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Estun Automation won the 2022 Robot Excellence Brand Award & was selected as a national-level specialized and special new enterprise!

  • Estun automation won the 2022 Robot Excellence Brand Award.
  • Estun Automation was selected as a national-level specialized and special new enterprise.

2022 robot Excellence Brand

On August 26, the 2022 China Robotics Industry Development Forum and the 8th Capek Award Ceremony hosted by the China Mechatronics Technology Application Association were grandly held in Wuhu, Anhui. Estun Automation won the 8th Capek “2022 Robot Excellence Brand Award”.

Estun Automation won the 2022 Robot Excellence Brand Award & was selected as a national-level specialized and special new enterprise!

The Capek Prize, sponsored by the China Association for the Application of Mechatronics Technology, was founded in 2014. It has rewarded organizations and individuals who have made contributions in the field of robotics for several consecutive sessions. It has witnessed the development and growth of China’s robotics industry. One of the most important awards in the field.

National-level specialized and special new enterprise

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China released the list of the fourth batch of “Little Giant” enterprises with specialization and specialization.

The National Specialized Specialized New Enterprise is a “pioneer” enterprise focusing on market segmentation, strong innovation ability, high market share, mastering key core technologies, and excellent quality and efficiency.

Celebrate honor and encourage each other. As the leading brand of autonomous robot sales in China (data from third-party statistics: MIRDATABANK statistics), Estun leads the development of autonomous robot brands with the competitive advantages of the entire industry chain.

  Focus|Focus on intelligent manufacturing, creating a leading brand of Chinese Robots

Estun Automation adheres to the “ALL Made by ESTUN” whole industry chain strategy, and has 57 Industrial robots with loads of 3KG-600KG applied in different industries, in new energy, welding, metal processing, 3C electronics, construction machinery, food processing and other industries Gain recognition and favor from leading brands.

Lean | Lean development, whole industry ecological chain layout

Estun Automation relies on the core technology advantages of motion control and the whole Industrial chain of robots. The industrial automation series product line includes a full range of AC servo systems, frequency converters, PLCs, touch screens, vision products and motion control systems, as well as Trio control systems as the core. The intelligent unit product integrating motion control and robot provides customers with automation solutions from single axis – single machine – unit.

The core components of the full range of Industrial Robot products have an autonomy rate of over 80%. At the same time, they will work with upstream and downstream partners to build a Robot Industry ecological chain to promote the rapid development of China’s intelligent manufacturing industry.

Segmentation | Deeply ploughing into segmented industries to meet differentiated needs

Estun Automation adheres to the differentiation strategy of “general purpose + subdivision”, and deeply cultivates subdivision industry processes to meet the differentiated needs of different industries.

Focusing on the needs of users in the sheet metal automation industry, insisting on positive research and development, original robot structure design, and successively launching four special bending robots: ER130-2865-BD, ER80-2565-BD/ER80B-2565-BD and ER45-2200- BD Robot.

Focusing on the high temperature, high humidity and high dust working environment of the die casting and refractory industry, a full range of high-protection robots have been customized and developed, with loads covering 20kg, 30kg, 50kg, 170kg, etc.

Focusing on the development trend of high efficiency, high precision and large battery cells in the power battery industry, we customize and develop 50KG heavy-duty SCARA robot products to facilitate high-speed production of lithium batteries.

Focusing on the localization vacancies in the super-large load field, Estun took the lead in achieving technological breakthroughs and released the 600KG heavy-duty six-axis robot ER600-2800, which has many advantageous performances of high rigidity and large load. We provide customers with time-saving and efficient solutions in the handling of workpieces.

Innovation|Innovation-driven, new products emerge

Estun insists on driving value through innovation. In the first half of 2022, it has successively launched a number of new robot products, including the new ultra-high-speed bending robot ER45-2200-BD, the high-precision and high-speed desktop robot ER20-800-HI, the new arc robot Welding robot products QRH-405, QRH-295, ER8-1500, etc., improve the product matrix, comprehensively improve the performance of robot products, and improve the comprehensive capabilities of digital products and digital service solutions.

Some new products of robots: new products of welding robots

Estun Automation will continue to practice the corporate mission of everyone enjoying automation, build a digital industry blueprint, empower all walks of life with digital technology, create a recognized and respected international brand with excellent quality and perfect service, and uphold openness The business philosophy of innovation and co-growth helps the rapid development of China’s intelligent manufacturing industry.

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