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Insufficient penetration rate of service robots, it will take time for the industry to break out

OFweekrobotDue to the immaturity of technology and engineering, high consumer expectations, undeveloped habits, and the need for time to penetrate into traditional industries, the current intelligent service robot market only sees the efforts of capital and enterprises, but does not see the popularity of demand-side applications.

The Chinese market has broad prospects, but the penetration rate of home service Robots in China is still very low and has not yet been popularized. This is the most important feature of the Chinese service robot market. There are also different opinions in the industry about the outbreak of the service robot market.

According to the “2016 China Robot Industry Research Report” released by iiMedia Research, a global mobile internet third-party data mining and analysis agency, it is expected that the global service robot market sales will reach 34.9 million units by 2018.

Judging from the current development of my country’s service Robot Industry, professional service robots such as medical robots and military robots are mainly used in the public sector, as well as personal/home service robots used in education, home cleaning, entertainment, and helping the elderly and the disabled. In the early stage of industrialization development, products are in the form of single function and preliminary intelligence. In order to quickly realize industrialization and marketization, R&D and innovation capabilities need to be supplemented.

Compared with developed countries, my country’s service robot industry started late. Therefore, domestic enterprises are currently at a technological disadvantage, but at the same time, domestic enterprises also have specific competitive advantages. Because services often need to be combined with specific markets, domestic enterprises often A better understanding of the local culture, environment and consumer needs can lead to better product positioning and a competitive advantage.

Due to the late start of domestic research and development in the field of service robots, compared with the United States, Japan and other major service robot research and development countries, China’s independent research and development capabilities need to be supplemented. Of course, this also means that the development of my country’s service robot industry will face greater opportunities and development space. Continuous investment in research and development and the realization of intelligent product innovation are the key steps to accelerate the development of the service robot industry.

At present, more than 20 countries around the world are involved in the R&D and production of service robots, and revolutionary commercial products like the Da Vinci robot have been born.

For traditional industries, big data is a consumption upgrade and a structural upgrade. This year’s service robots have encountered a cold, this is because the cost performance has encountered a threshold. One of the core elements of service robots is to think about how to optimize the price/performance ratio.

Professor Wang Tianmiao, honorary director of the Institute of Robotics, Beihang University, said that there is no substantial breakthrough in service robots, which has a lot to do with the direction of research and development. Everyone has been paying more attention to precise perception, artificial muscles, cognitive and emotional interaction, and efficient power batteries. and other technical directions, but this is not completely correct. Now, for service robot companies, it is necessary to identify the pain points of the industry, and they should strive to seek breakthroughs in terms of scale requirements, standard modularization, cost control, specialization rather than universal bionics, etc. .

Therefore, for enterprises, when making service robots, they should be based in China, look at the world, and avoid foreign service robots.‘porter’. The technical threshold for innovation and entrepreneurship of service robots must be raised to increase the technical height.

With the further explosion of the domestic service robot market, more capital and enterprises will enter the field of service robots in the future. Market entrants should note that the core competitiveness of service robots lies in their service attributes, so market participants should not only Continuous innovation and breakthrough in technology, more importantly, starting from the core demands of consumers, and working hard on services.

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