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Employees are irreplaceable Magna will be equipped with a large number of robots in the future

According to Ian Simmons, Magna’s vice president of international business development, automakers of the future may have factories that can interact with workers.robotthe robot can sense through sensors when there are people nearby.
In the next 5-10 years, there will be a wave of cobots in factories run by Magna, Simmons told the annual Management Briefing Seminars on Monday. The sponsor of the annual automotive management event is the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor.
“It’s possible that at some point in the future, the Robots will get smarter, and they’ll be easier to use (user friendly),” Simmons said. “We’ll have robot demos, and a lot of companies will come and see them in action.”
Auto assembly plants have been experimenting with robots andautomationtechnology. Robots in the automotive industry are involved in installing instrument panels and assembling bolt files, as well as in certain vehicle welding and painting operations. Nonetheless, workers are instrumental in completing vehicle assembly and large module assembly tasks provided by suppliers.
Employees are irreplaceable In the future, Magna will deploy a large number of robots to reduce costs
With annual sales of $32 billion, Magna is one of the world’s largest suppliers of auto parts.
Simmons told a number of companies, including GE, that Magna is using collaborative robots, which he hopes Magna will have in factories in the next 5-10 years.According to the robotindustryAccording to the Robotics Industry Association, collaborative robots are currently the hottest topic in the field of robotics, and it hopes to hold an industry association in October this year to discuss the above hot topics in depth.
In April of this year, General Electric opened its advanced manufacturing plant in Greenville, which features a plant commonly known as AutoNomous Prime’s robot, which uses lidar (LIDAR) technology to view current jobs, is the same device used in self-driving vehicles.Cobots may be deployed because of the cost of advanced sensors that can detectmechanicalIs there anyone near the person or the Robotic arm. If so, stop the operation, the technology is now more mature.
“Safety is paramount,” he said. “If the robot can interact with the workers, you can have absolute confidence that we can use the robot safely.” Simmons also believes that cobots will not be employed by Magna employees. The number of people caused a big impact. Simmons said: “We never thought about replacing workers with robots to do production line work. They have business skills that robots can’t replace today, and we don’t plan to replace workers with robots.”
Simmons said the introduction of advanced robots could further reduce manufacturing costs, allowing more manufacturers to move back to the continental United States. Nonetheless, the job content of manufacturing operations may change with the increasing number of robots. But companies still desperately need employees to do more advanced and complex jobs, which often require additional training and are by no means a substitute for robots.
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