platform for industrial robots, truly providing comprehensive robotics-related manufacturing and application companies in Wuxi and even Jiangsu Province. A full range of R&D, processing, testing, training and other complete sets of services.

Based on the reality, we will cultivate and strengthen leading enterprises. Build a robot-themed industrial park, guide the concentration of industrial robot industry chain and production factors, especially promote the concentration of various resources to advantageous enterprises, and continuously expand the scale of the industrial robot industry in the development zone. Focusing on the advantages of Wuxi Huishan Robot Processing and Intelligent Manufacturing Service Alliance, combined with the project resources and project intentions of the Robot Application Technology Center of the Wuxi Research Institute of China University of Science and Technology and the project development needs of local robot companies in Wuxi, a group of projects with obvious advantages will be selected for joint research. . Focus on cooperation and application with Tianqi Logistics in the field of assembly robots, jointly build a research and development laboratory with Kaidi Power in harmonic reducers, cooperate with Xinjie Electric in robot controllers and other aspects of technical research, and promote Dutch awl robots and Android medical robots. and other enterprises have made new breakthroughs in process improvement and product industrialization, and promoted Riemann Robot to formulate industry standards for the standardization and industrialization of robot intelligent equipment, strive to build a group of internationally competitive industrial robot enterprises, and promote the industrial robot industry in the development zone. Develop towards standardization, specialization and branding.

Sincerely, gather new impetus for service enterprises. Strengthen the government’s guidance and service functions, deepen and improve the technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body, market-oriented, and the combination of government, industry, academia and research, so as to realize the seamless connection, two-way integration and superposition of advantages between the technology chain and the industrial chain. Explore the complementary mechanism of government guidance and support, set up the Huishan District Robot Processing and Intelligent Manufacturing Association, set up a special support fund for the robot industry, and guide enterprises to make good use of various micro-policies such as discounts for technological transformation, discounts for equipment purchases, and discounts for industry-university-research cooperation. Encourage traditional enterprises to accelerate the grafting of robotics technology, focusing on special subsidies for the industrialization achievements of invention patents formed by in-depth cooperation between enterprises and scientific research institutions such as China University of Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, and Chinese Academy of Sciences. Vigorously introduce a group of venture capital and venture capital funds that are in line with the development of the industrial robot industry, accelerate the construction of a diversified capital chain, effectively solve the financial problems in the development of the robot industry, and provide financial support for robot companies in the start-up and growth stages. Leverage more traditional enterprises to focus on “smart manufacturing”, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprises and institutions for research and development, and actively create a good “microclimate” that is conducive to industrial development.

(Author: Huishan Development Zone Party and Government Office)

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