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Industrial enterprises “go on the cloud”

Thanks to the development of the big data industry, the Industrial enterprises in Dongying District, Shandong Province, which are prosperous and prosperous because of oil, have accelerated the pace of “going to the cloud” by introducing big data technology to build new platforms, create new technologies, and develop new products.

“On the integrated service platform of hazardous chemicals supply chain, based on technologies such as the internet, big data, AI, etc., it can effectively link the oil source side, the vehicle owner side, the driver side and the gas station side, and empower the entire hazardous chemicals through the Internet of Things + AI. The industry has realized the four-in-one strong structural supply chain system of ‘business flow, information flow, logistics, and capital flow’, so enterprises have realized digital-based business online, operation automation, service productization, process visualization, Operation integration, intelligent decision-making…” introduced Liu Chao, Director of the Office of the Research Institute of Haike Chemical Group, Dongying District, Dongying City, Shandong Province.

In the Yellow River Delta Big Data Port, Guo Xuepeng, the head of Dongying District Caijin Holding Group Co., Ltd., told the Economic Daily reporter that in order to promote the deep integration of big data and other digital industries with the real economy, Dongying District has adopted three measures: mapping, efficient operation and precise investment promotion. , to accelerate the operation and development of the big data port. Combined with the development context of the big data industry, the upstream and downstream industry chains were sorted out and subdivided, and a map of the big data industry chain was drawn. Focusing on the goal of building a “wetland-type” big data industry ecosystem, Dongying District has established a full-life-cycle incubation system to provide start-up, growth, and mature enterprises with a full-chain incubation service from the technology side to the asset side and the market side.

With the construction of the big data port, Dongying District, with the application of big data as the core, formulates the implementation path of “platform + demonstration + promotion”, and vigorously promotes the implementation path of “big data + industry”. The new big data concept is opening an international perspective for enterprises , while broadening the path of innovation and research and development, big data enterprises are deeply integrated with enterprises in the form of “smart brain”, realizing the transformation from traditional manufacturing to digital, networked and intelligent manufacturing, realizing the “cloud” of the industry, and helping enterprises to embark on Develop “highways”.

In the JD Cloud (Dongying) Innovation Service Center, the head of JD Cloud (Dongying), You Rui, introduced that JD.com has set up the group’s innovative and innovative brand space in Dongying, and established this center to provide enterprises with services such as innovation incubation, product packaging, marketing and promotion, and plans to absorb technology within the year. There are 10 innovative projects, and it will take 5 years to build a national-level scientific and technological achievement transformation demonstration center. Thanks to the favorable landing policy for big data enterprises, the agglomeration effect of big data industry in Dongying District has become prominent, and its leading role in the high-quality development of the regional economy is gradually emerging.

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