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Escorting the Safe and Green Transformation in the New Energy Era Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Microgrid Energy Consultant Upgrade

As a national, international and comprehensive large-scale exhibition in the field of service trade, the 2022 China International Fair for Trade in Services is in full swing. On September 1, Schneider Electric, an expert in digital transformation in the field of global energy management and automation, held a sustainable “one body, two wings” achievement conference at the service trade fair, and upgraded its integrated energy management platform EcoStruxureTM Microgrid Energy Advisor (EcoStruxure Microgrid Advisor), Further help the user side to achieve a high proportion of new energy access and low-carbon transformation, and ensure that relevant customers achieve economical, reasonable, efficient and safe operations in various new energy scenarios.

Escorting the Safe and Green Transformation in the New Energy Era Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Microgrid Energy Consultant Upgrade

Huang Hongyang, Head of Microgrid Business, Strategy and Business Development, Schneider Electric

With the continuously accelerating process of carbon neutralization, dual-carbon practices are integrated into thousands of industries and various scenarios, the global energy structure is transforming from fossil energy to new energy, and the traditional rigid power energy system with one-way flow is also changing to complementary production and consumption, The transformation of a new type of power system with multi-energy integration. However, while a high proportion of new energy is connected and the existing energy system is being transformed, safety and economy have also become the core values ​​that enterprises are concerned about: how to deal with unstable new energy generation and a large number of power electronic devices connected to ensure the reliability and continuity of power supply, and to solve power quality problems? How to further explore the economy while the price difference between peaks and valleys in various regions is widening and the pressure to maintain electricity is increasing, and how to reduce the cost and carbon of energy consumption by combining efficiency and benefits?

Based on digital means and a deep understanding of OT operation technology, Schneider Electric is committed to meeting new demands in the energy field with digital means, and escorting the new development of enterprises under the tide of digital and low-carbon dual transformation. Facing high-proportion new energy scenarios, EcoStruxure microgrid energy consultants help users make full use of renewable energy, reduce carbon footprint, reduce energy costs, and improve microgrids through intelligent, real-time, comprehensive management and optimization of distributed energy at user-side sites. network operation performance and realize the controllable, controllable and optimization of comprehensive energy to achieve safe and economical energy use.

With the theme of “Accelerating Dual Transformation, Sustainability of Supply” at this service trade fair, Schneider Electric’s software-centric digitalization is a “wing” to help sustainable development, and a series of EcoStruxure microgrid energy consultants are displayed. Upgrade to further respond to market demand with more value points and optimize user experience:

  • More new energy scenarios – based on practical needs, realize support for multi-element scenarios such as photovoltaics, wind power, energy storage, charging, fuel cells, HVAC, etc.;
  • Smarter analysis and optimization – based on the input of AI and comprehensive energy expert models trained in scenarios, so as to achieve better prediction and optimization of the energy system;
  • More reliable automation balance – Based on Schneider Electric’s long-term accumulation at the OT level and deep cultivation of power automation capabilities, the reliability of automation balance at the edge control level has been improved.

Data shows that the growth rate of demand for electrified energy in the future will be more than twice that of other forms of energy; 70% of the world’s new energy will be in the form of renewable energy. With the launch and update of EcoStruxure Microgrid Energy Consultant, and riding the wave of the new energy era, Schneider Electric has also embarked on a cutting-edge exploration with its partners—joining hands with Mingyang Electric, a leading provider of intelligent power distribution equipment, and aiming at Mingyang Group Its factories carry out new energy transformation, and use EcoStruxure microgrid energy consultants and microgrid edge control solutions to conduct unified dispatching management of mains, distributed power generation equipment and callable energy loads, while ensuring the safe and stable operation of the multi-power system. Digital means realize new energy management at the plant and station level, which brings the controllability, control and optimization of energy, maximizes the self-consumption of green energy and the energy saving and carbon reduction of the overall system, helping Mingyang Group to gradually move towards green and low-carbon plant operation.

With the further deepening of electrical and hardware interconnection and the formation of an integrated energy production and consumption system of multi-form power generation, transmission, distribution, and retail operations, how to ensure the safety and efficiency of enterprises to achieve a “soft landing” in the transition to a new energy system is being attract more and more attention. “Relying on the four core values ​​of stability and security, green efficiency, advanced intelligence, and full life cycle, EcoStruxure Microgrid Energy Consultants will further coordinate the multi-energy integration of new energy and the interaction between production and consumption, so as to achieve high penetration rate of clean energy and optimization of Industrial costs.” Huang Hongyang, head of Schneider Electric’s strategy and business development microgrid business, said, “Taking this update as an opportunity, Schneider Electric will continue to empower key industries including parks, factories, infrastructure, ports, airports, petrochemicals, etc. The integrated monitoring, control and tuning system of load and storage can realize the stable operation of high-proportion new energy scenarios and accelerate the low-carbon transformation.”

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