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AVEVA Jianwei software helps CEC Zhiwei achieve high-quality delivery

  • AVEVA Jianwei software joins hands with CEC Zhiwei to promote digital transformation and sustainable innovation in the semiconductor industry
  • With the help of AVEVA Jianwei software digital tool combination, China Electronics Zhiwei successfully built a smart FMCS factory monitoring system
  • Unified digital platform simplifies operations management and meets stringent energy usage and emissions reduction requirements

AVEVA Jianwei Software, a global leader in engineering and Industrial software, is cooperating with CEC Zhiwei (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd. , High-performance FMCS factory monitoring system (Factory Monitoring & Control Systems). FMCS integrates the monitoring data of each system of the plant facilities into the central monitoring server with digital equipment to form a plant-wide monitoring system to achieve the purpose of exchanging plant-wide information. China’s “14th Five-Year Plan” has clearly identified semiconductors as a key development direction in the future, and major cities have successively issued special plans for Industrial development. Since the development of the semiconductor industry, a complex ecosystem has been formed. Semiconductor manufacturing companies need to use efficient digital solutions to optimize operations and lean processes, and to comply with increasingly stringent regulatory requirements for energy consumption and emission reduction.

Zhongdian Zhiwei is affiliated to China Electronics System Engineering Second Construction Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Electronics II”), a subsidiary of CEC. It is a high-tech company specializing in smart factory systems and smart operation and maintenance. The smart business of China Electronics Zhiwei covers smart factory affairs, smart city (public facilities) and other related construction projects. Management system, SCADA system and weak current IT system, etc., to provide customers with safe, efficient, green intelligent solutions and high-quality customized services.

In order to meet the huge market demand, the high requirements of the owners and the national regulations on energy conservation and emission reduction, AVEVA Jianwei Software and Zhongdian Zhiwei Co. The core management platform for business operations. On this basis, relying on the R&D capabilities of CEC Wisdom and its parent company, combined with the needs of the industry’s business scenarios, the CEC iFOMS high-customization platform was simultaneously launched. The digital operation management platform integrates information management, operation control and visualization tools of AVEVA Jianwei software. Thanks to this, production personnel can understand the status of equipment and energy consumption in real time, and better promote collaboration and emission reduction in all links; at the same time, unexpected situations such as equipment downtime or failure can be reduced to support safe and efficient production.

For safe, efficient and sustainable semiconductor production, a unified operation and management platform is the key

Semiconductor manufacturing requires high precision and involves toxic and hazardous substances in the production process. Once a problem occurs in the production process, it needs to be responded and dealt with in a timely manner. Moreover, the original record data of the process in the production process is also the main basis for product quality tracking. Production scheduling, yield analysis, cost accounting, etc. are all based on the original production process data of product production, requiring fine historical data records and providing queries for the reporting system. At the same time, the system and equipment of the entire factory operate in an organic and coordinated manner, which also requires effective monitoring and management. Through monitoring, the specific conditions of all equipment, all personnel and all materials in the factory can be determined. Staff need to use information management to closely integrate all production links and coordinate operations.

Combination of digital tools empowers the establishment of a smart FMCS factory monitoring system

As an industrial building intelligent operation and maintenance enterprise, CLP Zhiwei has never stopped exploring and innovating. Since 2018, CLP No. 2, the parent company of CLP Zhiwei, has reached a strategic cooperation with AVEVA Jianwei Software to apply AVEVA InTouch HMI human-machine interface visualization software, AVEVA System Platform and AVEVA Historian process history database in various domestic The project of the FMCS comprehensive monitoring and management platform for major electronic semiconductor plants is under construction. In addition, these three products of AVEVA Jianwei software are also used in the comprehensive monitoring platform of various factory subsystems such as factory water system, special gas system, sewage treatment system, exhaust gas discharge system, bulk gas, pure water system, and air conditioning system. construction. These projects include the first 6-inch, the first 8-inch, and the first 12-inch wafer projects in China, as well as the first 10.5-generation line Array plant.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Electronics Co., Ltd., China Electronics Zhiwei shares resources with China Electronics Co., Ltd. to provide customers with an all-round overall solution for the whole process, including the integration of FMCS system, manufacturing (MES) system, and smart facility management. It has a number of patented technologies in the fields of intelligent platform, energy management system, GMS&CDS system, BMS&EMS system, IT intelligent system, P3 laboratory debugging and verification system, etc.

