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Humanoid robot Goku released in South Korea

Humanoid robot Goku released in South Korea
Humanoid robot Goku released in South Korea

The Chinese version of Goku robot is finally here!

On the afternoon of December 17, local time, on the beautiful floating island by the Han River, the Korean version of the Goku robot jointly developed by Ubisoft and the Korean internet giant NAVER was officially released for the Korean market, and has a cute name: ” AlphaMini”.

AlphaMini, which integrates the functions of companionship, entertainment and education, is adorable. As the first intelligent robot with a sense of life in the Korean market, it has super emotional and anthropomorphic expressiveness of body movements. favorite.

The versatile AlphaMini, capable of singing and dancing, is full of idol temperament, full of funny voice interaction and small and cute appearance, which makes it have the heart-warming healing power to melt all pressure, especially for those Korean people who are usually under high pressure environment. Local stars, soothe the folds of the soul.

AlphaMini has already won the attention and love of many celebrities in the Korean entertainment industry before it was unveiled at the press conference. South Korean national treasure singer Kim Mo-model (whose status in South Korea is comparable to Andy Lau in the United States), popular singer and actor Lee Seung-gi, South Korean household-known film and television star Ren Chang-jung, singer Seung-guk, and famous variety show host Ryu Ji-yeon, all supported him in variety shows and at the press conference. ; South Korean TV station TV Chosun, Newdaily and many other media rushed to report it. South Korea’s entertainment industry is developed. With the export of Korean Wave, AlphaMini, with the blessing of star effect, will leverage the Asia-Pacific market and further set off a boom in consumer Robots that is popular all over the world.

In addition, DK. Yeom, the performing artist at the opening ceremony of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, specially created for AlphaMini, and used a cool AR art performance at the press conference to tell the warm story of “AlphaMini gives people love and strength”.

In addition to presenting a refreshing intellectual and interesting experience for users, AlphaMini also integrates Scratch programming with situational interactive experience in education, combining real life scenarios to entertain and help children learn artificial intelligence and cultivate their comprehensive literacy. Looking at the world, the maturity of the Korean education industry is in a leading position. The widespread popularity of AlphaMini in the Korean education field will play a benchmarking radiation influence in the Asia-Pacific and even the world, and promote the process of AI education.

At its debut in Korea, AlphaMini welcomed the first special users, who were children from the sterile wards of Hyundai Asan Hospital and Severance Children’s Hospital. AlphaMini will accompany these children who are isolated from the outside environment and keep them away from loneliness. “Why is the sky blue?” Children’s world is always full of infinite curiosity, AlphaMini will use the Korean encyclopedia to answer questions, so that the children in the ward can also see the vast world.

In recent years, the South Korean government has elevated the AI ​​industry to a national strategy, actively fostering AI start-ups, and aiming to become a leader in the global data and AI industries by 2023. South Korea is also the most developed country in communication in the world. 5G with low latency and high bandwidth will bring efficient communication services to the society and bring richer service content to the application of robots and AI platforms in various vertical industries.

Soon Hoon Bae, former Minister of Information and Communications of South Korea, said at the press conference that the value of AI robots in social life is inseparable from the business incubation and promotion of various start-ups. I hope that in the future, South Korea will have more such as UBTECH The outstanding enterprises drive the service upgrade of the AI ​​industry.

The popularization of AI services is complementary to the maturity of the ecological value chain of the entire industry. Ms. Zheng Ruping, Vice President of Ubisoft, said, “Ubiquit Technology will join hands with its partner J Mediator to actively promote and deploy the robot intelligent ecosystem in the Korean market, and focus on the open robot platform to allow more partners to participate and accompany in the elderly care. , education, telecommunications, services and security markets to provide better service to customers.”

The Korean press conference gathered more than 500 elite representatives from all walks of life, including government representatives such as Kim Doo Woo, former chief secretary of the Blue House Secretary’s Office, former Prime Minister’s Office and members of Congress, etc., as well as KAIST Korea Science and Technology Head Professor Soon Hoon Bae, operator giants SK and KT, and representatives from companies such as Samsung, LG, and Hyundai.

On the same day, J Mediator signed a strategic cooperation with various industry partners, such as multimedia service integrator Pixel Hub, neuroscience technology medical enterprise GMC, Korea’s leading music platform KY Entertainment and the first company incubated by Samsung’s innovative project C-Lab Innomdle Lab et al.

Ubisoft will cooperate with multiple advantageous resources to actively expand its layout in new retail, education, communication, medical and entertainment and other fields, and further build a localized artificial intelligence ecosystem in Korea.

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