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Central Control Technology × Wolong Electric Drive: Join Hands to Promote Intelligent and High-Quality Development in the Industrial Field

On August 29th, Cui Shan, Chairman and President of Zhejiang Supcon Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Supcon Technology”), and his party visited Wolong Electric Drive Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Wolong Electric Drive”), and the two sides discussed further Deepen cooperation, conduct symposium exchanges and sign a strategic cooperation framework agreement. Cui Shan, Chairman and President of Supcon Technology, and Chen Yanni, Chairman and President of Wolong Holding Group Co., Ltd. signed the contract on behalf of both parties. Chen Jiancheng, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Wolong Group, Zheng Yanwen, Vice President of Wolong Electric Drive and President of Global Central Research Institute, Wu Jianbo, Secretary of the Board and Chief Financial Officer, Liu Ziqing, President of Shunyun internet, Yu Haibin and Mo Wei, Senior Vice Presidents of Central Control Technology, Vice President and Secretary of the Board of Directors Nearly 40 senior executives and general managers of business lines, including Yongsheng, Vice President Guo Biao, Qiu Kun, and Ding Xiaobo, attended the event.

Central Control Technology × Wolong Electric Drive: Join Hands to Promote Intelligent and High-Quality Development in the Industrial Field

According to the agreement, the two parties will adhere to the principle of “complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win results, and common development”, closely focus on the national Industrial development strategy, and give full play to the advantages of central control technology in control, software technology, information technology and other aspects of Wolong Electric. Driven by its advantages in electrical drive technology, equipment technology and discrete business, it has carried out in-depth and lasting all-round, wide-area, and multi-level cooperation in business integration, product solution integration, and resource sharing. Focus on discrete manufacturing, process industry, S2B, smart motors, new energy vehicles and other business sectors, further enhance the solution capabilities, Industrial integration capabilities and core competitiveness of both parties, create a new situation of mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation, and serve my country’s industrial field. Provide support for intelligent development.

Wolong Electric Drive has been focusing on the motor and drive control industry in recent years, keeping close to customer needs and industry development, focusing on the implementation of the “two transformations” and “three digitalization” strategies, from “motor body manufacturing” to “providing motor power system solutions, Full life cycle service” transformation. In the field of industrial automation, Wolong Electric Drive has rich experience in digital and intelligent transformation in various industries. The cooperation between the two parties has a good foundation and broad prospects, and will certainly boost the development of both parties, customers and the entire industry in the future.

As a leading provider of integrated solutions for process industry intelligent manufacturing in China, Supcon Technology is committed to meeting the industrial digitalization needs of the process industry, and is deeply engaged in automated control such as distributed control systems (DCS), safety instrumented systems (SIS), and networked hybrid control systems. System, and based on this, vigorously deploy and develop industrial software, industry solutions, instrumentation and other products and online and offline service models, forming a relatively complete “Industry 3.0+4.0” product and solution architecture.

Cui Shan and his entourage visited Wolong this time, and they felt deeply shocked by the scale of Wolong as a large-scale multinational enterprise in the local private advanced manufacturing industry. He also expresses his sincere respect for the spirit of continuous struggle and pursuit of becoming a leading enterprise in the global motor industry in the past 40 years. At the same time, he is also “excited” about the cooperation that has been carried out and will be carried out by the two parties, and hopes that through the further deepening of cooperation between Zhongkong Technology and Wolong Electric Drive, it will bring more value to customers of both parties and achieve “win-win” and “multi-win”.

Join hands with each other for win-win cooperation. Central control technology and Wolong electric drive strategy are highly complementary, with a wide range of cooperation fields and a high degree of cooperation consensus. The signing of this comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement will further deepen the business cooperation between the two parties, establish a more efficient and pragmatic business linkage mechanism, and jointly promote the intelligent and high-quality development of the industrial field.

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