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Focus on core technology and compete for intelligent manufacturing—Interview with Zeng Yuquan, general manager of Shenzhen Shanlong Intelligent Control Co., Ltd.

Focus on core technology and compete for intelligent manufacturing—Interview with Zeng Yuquan, general manager of Shenzhen Shanlong Intelligent Control Co., Ltd.

General Manager Zeng Yuquan

Shenzhen Shanlong Intelligent Control Co., Ltd.


  Businesses spread across multiple sub-segments “tracks”

In 2021, Shanlong Zhikong’s business development is in a stage of rapid growth. By the end of the third quarter, the company’s performance has doubled year-on-year. In addition to maintaining its industry leading edge in CNC engraving systems, Shanlong Zhikong A major breakthrough has also been made in the control of the robot hand of the injection molding machine and the control of the joint robot.

This company, which focuses on the R&D and production of core motion control components, has undergone a significant development in recent years—expanding its business development to woodworking, metal processing, jade processing, Industrial Robots, sewing machinery and many other industries. Sub-industry “track”.

In this regard, Zeng Yuquan introduced: “At present, Industrial control technology is rapidly moving towards digitization, intelligence, and greening. Intelligent automation equipment with AI artificial intelligence technology has liberated labor on a larger scale, making machines replace labor as a manufacturing tool. It is an inevitable trend of industrial development; digitalization is the ‘cornerstone’ to realize intelligent equipment production and full-process production management services. It can provide intelligent and flexible solutions to help the network transformation of the industry; greening is based on ‘carbon peaks, Carbon neutrality is the direction, the purpose is to improve the energy efficiency level of equipment, improve the labor productivity of equipment, and promote the upgrading of green equipment in the industry.”

It is precisely based on the above-mentioned in-depth thinking on the future development of the industry that Shanlong Intelligent Control has gradually shifted to the role of a supplier of intelligent control technology solutions in recent years. For example, in the CNC engraving industry market, the company is currently committed to promoting the overall solution covering bus control system + bus servo + industrial internet, helping CNC equipment to transition to intelligent equipment, through intelligent electronic control, wireless transmission, Internet cloud platform and other methods, Provide important functions such as data collection of CNC engraving equipment, intelligent production scheduling, automatic production scheduling, etc., and build a comprehensive management platform for intelligent CNC equipment and an intelligent factory production and operation platform. According to reports, the solution has now begun to be applied in batches of jade carving machines, stone carving machines, woodworking cutting machines and other fields.

In addition, sewing machinery is also another market segment developed by Shanlong Zhikong. Garment manufacturing is a traditional labor-intensive industry. Under the guidance of the national new economic policy and the “dual carbon” development goal, equipment automation is the mainstream trend of industry development. Shanlong Zhikong is an important enterprise in the development of domestic intelligent control systems. , Relying on technological innovation, around the application “pain points” encountered by sewing machinery enterprises in actual production, providing a variety of targeted product solutions (such as: special servo for quilting machines, hot drilling control system, computer embroidery Machine bead tube embroidery control, laser embroidery control system, etc.) to quickly respond to the diverse production needs of customers.

  New idea of ​​drive and control integration

Shanlong Zhikong is one of the earliest professional manufacturers engaged in the integrated development of drive and control in China. In terms of technology research and development ideas, Shanlong Zhikong emphasizes that the servo drive and control system adopts a centralized design to realize the two parts of drive and control. data sharing between, and adopt the mode of hardware logic unit, so that the overall system response speed

It can reach the microsecond level, thus forming a complete and highly dynamic closed-loop control system, and finally achieve the purpose of reducing manufacturing cost and improving system efficiency. At this stage, an important task of Shanlong Intelligent Control is to consolidate the underlying control advantages, focusing on the development of a five-axis multi-channel drive-control integrated system based on nano-interpolation.

