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Industrial robot patent application TOP10 The strongest R & D strength of local enterprises is it?

With the continuous advancement of the intelligent manufacturing industry and the rising labor costs of the manufacturing industry, the phenomenon of “robot substitution” in the Industrial field is common, and the Robot Industry is developing rapidly around the world. In the “Made in China 2025” plan, it is pointed out that intelligent manufacturing is an information The main direction of the deep integration of industrialization and industrialization, Industrial Robots are considered to be the key to achieve the goal. China has become the world’s largest application market for industrial robots for six consecutive years, and the development of industrial robots has shown an explosive growth trend; especially, Industrial Robot patent applications have grown from nothing to more, and the total number of applications has ranked first in the world. .

According to public information, the number of patent applications for industrial robots in my country is 111,306, ranking first, accounting for 36.5% of the total global applications; followed by Japan with 74,541, accounting for 24.4%; the proportion of professional layout in these two countries is as high as 61% , occupy an absolutely important technical position. The United States is slightly higher than South Korea, ranking third, with 29,712 applications, accounting for 9.7%; South Korea ranks fourth, with 23,221 applications, accounting for 7.6%; it can be seen that China, Japan, South Korea, and the United States are the global industrial robot industry technology. Key areas for research and market competition.

Industrial robot patent application TOP10 The strongest R & D strength of local enterprises is it?
Regional distribution of patent applications in the global industrial robot industry

China’s patent system started late, so patent data was blank before 1985. After 1985, applications in the field of robotics started from scratch, from less to more, and showed a very significant and rapid development trend.

Application Trends of Main Patent Protection Areas of Industrial Robots in the Past Twenty Years

From the perspective of the types of regional patent applications in China, there are 56,191 invention patents, accounting for about 50.5% of the total number of applications; 52,605 utility model patents, accounting for 47.3% of the total; 2,510 design patents, accounting for 2.3%. It can be seen that inventions and utility models are the main types of applications for industrial robot patents in China.

Composition of Chinese Industrial Robot Industry Patent Types

It is worth noting that, among the TOP10 Chinese patent applicants for industrial robots and the TOP10 Chinese patent enterprise applicants for industrial robots, State Grid Corporation ranks first in the number of applications, reaching 1,050, and the patent application activity is very high. In the past five years ( 2012-2017), the proportion of patent applications reached 96.47%, and the number of inventors was 3,255. The main reason is that State Grid has a strong R&D team. Even if it conducts research and development through cooperation with enterprises and scientific research units, the most important cooperative research and development is still concentrated within the company.

Among the top 10 companies in the number of applications, excluding expired patents, patents applied for by universities and patents applied by the State Grid, the second, third and fifth companies are Japan’s Fanuc, Yaskawa Electric and Epson respectively. There is a Chinese enterprise—Shandong Luneng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., followed by Gree Electric Appliances, SIASUN Robotics, Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd., Beijing Guangnian Infinite Technology Co., Ltd., and Suzhou Bozhong Precision Co., Ltd.

Top 10 applicants for industrial robot patent enterprises in China
TOP10 Patent Applicants in China for Industrial Robots

A careful analysis of Shandong Luneng’s application downstream is the power industry. As a leader in the domestic power special robot industry, Luneng Intelligent pays attention to innovation, research and development, and manufacturing, and has gradually formed substation inspection robots, overhead line live work robots, overhead line inspection robots, There are 6 series and more than 20 categories of “power robot family”, such as cable tunnel inspection robots, power distribution line live work robots, and electric vehicle battery replacement robots. link. Later, he turned his attention to the new energy industry and the field of electrical automation.

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