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If artificial intelligence can help you live a “happy life” by relying only on your brain, would you like it?

In 1999, the film “The Matrix” began to be released, and this film fully demonstrated a thrilling thought experiment:

Humans are placed in a vessel filled with liquid, and their bodies are filled with various electronic pipes to deliver biological energy to the computer system. The human brain is receiving various stimulation signals from the computer system.

Relying on these signals, everyone can live in the virtual fantasy that he yearns for or desires, and live an eternal “happy life”…

If artificial intelligence can help you live a “happy life” by relying only on your brain, would you like it?

The film became a classic because it was a cautionary tale as well as a prophecy.

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX rockets and Tesla Motors, last year showed the world his plan for a brain-computer interface: putting an implantable chip into the brain that would allow people to control their phones or computers with their thoughts.

In 2020, the content of the movie “The Matrix” was perfectly presented in our real life. In 21 years, science fiction has entered our reality like this. This time, Elon Musk, a tech madman, gave us presents a new miracle.

There is a god in the world who blows the bullshit all day long. However, almost all the bullshit he bragged about came true, this person is really bullshit.

Big bosses like Juzuo Zhaozhong also have a positive and admirable attitude towards Musk’s demonstration of the latest progress in “brain-computer interface”.

Although the device has not been implanted in the human brain, a pig named Gertrude was found as a test object.

But the chip and pig brain are still well combined. Under the action of 1024 electrodes, the second brother Gertrude’s radio signal is very clear, and the brain circuit map accurately predicts the position of the pig’s joints, thereby inferring the movement in the pig’s body.

Simply put, it is this chip that understands our dear second brother.

So, in the next step, will the chip read what the human brain is thinking, will it be far behind?

According to Musk’s plan, he wants to solve problems such as memory loss, paralysis, anxiety or brain damage in this way, and continue to set off a subversive revolution in the field of medicine.

Kevin Kelly, a well-known author, spokesman and observer of “Cyberculture”, writes in his latest book “Inevitably”:

This is not a race between humans and Robots, but a race in which robots are involved.

According to the development path of artificial intelligence technology, the stages of AI development can be divided into four stages: computational intelligence, perceptual intelligence, cognitive intelligence, and creative intelligence, among which:

The first stage, computational intelligence (symbolic intelligence, computational intelligence, machine learning): that is, the machine has the ability to quickly calculate and store memory;

The second stage, perceptual intelligence: that is, the machine has the ability to perceive vision, hearing, touch, etc.;

The third stage, cognitive intelligence: popularly speaking, it is “understanding and thinking”. Human beings have language, only concepts, and reasoning. Therefore, concepts, consciousness, ideas, etc. are all manifestations of human cognitive intelligence;

The fourth stage, creating intelligence: It is equivalent to having the ability to create like a human being, which can be temporarily understood as the “super artificial intelligence” in science fiction films.

Based on NLP and knowledge graph technology, our human technology has evolved and made breakthroughs from perceptual intelligence to cognitive intelligence.

If it is human and robot competition, in many fields, we will lose without a doubt.

Even if robots can replace our current work, from another dimension, we want us humans to conceive and do more meaningful and creative work with the help of artificial intelligence. This planet is even the unique value of this universe.

Therefore, whether it is a brain-computer interface, the revolutionary technology of artificial intelligence is a “double-edged sword”, and we need to avoid the bad side in order to better serve us humans.

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