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CAIMRS 2022丨A group of talents are coming to an end, and it is time for industrial digital intelligence!

All the sages have arrived, and the young and long have gathered together. There are lofty mountains and lofty mountains and thick forests and bamboos here.

“Orchid Pavilion Collection” describes a large gathering of talents from all walks of life, at which they expressed their common will. Today, after experiencing major changes such as the fading of the epidemic, the gradual recovery, energy transformation, and the new policy, we also have the same will to practice the glorious mission entrusted to us by the digital age, and witness the industry’s digital game together. Time to run on the road.

CAIMRS 2022丨A group of talents are coming to an end, and it is time for industrial digital intelligence!

On August 26, the “2022 China Automation + Digital Industry Annual Conference”, “The 18th CAIMRS and Digital Leaders Forum” and “Annual Awards Ceremony” will be held offline, and will join hands with industry leaders and representatives of leading companies to open up digital technology. and Industrial transformation.

As the most influential brand summit of China’s automation + digitalization, this summit, with the theme of “new cycle, new manufacturing, new power”, continues the tradition of the past, and released the basis for the market analysis and forecast of Industrial automation and digitalization in the past year. , and released the top 50 Chinese automation and digital brands again. Combined with hot topics such as post-epidemic economic recovery, carbon neutrality, and digital intelligence, from a third-party independent perspective of the automation market, it shares the development trend of the automation market in the existing and potential industries during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period.

Foresee the digital future and grasp the lifeblood of the industry. Next, gongkong® invites you to share this digital event.

Opened the “New Cycle” speech and released the “Top 50” Automation + Digital Brands

Pan Yingzhang, President of gongkong®

Pan Yingzhang, president of gongkong®, opened the 2022 CAIMRS event with a keynote speech on “Opening “New Cycle, New Environment, New Order” and released the “Top 50 Automation + Digital Brands””.

While releasing the “Top 50 Chinese Automation + Digital Brands List in 2022”, Pan Yingzhang reviewed the situation and, with his long-term and profound insights into the automation industry and his grasp of the future direction of industrial digitalization, he focused on the epidemic’s demand for automation in the market. In-depth analysis of the impact of the current automation and digitalization market, the reasons for the reversal of the current automation and digitalization market, and the changes in the driving force of the future market.

Pan Yingzhang said that relying on the stock of domestic and foreign economic dislocation recovery, as well as the incremental drive brought by emerging manufacturing, high-end manufacturing and digital and intelligent upgrades, China’s automation and digital market will enter a stage of healthy development from high to flat, returning to the center of the normal track. .

Digitization enables low-carbon transformation of industries

Zhao Yongzhan, President of ABB Electric China

“Double carbon” has become an urgent proposition of the times. More than 90% of China’s carbon dioxide emissions come from the fields of electricity, industry, transportation and construction. In-depth analysis and excavation of the carbon reduction potential of key industries is undoubtedly a key measure to achieve the “dual carbon” goal. As a “pioneer” of digital transformation and low-carbon practice, ABB Electric has demonstrated its giant style and advanced the concept of digitalization and “dual carbon”.

Zhao Yongzhan, President of ABB Electric China, gave a keynote speech on “Digital Empowering Industries to Transform to Low-Carbon” at this annual meeting, expounding how ABB balances the relationship between clean, low-carbon, safe and reliable, and low-cost, and meets the needs of the industry through leading digital technologies. To meet the needs of high-quality development and low-carbon transformation of local customers, we provide industrial solutions covering electrical, process automation, motion control, and robotics, and help Chinese industrial enterprises on the road to sustainable development.

Towards carbon neutrality, Delta helps industrial low-carbon transformation with green manufacturing

Feng Wei, End Customer Industry Director of Delta-Zhongda Dentsu Electromechanical Division

Focusing on the “dual carbon” goal, Delta continues to develop green and intelligent solutions that integrate efficiency enhancement and energy saving and consumption reduction through the implementation of digital smart factories.

At this conference, Feng Wei, Director of the End User Industry Division of Delta-Zhongda Dentsu, will explain in detail Delta’s concept and practical experience in building a green smart factory: With the automation technology integrating “digitization + intelligence + green”, it deeply optimizes carbon emissions to help manufacturing enterprise users adjust the carbon emission structure and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

Innovation breaks through barriers and empowers digital transformation of enterprises

Zhu Guilong, General Manager of the Chemical Industry Department of Hangzhou Helixi Automation Co., Ltd.

Under the dual-carbon goal, the demand for efficient and energy-saving automated and intelligent production is becoming more and more intense. As the core brain of industrial production operation in the digital age, industrial control system is also an important foundation for realizing high-quality and sustainable development of manufacturing industry.

As the main supplier of global automation system solutions, Hollysys Group is constantly innovating in providing integrated process control with both software and hardware and the operation and development of green and low-carbon industries. At this meeting, Zhu Guilong, general manager of the chemical industry department of Hangzhou Hollysys Automation Co., Ltd., introduced Hollysys’ OCS industrial optical bus control system, which combines advanced Onet industrial optical bus technology and software-defined I/O technology. It not only greatly simplifies the system engineering design and implementation process, but also significantly reduces the project construction cost and operating cost, which can be said to be a qualitative leap in the process control system.

