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Emotional companion robot Chujiu understands people’s hearts better (Photo)

Emotional companion robot Chujiu understands people’s hearts better (Photo)
intelligentrobot“Gongzi Xiaobai S” appeared at the expo, and its main highlight is that it can be accompanied emotionally.Photo by Li Ronghua

Nanfang Daily News The 2nd China Smart Home Expo (CSHE) was recently held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.The scene was hot, with 30,000 professional audiences and tens of thousands of ordinary audiences participating, and some of the intelligent Robots appearedExhibitionwhich has aroused the industry’s in-depth attention to the integrated development of “AI (artificial intelligence) + robots” and smart homes. Some people in the industry believe that “AI + robots” are the last key to unlocking smart home life.

“Smart Home” is the new blue ocean market

As an ecological exhibition with the theme of smart home, this exhibition brings together enterprises in different fields of life services such as traditional home appliances, emerging intelligent hardware, furniture system integration, cloud platform, market channels, real estate and medical care, and seeks cross-border construction for their construction. The platform of resources, including AR/VR game consoles, intelligent robots, intelligent unicycles, etc., hundreds of excellent intelligent hardware products are exhibited.

At the Intel booth, cool smart hardware such as SKIIN smart snowboards, cloud pancake printers, Kugo smart driving recorders, and full-sensing-VR force feedback vests opened people’s minds. And the VR glasses are also eye-catching. Many viewers wore VR glasses to experience the experience, and they saw their heads swaying from left to right, and they were very engaged.

Cai Jinjiang, secretary-general of Shenzhen Smart Home Association, pointed out that the smart home industry experienced a setback from 2013 to 2015. On the one hand, it was disrupted by internet companies; on the other hand, when building smart home appliances, it did not effectively ensure user stickiness. However, at present, the demand for smart life services will effectively drive further upgrades and breakthroughs in the smart industry.

Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committeedigital informationYang Junfeng, deputy director of the division, said that smart home is a new blue ocean market, and its industry hotspots are constantly changing, from the initial home entertainment-based, to home security, home energy, and now to a new smart home ecosystem that focuses on smart life services system. Smart home is an important part of Shenzhen’s smart city construction and an indispensable part of Shenzhen’s consumer electronics development.

The intelligent robot ridiculed the audience on the spot, “Xiaobai, Xiaobai, I feel a little hot.” “Master, do I need to turn on the air conditioner for you?” When someone else heard it, they interjected: “I feel like Xiaobai is a child…” , Xiaobai immediately replied: “Well, I really miss my childhood.”

This is a scene of a dialogue between humans and intelligent robots on CSHE. To the surprise of the audience, they did not expect that this “AI + robot” named “Xiaobai” also “silent human beings”.

As a major field that reflects the breakthrough of core technologies in the field of Internet of Things, “AI + Robot” has become a major vertical theme of this exhibition, and the combination of “AI + Robot” and smart home has brought many innovations. In the exhibition area, the reporter saw an intelligent robot named “Gongzi Xiaobai S”, which includes two intelligent robots representing male and female, Gongzi and Xiaobai. The biggest feature is that it can accompany emotionally. Chat, home appliance control, home monitoring, alarm setting, schedule reminder, music playback, storytelling, weather forecast, news feed, beauty selfie and other functions, everything is versatile and powerful.

It all depends on its powerful semantic system. It has 160 million knowledge graphs, 1 million parallel corpora, etc. It has its own semantic engine and has extremely high Chinese speech recognition capabilities; it has 39 active interaction methods and 9 layers of semantics Ability to understand systems, 8-direction intent recognition, etc. In addition, in terms of voice technology, “Gongzi Xiaobai S” can also achieve far-field pickup of 3-5 meters, far exceeding the 1-meter distance of similar robots on the market.

In the future, with the time spent together, such intelligent robots will accumulate data and become more aware of people’s needs. They can take the initiative to care for users, be considerate of users, and meet the needs of emotional companionship; they can also live a proactive and personalized smart life. services, and further upgrade the smart home experience, such as automatically adjusting the brightness of lights and the temperature of air conditioners according to the user’s usage habits.

Qiu Nan, CEO of Gowild Intelligent Technology, said that the era of “AI+” has arrived, and “AI+ robot” is the last key to unlocking the life of a smart home

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