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H3C iConnecting industrial interconnection technology strategy released, from technology enablement to value empowerment to promote industrial digital innovation

Recently, H3C Group, a subsidiary of Tsinghua Unigroup, officially released the H3C iConnecting Industrial interconnection technology strategy. Five aspects open up the flow of equipment, data, information, ecology and resources, and continue to innovate from enabling “Industrial digital transformation” to enabling “high-quality development of the industrial economy”.

H3C iConnecting industrial interconnection technology strategy released, from technology enablement to value empowerment to promote industrial digital innovation

H3C iConnecting Industrial Interconnection Technology Strategy

Li Li, Vice President of H3C Group and President of the Solution Department, pointed out at the press conference that the construction of the Industrial internet is a systematic project that requires the cooperation of capital, technology, ecology, government and other parties. H3C will cooperate with the ecosystem to jointly create a digital industrial integration solution, provide one-stop services, and promote the development of industrial digital transformation.

Li Li, Vice President of New H3C Group and President of the Solution Department, delivered a speech

Liu Zan, Dean of H3C Group Industrial Internet Industry Research Institute and General Manager of H3C Industrial Internet Co., Ltd., gave a detailed interpretation of the H3C iConnecting industrial interconnection technology strategy at the meeting. Liu Zan said that H3C Industrial Internet will focus on integrating the new generation of information The application of communication technology in the industrial field provides one-stop services through digital industrial integration solutions, enabling the digital transformation of the industry and enabling the high-quality development of the industrial economy.

Liu Zan, Dean of H3C Group Industrial Internet Industry Research Institute and General Manager of H3C Industrial Internet

give a keynote speech

Industrial connection (Industry): connect equipment, let data flow

Due to the wide variety of current industrial equipment and the extremely complex protocols, it is easy to cause information islands. The first major problem to be solved by the Industrial Internet is to realize the connection of devices and let the data flow. At the press conference, H3C launched a brand-new industrial convergence network system, which has the capabilities of full-element connection, multi-protocol transformation, and multi-network integration. Through H3C’s various types of switches and other industrial network equipment, the IoT connection can be quickly realized, and the full-stack service of industrial connection can also be successfully built. In the future, it can be widely used in smart electronics, smart steel, smart chemical industry and other industries.

Information connection (Information): connect data, let information flow

The connection of equipment is to better realize information connection, and the premise of information connection is to connect data. Liu Zan pointed out that there are three steps from data to information: first aggregation, then governance, and finally application. In this regard, H3C has upgraded and created three products: industrial big data center, industrial oasis platform, and industrial cloud map to escort the information connection.

Intelligence: Connect information and let intelligence flow

Intelligence is one of the important labels of the Industrial Internet. In order to better connect information and make intelligence flow, H3C not only provides end-to-end, edge-to-application platforms, but also creates a series of efficient and available intelligent clouds for the industry. product. Liu Zan believes that in the field of intelligence, intelligent cloud products should allow the entire wisdom to appear in the data and be reflected in the application. Relying on the industrial data service engine and industrial AI service engine, H3C intelligent cloud products can conduct in-depth analysis on four scenarios: industrial visual inspection, equipment operation and maintenance, industrial safety production and comprehensive energy simulation.

Integrate: Connect the ecosystem and make services flow

H3C has launched a digital industrial integration solution as early as early 2020. Based on the concept of two-wheel drive between the government and the market, it aims to open up both sides of supply and demand horizontally and to connect the government and enterprises vertically. After nearly two years of accumulation of innovative practices in the electronics, steel, new energy, automobile and other industries, H3C has launched the Industrial Internet Digital Industry Integration Solution 2.0. The upgraded solution will focus on government parks and industrial enterprises to create customized solutions. Scenarios, industry solutions. Liu Zan said that the program has achieved a transformation upgrade from “enablement” to “empowerment”, and will open up multi-party capabilities through cooperation to further help enterprises’ digital transformation.

Ignite: Connecting resources and allowing value to flow

In order to connect all the resources that can be connected, and truly realize the flow of value. H3C has also formulated and launched a series of practical measures to empower the industry. Through the launch of enterprise intelligent diagnosis applications, we will continue to speed up the digital transformation of enterprises; through the intelligent selection of industry and trade in H3C Mall, we will promote and apply our own solutions and products in the entire ecosystem; Help enterprises to have high resilience and stable development in times of uncertainty. In addition, H3C also launched three major products for talent empowerment, injecting a steady stream of fresh blood and inexhaustible power into the sustainable development of the company.

As of today, H3C Group has accumulated profound experience in the development of the Industrial Internet. In 2021, the H3C Supply Chain Collaboration Platform was successfully selected as the “Innovative Pilot Application Case of Industrial Internet Platform” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. On the basis of adopting full digitalization, the platform promotes key industrial integration networks, industrial Internet of Things, industrial big data and industrial intelligence. Through continuous optimization of production operations and data access between upstream and downstream industry chains, between workshops within each generation factory, and between various production lines within the workshop, production costs have been greatly reduced and response efficiency has been improved.

H3C was selected into the list of 2021 Industrial Internet Platform Innovation Pilot Application Cases

At the 6th IEEE International Smart Internet of Things Conference held recently, H3C Group won many honors again, among which H3C iCubePlat industrial Internet platform, H3C IE4300 TSN switch and H3C IG580 industrial edge system were awarded the “Best Product Award” by IEEE .

Integrate digital power to stimulate industrial potential. In the future, H3C Group will be guided by the iConnecting industrial interconnection technology strategy, continue to exert its own advantages in the industrial field, and at the same time join more strategic partners to bravely climb the peak of the industrial Internet, and inject strength into the realization of high-quality development of the industrial economy.

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