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Comay’s first industrial-grade enterprise-level solid-state drive is specially built for edge computing applications

In recent years, with the continuous development of information technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5G, and the internet of Things, it is difficult to solve the low-latency, localized, and high-frequency computing needs of enterprises only by relying on the traditional centralized cloud computing architecture, while edge computing technology will server Moving processing as close as possible to the end user is critical to the functioning of the digital ecosystem.

The edge server is physically set at the edge of the infrastructure and system, and integrates edge-side computing, storage, and network capabilities. It can provide edge intelligent services at the data generation end nearby, and meets the requirements of agile links, real-time services, Key requirements such as intelligent applications and data security have been favored by many enterprises, thus driving the market application demand for edge servers.

The edge server is sandwiched between the cloud and the edge device, bringing storage to the location where the data actually occurs, providing edge applications with higher computing performance and faster completion of requests, achieving better data control and cost reduction. At the same time, it also brings more challenges.

First of all, many industries in my country are accelerating the transformation of intelligence. These complex scenarios require the use of edge servers as carriers to intelligently process data in real time to achieve management optimization, which requires extremely high edge computing storage performance.

Secondly, edge servers often operate in edge environments, and their working environment is harsh, and they often need to withstand harsh environments such as extreme temperature and humidity, pollutants, and humidity. Such an environment places extremely high requirements on the weather resistance of SSDs.

Thirdly, edge servers are often deployed in specific locations and need to be used continuously for several years. Their applications are extremely critical, and geographical dispersion also leads to high maintenance costs. This requires the solid state drives used in edge servers to have extremely high reliability and durability performance, thereby reducing after-sales maintenance costs.

Comay’s first industrial-grade enterprise-level solid-state drive is specially built for edge computing applications

The application of the above-mentioned edge server not only has the requirements of high performance and high reliability of enterprise-level SSDs, but also requires the requirements of resistance to harsh application environments, high reliability, and high durability. It is a composite type of Industrial-grade solid-state drives and enterprise-level solid-state drives. need.

Faced with the complex demand of edge servers for data storage, Kemei actively deploys edge computing server applications. With its independent research and development capabilities, product rigorous testing capabilities, and 7 years of product experience in the field of edge server applications, it launched a new edge server application The industry-standard enterprise-class series of solid-state drives (SSD) help customers solve the storage needs of edge devices and prepare for the future of edge computing. Products mainly include:

1) 2.5″ SATA: Pluto SWE 525EN series

2) mSATA series: Pluto NWE 516EN series (with RAID0 and RAID5 versions)

Kemei Industrial-grade enterprise-level solid-state hard disk products adopt SATA III interface, the working temperature can reach wide temperature (-40℃~+85℃), and the erasing and writing life can reach up to 7000PE. It has the characteristics of fast speed, stable speed, long life and high reliability. , we use reliable industrial-grade storage standards to enable the application of a new generation of industrial-grade enterprise-grade solid-state drives in edge computing.

With the rapid development of the digital economy, edge computing is facing new opportunities and challenges. As an important part of edge servers, solid-state drives provide powerful data storage support. Based on the insight into the trend of the edge device industry and the research on the needs of end users, the solid-state drive for industrial control enterprise-level servers released by Comet combines the characteristics of industrial-grade SSDs and server SSDs, and can be used in rail transit, communications, energy, monitoring, and electricity. Use scenarios of various edge devices such as power grids.

At present, Comay’s Pluto SWE 525EN series, Pluto NWE 516EN series (RAID0 version), Pluto NWE 516EN series (RAID5 version) SSDs specially designed for edge computing have been officially launched, and will also be used for various edge devices that may exist in the future Optimized for reliable SSDs required by the scenario.

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