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Cute Buddy robot

Cute Buddy robot

Buddy, who is cute and dead, has benefits at the end of the article

This one called BuddyrobotHe is a veritable “Internet celebrity”, not only has the appearance of a dead man and a gentle and considerate personality, but also an intelligent emotional robot with the latest technology.ShouldThe project has now raised $650,000 on the crowdfunding website, and each piece is priced at $700 (approximately RMB 4,674).

Buddy is just over half a meter tall, weighs only 5kg, and has an 8-inch Display on its head. The part-time job can be called small and exquisite, especially the cute expression, which is simply too cute to die.

Its Buddy moves on three wheels it carries, and the fastest walking speed is 0.7 m/s. Buddy can last 8-10 hours on the built-in battery.

Buddy is defined by its developers as “family members and friends”. It relies on its own sensors to perform language and face recognition, and has the basic functions of “listening”, “speaking” and “seeing”. For example, running to your bedroom in the morning to wake you up with an alarm, or playing hide-and-seek with the kids.

Buddy is also a good housekeeper, allowing the owner to remotely control the home appliances on the phone via wifi.itIt has certain indoor real-time positioning and navigation functions, and can skillfully move indoors to complete the owner’s command.

Buddy has a pair of “piercing eyes” and can recognize strangers.when encounteringFire or water leakage, etc.In an emergency, a reminder can also be sent to the owner.

Buddy is also a social master, helping the owner connect with family and friends, and when gathering at homeyou can also act as a photographer to help take family photos or videos, and then upload them to social networking sites.

Want to see the Buddy robot, which is so cute that the dead don’t pay for it? Hit me up quickly.

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