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BIS-6390ARA-C10: High computing power and large memory rich expansion, supporting the application of substation unattended monitoring system

In the environment of smart grid construction, the application of unattended monitoring system in substations has become the only way to modernize the grid. NORCO is actively deploying around the construction of smart grids, and has created an Industrial complete machine solution that supports the application of unattended monitoring systems in substations.

01 Application of substation unattended monitoring system

Power grid is an area closely related to people’s life. With the development of society and economy, the scale of power grid construction is also expanding, which brings great pressure to the daily operation and maintenance management of substations and distribution stations. In addition, my country has a vast territory, and substations built in complex climate and terrain areas must also consider issues such as the safety of the operation and maintenance process, making the traditional operation and maintenance model that relies entirely on manual monitoring and management unsustainable. The transformation and upgrading of the new operation and maintenance model of on-duty + centralized management and control.

In such a situation, the application of substation unattended monitoring system is imperative.Controlled by computer system, integrated applicationAI5G, big data, cloud, sensor technology, etc. build a digital, visualized, and networked centralized management platform to realize the interconnection and communication with intelligent equipment such as substation inspection Robots/inspection drones, operation and maintenance equipment, and information systems. Control, in the case of large-scale replacement of manual work, it can also strengthen the real-time monitoring capability of substation operation status and the informatization level of operation and maintenance management.

However, in practical applications, the operation of the substation unattended monitoring system must have a computer system with strong data processing capabilities, multimedia performance and scalability to provide basic support for it. NORCO’s BIS-6390ARA-C10 adopts Rockchip RK3588 processor, which has excellent performance in NPU, video codec, network communication, I/O capabilities, etc., fully meeting the application requirements of substation unattended monitoring system.

02 NORCO BIS-6390ARA-C10 complete machine

NORCO is a provider of industry-specific embedded computer products. It can provide customized production services for embedded motherboards, embedded barebone systems/complete machines and Industrial computers for customers in multiple industries. BIS-6390ARA-C10 is a 1U industrial machine independently built by NORCO with Rockchip platform processor.

BIS-6390ARA-C10: High computing power and large memory rich expansion, supporting the application of substation unattended monitoring system

BIS-6390ARA-C10 supports Rockchip RK3588 processor, built-in NPU with 6 TOPs computing power, and supports INT4/INT8/INT16/FP16 mixed computing. Support onboard 4/8GB LPDDR4X memory, up to 16GB memory. Support 1*eMMC (up to 128GB), and 1*TF to increase storage space. Integrated Mali-G610 MP4 quad-core GPU, supports 2*HDMI OUT, 1*HDMI IN multiple Display interfaces, supports up to 8K ultra-high-definition resolution, and has excellent data calculation and graphics performance.

In terms of network communication and scalability, BIS-6390ARA-C10 also has excellent performance. The whole machine supports 2*LAN, 4*USB3.0, onboard Wifi, Bluetooth, 1*Mini-PCIe expansion 4G module, 1*M.2 interface expansion 5G module, to meet high-speed network communication and multi-machine networking products Application requirements.

BIS-6390ARA-C10 supports watchdog function, supports DC12V power supply, has the characteristics of low power consumption and high reliability, and can run stably under various conditions such as wide temperature and complex electromagnetic environment. Supports Android and Linux operating systems, small size (199mm x 122.6mm x 52.2mm), supports desktop and wall-mounted installation methods, and is suitable for multiple scenarios.

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