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Heating Season Topic | Heating Season Inverter Customer Care Service to Keep You Warm in Cold Winter

The “cold dew” has arrived, autumn is getting stronger, and the outdoor temperature is getting lower and lower. The heating work in the winter of 2022 has entered the most important stage of equipment testing. ABB inverters also play a crucial role in heating. Since the heating was stopped in March, the heating equipment unit has been suspended for more than 6 months. From this month, nearly one million ABB heating inverters will be turned on one after another, and the ACS510 and ACS580MV are the star products suitable for the heating industry. , These two frequency converters are mostly used in plate heat exchange units, heating boiler units and circulating hot water pump units.

  Heating Season Topic | Heating Season Inverter Customer Care Service to Keep You Warm in Cold Winter

During the heating season, in order to better help customers solve the maintenance needs of on-site equipment and ensure the normal, stable and uninterrupted operation of heating equipment, ABB Drives provides the following services to bring you warmth in the cold winter.

  01 Spare parts service

The frequency converter service of ACS510 provides spare parts package service, which mainly includes:


The frequency converter service of ACS580MV provides “trade-in” service: after the customer returns the field aging or faulty phase module to the ABB factory, he will enjoy a new phase module of the same type at a preferential price, which can ensure quality and reduce on-site downtime. . In addition, the ACS580MV also provides users with a preventive maintenance material replacement plan.


  02 Extended Warranty Service

For drives that are still within the factory standard warranty period, ABB Drives Services can provide a simple and cost-effective extended warranty service, which provides customers with warranty services during the heating period at a fixed price. According to the standard warranty policy, customers can continue to enjoy and Send-in, replacement, or on-site repair services as new products.

For drives that have been out of warranty, ABB Drives Services can provide an on-site preventive maintenance and warranty service. Professional and planned in-depth preventive maintenance can help reduce the possibility of equipment failure. At the same time, the quality assurance process is fast and efficient. Even if the equipment fails, it can be repaired in time.

Both warranties are offered to customers at a fixed price and guarantee uninterrupted operation of the drive for the entire heating period of up to four months.

  03 On-site emergency service

ABB engineers or ABB authorized service engineers arrive at the equipment site at the time agreed in the contract, and perform fault detection, analysis and diagnosis on the site, helping customers to shorten the downtime of production and equipment, and calmly deal with unexpected failures.

*During the heating season, if you need to order product spare parts, please contact the ABB service sales engineer and industry manager in your region. For more product or service information, please consult your local ABB representative for details.

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