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Dual-engine R&D meets the needs of Chinese users, and SNIEC launches the softMC Compact 301 compact motion controller

Promoting the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry is inseparable from the in-depth application of advanced underlying and basic manufacturing technologies. As the core and key link of intelligent manufacturing, motion control system has been increasing its application fields in recent years, and its market scale has been expanding steadily. It is playing an increasingly important role in the process of manufacturing industry becoming intelligent.

Recently, in order to better match the usage habits and industry characteristics of domestic users in China, Servotronix, a comprehensive solution provider specializing in research, production and sales of servo systems and control systems, released softMC Compact 301 compact motion controller and ET A series of I/O modules bring solutions to semiconductor, 3C electronics, robotics, lithium battery, photovoltaic, packaging and other industries, accurately solve the pain points of Chinese customers, and help customers greatly improve the automation level of production lines.

Dual-engine R&D meets the needs of Chinese users, and SNIEC launches the softMC Compact 301 compact motion controller

High-tech softMC Compact 301 compact motion controller

  Dual-engine research and development, tailor-made for the Chinese market

High-tech was born in Israel and has been deeply involved in the field of servo system and motion control for many years, especially in the software algorithm level with unique advantages. After being merged into Midea Industrial Technology, High Innovation has adopted a global layout, pooled global resources, gathered the strength of the Israeli technical team and the Chinese local R&D team, and quickly improved the product line with the advantages of dual R&D engines, and continuously achieved technological breakthroughs.


Zhang Shijie, Director of Industry Development, High Innovation Motion Control Co., Ltd.

Zhang Shijie, director of industry development of High Innovation Motion Control Co., Ltd., said that the softMC Compact 301 motion controller is the latest achievement of “China-Israel” cooperative research and development. In the process of cooperation and research and development, both “China and Israel” play their respective advantages. At the software level, the Israeli team has excellent capabilities in the underlying software and the Linux OS operating system, and can better provide software development support for this hardware product; at the hardware level, the Chinese team has richer capabilities in engineering, product application and integration. Its experience can bring manufacturing and supply chain advantages to this product that will be produced in China.

Zhang Shijie pointed out that the softMC Compact 301 motion controller is a product tailor-made for the Chinese market based on the deep technical expertise and deep insight into the industry development and unique needs of users.


SoftMC Compact 301 motion controller performance characteristics

He explained that Gao Chuang’s first product was the motion controller, and has continued to invest in motion controller-related hardware and software products. However, before the release of this new product, the motion controllers of High Innovation mainly focus on overseas high-end customer groups who have very high requirements on the performance of motion controllers. The needs of these customers for motion controllers are not just a simple development tool, they expect manufacturers to provide them with the best core technologies, such as motion control algorithms, motion control dynamic data models, etc. But domestic customers pay more attention to delivery, short development cycle and scale. Therefore, they prefer motion controllers in the form of hardware that are easy to use, well packaged, short lead times, and stable in form. “The motion controller products we launched this time fully take into account the needs of domestic customer groups, and better match the usage habits and industry characteristics of Chinese domestic users.”

As mentioned earlier, being customer-oriented, SNIEC fully considers the differentiated needs of different industries. The new softMC Compact 301 motion controller will be equipped with two different software systems. Zhang Shijie said that when facing customers in the general automation industry, especially some non-standard machines, SVIEF will use CODESYS Runtime + process algorithm package to serve customers; facing customers in the special equipment industry, SVIEF will give full play to Israeli technology The team’s experience and advantages in the development of mathematical and motion control models use control studio plus to serve customers. .

  Deeply cultivate industry applications and provide customers with greater value with comprehensive solutions

In addition to providing different options for different industry application scenarios at the software level. At the hardware level, based on the softMC Compact 301 hardware platform, SNIEC will provide the option of adding I/O modules to meet the needs of customers in different industries. The I/O module released at the same time is also the first I/O module product launched by Gaochuang.

Talking about the motivation behind the release of the first I/O module product, “From the solution level, when faced with the customer’s demand for a complete motion control solution, only motion controllers, drivers, and motors but no I/O modules are nothing. The method forms a one-stop solution. From the product level, the I/O module itself is very important for signal acquisition and actuator signal output. Compared with third-party I/O modules, the compactness and adaptability of the original I/O The performance and robustness will be better. Moreover, the I/O module we released this time is equipped with 16-bit NPN input digital channels and 16 NPN output digital channels as standard. The resolution is higher and can meet the needs of all sensors , the resolution requirements of the actuator, and have higher data acquisition accuracy.” Zhang Shijie said, “More importantly, through the softMC Compact 301 motion controller combined with Gaochuang BDHDE/PRHD2 servo and CDHD series linear drive, we can provide users with Provide a more complete, flexible, stable and reliable system solution.”

In fact, SNIEC has a complete product system from the underlying algorithm, to the encoder and servo motor at the execution layer, to the drive layer, and then to the control layer. Based on the judgment of the current market trend of the motion control industry, SCE believes that the domestic market will become more and more subdivided, and each subdivided industry will become more and more large-scale. Therefore, “becoming a reliable motion control solution provider for deep-plowing industry applications” is the key strategy implemented by High Innovation in recent years. Relying on Midea Group’s strong R&D innovation, supply chain, and lean manufacturing advantages, and in conjunction with Midea Group’s sister units such as Meiyun Zhishu, KUKA Robotics, and Hiconics New Energy, High Creativity can provide customers with complete digitalization, automation, and green solutions. solution. At the same time, through effective collaboration with industry partners, High Innovation is committed to providing overall technical solutions that can truly solve actual pain points for industry customers with different application needs, and helping customers increase the added value of products.

In the context of promoting the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, the new softMC Compact 301 motion controller and ET series I/O modules take into account both high performance and economy, and further enrich the product line of SIC. In the future, the value advantages of high-tech unique products and solutions will provide assistance for the improvement of market competitiveness of customers in the Industrial field in China.

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