“We are one of the few companies in China that simultaneously master control, servo, industrial Internet, computer vision and other multi-field technologies, and can provide customers with one-stop intelligent control solutions,” Zeng Yuquan said. It can realize the complete decoupling of UI, process and the underlying platform of operation control, and can quickly customize products according to the individual needs of customers. Provide timely and thoughtful technical support services to customers to improve customer satisfaction.”

Recently, Shanlong Zhikong has launched a series of 1-6 axis drive and control integrated products for the two industries of CNC engraving and industrial robots, which are smaller in size, higher in integration, and have obvious cost-effective advantages. Widely praised by customers, it is expected that the sales volume of Shanlong Zhikong’s integrated drive and control products is expected to exceed 5,000 sets this year.

Taking the drive and control integrated controllers CD6040D and CD6060D developed by Shanlong Zhikong for various Industrial Robot applications such as SCARA, injection molding machine manipulator, truss manipulator, and six-degree-of-freedom manipulator as an example, the drive and control integrated machine adopts the ARM+DSP architecture platform. , integrates 3-6 axis servo drive and motion controller, realizes the perfect combination of drive, operation control, and robot application technology, with strong anti-interference, fast response speed, high reliability and excellent performance; using bus communication, High communication frequency; support 3-6 axis control, Chinese-style programming, easy to learn, easy to teach; can realize various attitude interpolation, straight line, arc space curve control, and the positioning accuracy reaches 0.01mm, the repetition accuracy reaches 0.01 mm, supports multi-threaded operation, and fully meets the main demands of various industrial robot applications for small size, high integration, precise motion positioning, and high stability.

  Facing the era of Industry 4.0

With the accelerated development of the CNC equipment industry in the direction of intelligence, more and more advanced technologies have begun to penetrate into all aspects of the entire manufacturing process, including barcodes, sensors, industrial Internet of Things, computer vision, CAD/CAM/CAE, etc. , especially the integration of new-generation information technologies such as the mobile Internet and the Internet of Things, has laid an important technical foundation for the manufacturing industry to move towards the era of Industry 4.0, and this will also be the key exploration of Shanlong Intelligent Control in the field of Industrial Internet of Things in the future. one of the directions.

Zeng Yuquan said: “Industrial Internet has the ability to connect machines and people remotely, and is especially suitable for equipment suppliers to implement after-sales service support for digital equipment, as well as comprehensive operation management of enterprise users. At present, we use the industrial Internet intelligence developed by Huawei cloud platform. The control scheme can already support most CNC system machine tools, and has been successfully applied in many terminal manufacturers in the CNC system industry, and has been highly praised by user units. Looking forward to the future, our goal is to promote it to smart Workshops, smart factories and other broader application fields.”

In the CNC engraving market where Shanlong Zhikong has a leading advantage (the company is expected to sell more than 24,000 sets of CNC engraving systems in 2021, ranking the top two in the market), this year, Shanlong Zhikong will focus on launching this set of integrated digital control and cloud services. It is an intelligent control scheme that integrates advanced technologies such as computer vision and computer vision. It is connected by bus, realizing full digital information exchange, bidirectional transmission of various parameter commands and status data, support for real-time diagnosis of servo status, and with the help of Shanlong monitoring plug-ins (computer (version) can view the machine tool status, send processing files, and provide users with more convenient system specification parameter debugging and monitoring management, which also marks a solid step for Shanlong Zhikong towards industrial Internet applications.

2021 is a year full of expectations and challenges. On the one hand, China’s industrial automation market has ushered in a new round of rapid growth, and the process of localization substitution has accelerated; on the other hand, the overall industry is also facing adverse factors such as rising raw material prices, and the survival pressure of enterprises has increased. In the face of the complex market environment, Shanlong Zhikong will continue to seek innovation, steady development, and practice “internal skills”, based on precision control technology, relying on motion control and servo drive technology, to create motion controllers with completely independent intellectual property rights, The bus control + servo solution, integrated drive and control products and a complete set of intelligent control solutions have injected fresh vitality into the transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry in the new era.

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