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Intelligent robots make copyright registration as easy as filling in the blanks

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: Recently, the version of Quanjia 1.0 product, which mainly focuses on digital copyright service, was officially launched. Beijing version of Quanjia Technology Development Co., Ltd. launched the 1.0 product of digital copyright service APP and PC.

The neglect of copyright registration has caused serious loss of profits to content entrepreneurs, and also damaged the normal development of the market. In 2016, infringement and plagiarism incidents emerged one after another, from “Qingyunzhi” to “Splendid Weiyang”, to “Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms”, and the recent hit “Blood Chang’an”, all of which have been caught in copyright disputes.

Mr. Yan Xiaohong, deputy director of the National Copyright Administration of China, said: “China’s copyright has made great progress in theory and practice, but there are still great challenges. Digital technology, internet, mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, The development of the Internet of Things has brought some impact on our existing copyright system. Especially in the problem of authorization in the network environment, the traditional authorization method is no longer suitable.”

According to Gao Hui, product director of Banquanjia, Banquanjia uses artificial intelligence to assist AI.robot, the copyright owner only needs to enter the text according to the prompts, and can quickly apply for the copyright registration of digital works through “complete identity information → upload work → submit application”, minimizing human errors in the process of registration application. At the same time, copyright owners can also make custom templates for the types they often create according to their personal preferences, and applications of the same type do not need to be filled in repeatedly, making the entire experience process as simple as filling in the blanks.

It is understood that it only takes “3 minutes” to complete the online application for the copyright of digital works through the “version of the whole family”, the entire process is online, and the business is accepted around the clock; Micro-videos, etc. can be registered for digital copyright to cover digital copyright services.

In order to protect the rights and interests of copyright owners, Banquanjia innovatively uses blockchain reinforcement technology. When copyright owners apply for digital copyright, they use blockchain technology to reinforce evidence for materials submitted by users. The blockchain certificate data cannot be tampered with, and the data written into the blockchain cannot be modified, reshaping the integrity system of the digital publishing industry; the completely decentralized design of the blockchain certificate shortens the distance between authors and readers, At the same time, it ensures the preservation of evidence in each link, including important evidence such as work production, registration, modification, and rights transfer; high-performance peer-to-peer network of blockchain certification nodes to achieve data consistency, fully open distributed ledgers and clear API interfaces , to ensure the authenticity and reliability of the data of blockchain alliance nodes, author nodes, and digital publishing nodes.

So far, from registration, identity review, work uploading, application submission, and obtaining DCI certificate, the whole process is like the chain of evidence in criminal investigation. With the assistance of blockchain technology, the copyright registration of digital works is more convenient, providing copyright owners with better and more reliable copyright services.

According to reports, Banquanjia is a strategic partner of the China Copyright Protection Center for the research and development of the DCI system. In the future, relying on the support of the digital works copyright registration service of the DCI system, a series of new services for multimedia content operation and copyright fee settlement will be launched to protect the copyright owners. rights and help copyright owners realize the copyright value of works.

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