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Guangzhou Rehabilitation Exhibition Daai exoskeleton rehabilitation robot is eye-catching

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: On March 31, 2017, the “China (Guangzhou) International Rehabilitation Equipment and Welfare Aids”, which has attracted much attention from the industryexhibition(referred to as R&OCExhibition)” was grandly opened in Guangzhou Pazhou Poly World Trade Expo Center. R&OC exhibition is the largest international trade exhibition of rehabilitation medical equipment in China, jointly organized by China International Economic and Technological Exchange Center directly under the Ministry of Commerce of China and Guangdong Province Disabled Assistive Devices Resource Center. With the slogan of “Building a Boundless Rehabilitation Development Community”, this exhibition has a total of 600 booths, with an exhibition area of ​​more than 15,000 square meters and a forum area of ​​10,000 square meters. The company has brought housekeeping products and high-tech products. Among them, Beijing DayairobotThe double lower limb exoskeleton rehabilitation robot exhibited by Science and Technology Co., Ltd. attracted special attention among the many exhibits.

Guangzhou Rehabilitation Exhibition Daai exoskeleton rehabilitation robot is eye-catching

The DaAi exoskeleton rehabilitation robot exhibited this time is the only real rehabilitation medical robot in the world. Why is it defined as “real”? Because what patients need is a real medical rehabilitation device that can help them recover from standing and walking efficiently, not foreign military combat armor and domestic “concept” Robots.

In this exhibition, Dayai brought two exoskeleton products, one is a bipedal exoskeleton robot – AiLegs, which is similar to human lower limbs and can be quickly adapted and worn by multiple people. The leg bar of AiLegs adopts a special process, which can be adjusted very conveniently and quickly, without the need for time-consuming and laborious disassembly work. It can be provided to patients with different body shapes only by adjusting the length of the leg bar and the width of the waist. AiLegs can drive patients to walk in different environments, going up and down the stairs, and walking in the park is no longer a dream of the disabled. Another robot has a frame, AiWalker. This robot can also be quickly adapted and is suitable for patients with flaccid paralysis. The frame is connected to the waist supporter to prevent the patient from falling while ensuring the comfort of the patient.

Attendees can not only get close contact with these two products at the booth of DAI Robotics, but also can see the special demonstration of spinal cord injury patients using DAI robot to wear and walk on the booth of Guangdong Industrial Injury Rehabilitation Hospital. A director of the rehabilitation department of Guangdong Industrial Injury Hospital who had an in-depth understanding of Dayi products said that the SCI patients in the department tried the Dayai exoskeleton rehabilitation robot, and the effect was very satisfactory. I feel that Daai’s product is the best and relatively mature one! A patient who has worn the DaAi exoskeleton robot said that since his waist was severely injured, his life has been intertwined with pain and insomnia, and it is difficult for ordinary people to experience this feeling. He even thought that he would never be able to stand up and walk again in his life, so he could only lie in bed and rely on others to live. Until I met the Daai exoskeleton robot, I didn’t expect to be able to stand up and walk again! Through this period of use, he can feel that his lower limb muscle strength has improved significantly, and with the exercise rehabilitation treatment, pressure ulcers, intestinal peristalsis difficulties, and urinary tract infection caused by kidney organ weakness and other problems have also been improved. Most importantly, he regained his confidence and enthusiasm for life, and with the help of the Daai exoskeleton robot, he realized his dream of walking independently.

Founded in 2016, Dayai Robot is a high-tech company supported by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission. It is a supplier integrating R&D, production, sales and service of rehabilitation robot software and hardware products. At the beginning of its establishment, it received 12 million investment from Beijing Capital Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd., and carried out resource integration, completed the transformation of scientific research results, and accelerated the industrialization process of Daai. In January this year, Dayai Robot was approved by the Beijing Food and Drug Administration, becoming the first innovative medical device product in Beijing. It is expected to obtain market access qualifications in 2017.

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