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Dimension Vision x Xidian University, joint teaching to help cultivate talents in the AI ​​industry

In order to accelerate the implementation of artificial intelligence technology and talent training on the Industrial side, in October 2022, Weishi Zhizao and the School of Computer Science and Technology of Xidian University jointly held an online lecture on “Machine Vision” to bring machine vision to 2022 graduate students. Basic training, general visual inspection software VisionBank practical explanation and Industrial case explanation and demonstration.

1. Machine Vision Class: Solve “Real Problems” and Obtain “Hard Results”

With economic development entering the new normal, the relationship between talent supply and demand has changed profoundly. Facing the profound adjustment of the economic structure and the accelerated pace of industrial upgrading, how to establish talent training standards suitable for the industry and implement them in the teaching practice of colleges and universities has become a school The key work of enterprise cooperation.

Xidian University ranks seventh in the world in terms of the number of valid patents in the field of artificial intelligence and the first in the country. There are the first batch of national first-class undergraduate majors “Intelligent Science and Technology”, and the national first-class undergraduate major “Artificial Intelligence”, and a complete system has been formed in the field of artificial intelligence technology exploration and personnel training.

At the same time, in the long-term practice, a deep accumulation of industry-university-research cooperation in running schools has also been formed. In view of the lack of industrial practice in the teaching process of colleges and universities, the sources of students’ understanding of industrial sites are still books and papers. For the field of intelligent manufacturing, which emphasizes both practice and theory, the study and research of artificial intelligence technology often pays too much attention to algorithms and principles. Ignore hardware platforms and comprehensive practices.

How to solve the problems of traditional teaching? This is also the only goal of this lecture – “to help students integrate into the real industrial world.”

Wei Shi Zhizhi engineers Mao Yigang and Chen Chaoyang, as specially-appointed corporate teachers, gave lectures to 2022 graduate students. The main content includes the composition of the vision system and the operation of hardware selection, the introduction and function demonstration of the general image processing software VisionBank, the explanation and demonstration of industrial cases, etc. The online learning atmosphere of the students is warm.

Dimension Vision x Xidian University, joint teaching to help cultivate talents in the AI ​​industry

online teaching

(MV-VS1000L(-VB) Machine Vision Basic Experiment Platform)

(MV-VS1000 Machine Vision Image Processing Experiment Platform)

This training helped the students to master the selection and specific operation of visual components; to understand the usage scenarios of specific tools of industrial-grade image processing software; to expand the students’ thinking in developing image processing algorithms. Received unanimous praise from teachers and students.

The “Machine Vision” theme opens a window for students to deeply understand machine vision and industrial inspection, so that students have a deeper understanding of the principles and application methods of the machine vision algorithms they have learned, and help students in knowledge learning and application practice. A bridge was built between them.

Prior to this, Weishi Zhizao and Xidian University have carried out in-depth cooperation. Wei Shi Zhi Zao and the expert team in the field of artificial intelligence of Xidian jointly compiled the textbook “Intelligent Vision Technology and Application” suitable for multi-disciplinary applications in colleges and universities.

Up to now, Weishi Zhizao has conducted training exchanges with Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, Liaoning Petrochemical University, Shandong University of Technology, Tianjin Normal University, Tianjin Vocational and Technical Normal University and other institutions, providing “professional teaching materials + Product platform + practical resources + three-dimensional service” system solution.

Some of the cooperative colleges and universities of Wei Shi Zhi

 2. Where is the confidence in cultivating compound talents to maintain vision?

The large-scale development of artificial intelligence requires a steady stream of high-quality professionals from colleges and universities. While other companies were still “crossing the river by feeling the stones”, Vishi Zhizao has already developed a complete solution for cultivating talents with the concept of project-based teaching based on years of experience in the industry.

Provide a series of products with AI vision as the core technology. All laboratory platform products of Dimension Education are independently developed. It enables students to come into contact with the most real industrial sites in the classroom, understand the industry, analyze projects, build systems, test and verify, and strengthen knowledge, so as to quickly form engineering thinking.

“Intelligent Vision Technology and Application” textbook. The theoretical knowledge of hardware selection + software algorithm is systematically explained. Relying on the four major visual application scenarios of identification, measurement, positioning and detection, it selects typical industry cases in the manufacturing industry to combine theoretical knowledge with practice, and it can be used after learning.

Based on the cooperation advantages of Weishi Intelligent Manufacturing enterprises, it provides thousands of real cases and supporting teaching tools in industrial sites, synchronous supporting course PPT, product manuals, experimental instructions and corresponding video teaching resources. One-stop solution to meet the diverse needs of college teaching materials.

In the school-enterprise cooperation link, provide multi-form collaborative education value-added services, support the college to apply for the Ministry of Education’s industry-education integration collaborative education and industry-university-research fund projects, apply for experimental teaching platforms, project training platforms and other construction plans, and jointly produce related Scientific research results, papers, teaching materials, courses, etc., three-dimensionally boost college education, and create high-quality, easy-to-employ compound engineer talents.

Taking intelligent hardware as the carrier and artificial intelligence technology as the core, build a moat in the intelligent service ecology of “hardware + software + service + content”. Behind the Wisconsin Manufacturing is the service experience and landing cases of 10,000+ customers in various industries. This is also a just-needed resource in the process of talent training. In the future, based on its own advantages in hardware, resources and technology, Dimension Vision will cooperate with colleges and universities across the country to continuously strengthen the in-depth cooperation of industry-university-research integration, and accelerate the implementation of innovation and talent training.

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