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Beixinyuan Industrial Control Security Achievements Highly Recognized, Empowering Industrial Critical Information Infrastructure Security Protection

Under the trend of digital transformation, Industrial control security is becoming the focus. Due to the deep integration of emerging information technologies such as the internet of Things, 5G, big data, and artificial intelligence with Industrial control systems, industrial control systems are becoming more and more complex, aggravating system security risks. According to the statistics of the National Industrial Information Security Industry Development Alliance, more than 95% of China’s industrial control systems still have loopholes, 65% are medium and high-risk loopholes, and 33% are high-risk loopholes, which can be easily controlled remotely.

In this context, in recent years, the state has frequently introduced relevant policies to increase the speed of the construction of industrial control information security, such as actively promoting the hierarchical protection system 2.0, the “14th Five-Year Plan” and the outline of the 2035 long-term goals for industrial control systems and key information infrastructure. It has become a consensus that facilities actively carry out the construction of network security guarantee system.

Driven by market demand and policies, my country’s industrial control security market has ushered in unprecedented opportunities for development. According to CCID data, in 2020, the scale of my country’s industrial control security market has reached 3.01 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 65.4%. It is estimated that in 2023, the scale of my country’s industrial control security market will reach 9.37 billion yuan.

In order to accelerate the improvement of my country’s industrial control security assurance capabilities and meet the development needs of industrial information security emergency system construction, Beixinyuan, a leading enterprise in the domestic information security industry, has formed a complete industrial control network through years of technical research in view of the security weaknesses existing in the industrial control network. Safety integration plan, and achieved a series of outstanding achievements in technology and projects in the first half of this year.

The energy industry is frequently attacked by cyberattacks

Beixinyuan joins hands with all parties to establish a series of industry standards

Oil, known as the “blood of industry”, is related to the national economy and people’s livelihood. Once the oil system is damaged, loses its function or leaks data, it will seriously threaten national security and public interests. However, currently the energy industry represented by oil is becoming an important target of cyber attacks. In February of this year, two German refined oil suppliers said their networks had been hacked, causing disruptions to local gasoline supplies and negatively affecting multiple transportation hubs and logistics in Europe. Earlier, the largest U.S. oil pipeline facility suffered a cyber attack and was forced to suspend operations, increasing market concerns about the U.S. energy infrastructure.

Industrial control security issues caused by cyber attacks will affect the normal operation of the entire petroleum industry infrastructure. Therefore, many companies have established effective risk assessment systems and remote control systems in a timely manner. In addition, the industry generally believes that network security is not the soft power of enterprises. In addition to improving the protection awareness of digital security of critical infrastructure, it is still necessary to rely on security vendors to combat industrial control security issues in the digital age.

In the field of energy and industrial control security, Beixinyuan adheres to the spirit of in-depth research and active exploration. Completed the “Key Technologies and Scale Application of Industrial Internet Intelligent Management and Control for Oil Depot Safety Production”, and established the oil and gas storage and transportation industry industrial control security technology in response to technical problems such as insufficient protection capability of oil depot industrial control security technology, large amount of production equipment, and difficulty in real-time data processing. The protection system architecture has established a distributed real-time data stream processing architecture for industrial Internet cloud-side-end collaboration in the industry, and established a comprehensive risk prevention and control system based on business processes. The key technology of intelligent management and control of the industrial Internet for safe production of oil depots supports the safe production and operation of oil depots, with significant economic and social benefits.

It is reported that on August 11, 2022, the achievement passed the appraisal and review of the “China Petroleum and Chemical industry automation Application Association”, and the appraisal committee headed by Zheng Jianhua, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, gave the project a very high evaluation, believing that “this achievement is difficult to develop and difficult to develop. It is highly innovative, and its overall technology and industrial application have reached the international advanced level.”

Industrial control security is related to national economy and people’s livelihood

Beixinyuan gives full play to its advantages and builds a secure city wall

As a leading enterprise in the field of information security in China, Beixinyuan has accumulated rich technical information and scientific research and development capabilities after more than 20 years of precipitation. Facing the recent frequent industrial control security incidents, in the first half of 2022, Beixinyuan closely follows the national strategy and develops a variety of innovative industrial control security products guided by the most advanced and cutting-edge industrial network security technologies and concepts: Industrial Control Security Guards, border authentication machines, network border monitoring systems, etc., form an overall industrial control network security solution. Among them, ASN is a completely original and innovative product, and others are also unique. In addition, there are 4 traditional security protection equipment products, industrial control firewall, industrial control network gate, and industrial control audit. All dozens of products have been integrated around ASN and industrial control situational awareness platform, which can form an overall industrial control security solution with Beixinyuan characteristics. Program.

In 2021, Beixinyuan will also cooperate with the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center to successfully launch an industrial control network security emergency command and communication solution to create a high-quality industrial control network security emergency command and communication platform. It is reported that the Beixinyuan Industrial Control Network Security Emergency Command and Communication Platform consists of a core platform and two types of support systems. Take the core platform (industrial control emergency response subsystem, industrial control emergency mobile subsystem, industrial control security incident situation and comprehensive analysis subsystem) as the core support, and take industrial control security incident/risk reporting, research and judgment, disposal, supervision, feedback, and plan management as the core support. Basic functions, forming a multi-level emergency response system. With monitoring system (internal and external monitoring system) and on-site emergency disposal system (emergency tools and services) as technical support, a complete emergency linkage disposal mechanism is formed.

At present, a variety of industrial control security products of Beixinyuan have been deployed and applied in the fields of energy, coal, transportation, military industry, etc., and have achieved good protection effects, effectively helping customers to improve industrial control security management and technical level.

Industrial control security is related to the national economy and people’s livelihood, and is an important part of national security. In the future, as a leader in the field of data security, Beixinyuan will make every effort to strengthen the independent R&D and innovation of industrial control security, give full play to the existing technology accumulation and R&D advantages, and become the security force behind industrial digitalization.

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