Industrial Internet Helps Dual-Carbon Transformation

Wang Hui, General Manager of Gechuang Dongzhi Smart Energy Dual-Carbon Business Unit

Strive to achieve carbon peak by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060 is an important goal for our generation to achieve. It is both a responsibility and a mission. Digital technologies and applications represented by the industrial Internet, big data, cloud computing, etc., are an innovative means to achieve industrial energy efficiency improvement and an efficient path to achieve the dual-carbon goal in the industrial field.

Wang Hui, general manager of Gechuang Dongzhi Smart Energy Dual-Carbon Division, delivered a speech at the meeting. He introduced that Gechuang Dongzhi, as a national-level double-cross platform, relies on Gechuang Dongzhi industrial application intelligence platform to focus on energy management, carbon management, The three core applications of environmental health management support the overall operation analysis of energy dual-carbon management in the manufacturing industry, and the intelligent management of energy dual-carbon consumption that is “visible, understandable, controllable and sustainable”, to achieve energy conservation and carbon reduction for enterprises. Provide overall solutions for asset management optimization and green and sustainable development.

Industrial Automation Ecosystem and Digital Enterprise Construction

Shen Bowen, Technical Service Manager, Northern Region, Easypan Software (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

How to build a fully digital industrial automation ecosystem? How to achieve efficient engineering design? Yipan Software has extensive experience in digital transformation and value chain integration.

Shen Bowen, technical service manager of the northern region of Easypan Software (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., focused on the theme of “Industrial Automation Ecosystem and Digital Enterprise Construction” at the meeting through industrial automation ecosystem, value chain digital enterprise construction, efficient engineering design, EPLAN products Four dimensions and solutions analyze how Easypan software helps customers achieve efficient innovation and maximize value.

2022 White Paper on China’s Industrial Automation Market Released

Ran Chen, general manager of market research at gongkong®

What you see is what you get, speak with data. According to gongkong® research data, in 2022, China’s epidemic will enter its third year, and China’s automation market will enter an adjustment cycle in 2022 after a high growth cycle from 2020 to 2021. Beginning in the second quarter of 2022, with the epidemic in East China, inflation has led to rising costs, supply chain pressure and other unfavorable factors, the new market demand has also fluctuated, and the market performance of different product lines has been significantly differentiated. The overall automation market in the second quarter also appeared for the first time. After the first negative year-on-year growth in nearly three years, market sentiment in the second half of 2022 also showed multipolar polarization.

At this meeting, Chen Ran, general manager of market research of Gongkong Network, released the “2022 White Paper on China’s Industrial Automation Market”. Chen Ran focused on starting from 2021 to the first half of 2022, analyzing the current industry status, the recent trend of the automation market and the reasons for changes. , forecasting and judging future trends. At the same time, he combined with the recent market hotspots to bring the latest professional market consulting perspectives and judgments to the participants.

As one of the important links of CAIMRS, in the “18th CAIMRS and Digital Leaders Forum”, automation enterprises gathered, gongkong® invited Mr. Shi An, President of Rockwell Automation (China) Co., Ltd., Endress+Hauser Mr. Zhang Yuncai, General Manager of (China), Mr. Zhang Yanda, General Manager of Industrial Industry of Schneider Electric Industrial Automation China, Mr. Zhu Wei, Senior Vice President of Phoenix Contact China, Mr. Qin Zheng, President of Greater China of Easypan Software (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Zhong Mr. Mo Wei, Senior Vice President of Control Technology Co., Ltd., had an in-depth dialogue with us.

The heads and executives of these six leading companies explained to us at the meeting how companies should face new market trends in the short, medium and long term to make strategic layouts in the face of new market conditions. At the same time, they shared their fields ecological layout and sustainable development concept.

Based on the present, look forward to the future. No matter what industry, new products, new technologies, and new applications are the source of continuous advancement of the industry, and leading companies and digital leaders are the benchmarks for industry and enterprise development.

As a selection with a long history, a wide audience, open processes and fair results in my country’s industrial automation industry, the 20th annual selection of automation and digitalization is oriented to the entire industry chain of intelligent manufacturing, and a total of industry leadership awards (Leader of the Year / Annual Domestic New Talent/Top Ten Enterprises of the Year), Product Innovation Award (Automation Innovation Award/Industrial Interconnection Innovation Award/Intelligent Equipment Innovation Award), Service Innovation Award (Application Innovation Award/Service Innovation Award/Marketing Innovation Award) and other awards.

At the same time, gongkong® held the VIP Salon Seminar of “Integration of Knowledge and Action, the Opportunity of Two Carbons” and the 6th Digital Innovation Application Seminar·Beijing Station, inviting many important guests to discuss the current hot “two carbon” topics, and New ideas and new paths for enterprise digital transformation.

Wonderful still, surprises constantly. “2022 China Automation + Digital Industry Annual Conference”, “The 18th CAIMRS and Digital Leaders Forum” and “Annual Award Ceremony” brought us the “new cycle, new Manufacturing, new power” also brings a platform for thinking collision and innovation exchange for the development of digitalization.

  As the saying goes: “The sages have come to an end, and the industrial digitalization is at the right time!”

(PS: Special thanks to the representatives of various companies and industry colleagues who have strongly supported this summit.)

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