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Approaching the Winter Olympics | Winter Olympics Notes: Robot “Chef” Takes Job

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 13. How did you eat at the Beijing Winter Olympics? This is a topic we’ve been asked a lot lately. This is a subjective question, and different people have different opinions, but we all gave “Praise” to the “Smart Restaurant” in the main media center.

Making hamburgers, french fries, cooking dumplings, shabu-shabu, stir-fried Chinese food, making latte art coffee… and even serving dishes are all done by Robots. As diners, what we think about in our minds is: After this meal, what should we choose for the next meal?

Approaching the Winter Olympics | Winter Olympics Notes: Robot “Chef” Takes Job

popular menu

Every day after 12 o’clock at noon, the “robot chefs” in the smart restaurant start to get busy, and the number in line flashes on the electronic screen, which is the meal number of the diners. Everyone will choose a position close to the stall, focusing their eyes on the Robotic arm, waiting to taste its craftsmanship.

“No. XXX is serving food”, the prompt sounded, and the diners holding the receipts walked quickly to the dining place, the pink light was shining, and the mechanical arm “respectfully” sent out a bowl of dumplings, and the guests took it away, and then Leave it to the tip of your tongue. “On the first day the dumpling stall opened, it was sold out in two hours and the ingredients were prepared on the same day.” Restaurant director Zhong Zhanpeng was very satisfied with the debut of the smart dumpling machine on the first day.

“The taste of the beef burger is no less than those two fast food brands.” A media reporter said. Heating bread, frying patties, serving with lettuce and sauce, packaging, track transmission… One time preparation, one machine can make 300 pieces continuously. In just 20 seconds, a fresh and hot burger can be baked, and you can cope with meal rush without stress.

Vegetables from the sky

Chinese cuisine is famous for its complex and changeable cooking. Robots can also do it? The answer is yes. The fire control, stir-frying techniques, and order of ingredients of famous Chinese chefs have already been set as intelligent programs. Kung Pao Chicken, Dongpo Pork, and Claypot Rice… are the taste you want.

The dishes are fried, and the next step is to “serve the dishes in the air corridor”. When a plate of dry fried Niuhe whizzes over your head on a cloud track car, then falls from the sky through the vegetable dispensing machine, and finally floats on the table, besides shooting with your mobile phone, there is only one thought in your mind—— “Pie in the sky” can be real!

diners take pictures

During the 10 days of trial operation, Wisdom Restaurant already has “hot dishes”, which are: dumplings, spicy chicken nuggets, fried beef river, broccoli with garlic, braised beef noodles, and stir-fried yellow beef. “The opening of the Winter Olympics is more than 20 days away, and we are still perfecting the details, hoping to make the guests at home and abroad feel comfortable with a perfect posture.” Zhong Zhanpeng said.

It is said that it is difficult for everyone to agree. Affected by the degree of hunger, price, mood, and environmental experience, people will have different evaluations of “taste”. Foreign friends – these “robot chefs” are all “Made in China”.

Every time I order a meal, I will suffer from the difficulty of choosing. I don’t want to lose the dumplings, but I am also eager to eat a bite of noodles. Finally, I choose one and share my experience after eating. Due to the requirements of epidemic prevention, each seat in the restaurant is partitioned on three sides, and the idea of ​​sharing food is basically dispelled, because it is inconvenient for you to overstep the baffle and try the dishes at the next table. The advantage of eating this way is that you will be more focused on your food, don’t waste it, and eat everything.

bartending robot

A person who respects food tastes delicious, not to mention, it is cooked by domestic robots.

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