Zhang Xiaomin, deputy general manager of CEC Zhiwei (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd., said: “CEC II, the parent company of CEC Zhiwei, has been deeply involved in the field of industrial construction for 70 years, and has a large amount of experience and cases in the construction, operation and maintenance of high-tech industrial plants. Precipitation, the coverage rate of top customers in various industries exceeds 80%. Based on the service positioning of the entire EPC industry chain of the parent company, CLP Zhiwei actively promotes intelligent operation and maintenance of industrial buildings. Industrial digitization opens the door to efficiency improvement for all walks of life. From From empowering employees, optimizing production to equipment monitoring and management, we have been striving for perfection and using digital solutions to improve operational performance. With the help of AVEVA Jianwei software’s reliable digital solutions, we can provide customers with comprehensive construction of smart factory affairs in the whole factory, and provide The efficient and sustainable digital transformation of the semiconductor industry has explored a practical path.”

Hua Laizhen, chief engineer of CLP Zhiwei (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd., said: “Digital transformation of factory operation and maintenance management is required by the development trend of high-tech factory construction. How to tap the pain points and value growth points of the industry has become the focus of unanimous attention in the industry. The factory system with “stability, safety, high efficiency, and energy saving” as the key elements, AVEVA Jianwei software series products can cover relatively complete functional requirements, especially outstanding in stability and reliability, and have strong practicability and competitiveness On this basis, there can be more room for discussion and cooperation in the fields of energy management, efficient operation and maintenance management of equipment. For this reason, we advocate that in the face of high-tech factories, the scope of application of industrial software should be able to cover from factory services to Extending to the field of production and manufacturing, it truly connects the data flow and business value chain. It has always been the direction of our efforts and practice to be more refined and in-depth in the subdivided fields. We are also willing to join hands with AVEVA Jianwei Software to continue to create value and contribute to the development of the industry.”

 Accelerate the release of digital productivity and achieve high-quality delivery

After the completion of the FMCS plant comprehensive monitoring and management system, CLP Zhiwei can accelerate the implementation of lean construction, meet the requirements of semiconductor plants for efficiency, safety, and low carbon, and achieve high-quality delivery.

Integrated platform, more efficient operation and management. Semiconductor plants can integrate monitoring, measurement, control, and management. Through the information integration platform, various systems are integrated, including the whole plant air conditioning (AHU, MAU, etc.) system, FFU system, HV/PV system, waste gas system, special gas system, waste water system, bulk gas system, pure water system, Comprehensive monitoring and management of PCW system, chemical system and power system, etc.

Unleash digital vitality and promote cost reduction and efficiency increase. The combination of digital solutions provides a solid data foundation for enterprises to realize the information management of the whole plant, and provides data basis for production scheduling, yield analysis, cost accounting, etc. Reliable data can improve the production operation and equipment operation efficiency of the entire factory, and provide a full life cycle management method. In addition, by adopting the operation management mode of centralized scheduling and regular inspection, human resources are saved.

Real-time monitoring and control to improve the operational reliability and collaboration capabilities of each subsystem. Use digital tools to form flow charts, real-time data Display and fault alarms to improve the collaboration capabilities between subsystems. At the same time, remote centralized monitoring of the energy power system is realized, and the degree of automation of load follow-up of each subsystem is improved.

Accelerate the implementation of the goal of “carbon peak carbon neutrality” through the collection, measurement and visual monitoring of energy consumption data of all links and all factors. Support the automatic collection of energy data, implement centralized dynamic monitoring and digital management of energy production, transmission and distribution, and consumption links of semiconductor companies, realize systematic energy saving and consumption reduction, and help factories achieve green and low-carbon operations.

Cao Ke, Director of Pre-sales Technology of AVEVA Jianwei Software China, said: “AVEVA Jianwei Software has always gathered the strength of the ecological circle, and strives to become an advocate, practitioner and enabler of digital technology innovation and sustainable development, and actively inspire Industrial creativity. As the integrated circuit industry gradually enters the “post-Moore era”, accelerating digitalization, intelligence, and green development has become the common direction of semiconductor manufacturing companies. With comprehensive and mature digital solutions, reliable data platforms and In an open and collaborative innovation ecosystem, AVEVA Jianwei software can inject digital vitality into the “core” power, and provide an acceleration engine for Chinese semiconductor manufacturing companies to enhance their core competitiveness.”

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