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Cummins Power China plant introduced MiR autonomous mobile robot, and global cooperation continues to deepen

China’s power industry has accelerated digital transformation in recent years, and rich Industrial automation technologies including Robots have gradually landed in various application scenarios of the entire industry chain. Cummins Power (China) Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Cummins Power China) is one of the successful practitioners . The company has successfully introduced and deployed Mobile Industrial Robots(hereinafter referred to as: MiR) Autonomous Mobile robot robotAMR), for production line material transportation automation tasks.

This is another automation project launched in China following the successful cooperation between MiR and Cummins, the parent company of Cummins Power, in China, Europe, America and other global markets. As one of the important business lines of Cummins, Cummins Power provides high-quality power solutions for various industries around the world. The generator set assembly plant in Wuhan is one of the five global standardized power plants of Cummins power business. MiR250 mainly serves the assembly line of medium-horsepower heavy-duty generator sets in the Wuhan plant, responsible for line-side feeding, empty container return, and handling. And will gradually expand to high-horsepower generator set assembly line.

【MiR250 AMR works in Cummins Power (China) Co., Ltd. Wuhan factory】

Christian Clausen, vice president of strategic accounts at MiR, said: “We are honored to cooperate with Cummins in many markets around the world, and assist Cummins to achieve production goals through flexible and safe autonomous mobile robots. Our AMR products are being used in many industries to accelerate internal logistics .In the factory building, material transportation tasks are time-consuming and labor-intensive with low added value. Assigning such tasks to AMR can help employees focus on higher-value tasks and increase productivity while improving safety.”

MiR250 AMR can meet the high requirements of assembly line material transportation in terms of efficiency, safety and intelligence. In terms of efficiency, MiR250 reduces at least 2.5 hours of manual labor for Cummins Power China every day compared to manual return and refill operations. Workers do not need to spend too much time on heavy and trivial non-technical tasks, which greatly optimizes personnel tasks. distribute. In terms of safety, logistics forklifts, ground cattle, floor trucks, and workers gather in the factory building, and the manufacturing environment is mixed with people and vehicles. Therefore, there are extremely high requirements for the safety and stability of AMR. MiR250 AMR responds to the environmental challenges of the plant through its multiple safety technology functions and autonomous navigation capabilities, reducing the risk of ergonomic injury to zero.

The person in charge of the warehouse of Cummins Power (China) Co., Ltd. said: “MiR AMR is very intelligent, can automatically identify and bypass obstacles, and has a very strong ability to work autonomously. It is very convenient to deploy, using SLAM laser navigation, no need to be on the path Magnetic strips, ground nails, or reflective signal signs are installed on the machine, which truly realizes zero damage to the job site. Its operating system is also very scientific, concise, and logically clear, and it is easy to edit and adjust programs according to the needs of the production line, such as additions and deletions site, setting and adjusting path, frequency, running speed, etc.”

MiR is one of the fastest-growing autonomous mobile robot manufacturers in China in recent years. It has been widely used in many fields such as automobiles, electronic products, third-party logistics, food and beverage, consumer goods, and medical health. The scale of customers has covered large groups and medium-sized small agency.

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