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After Baidu opens its self-driving platform, all food delivery robots will be delivered

AsiaIndustrial NetworkNews: Autonomous driving is an important direction for the future development of the automotive industry, so we are also actively concerned about industry trends. But before that, most of the news on the internet was from foreign manufacturers, and it seemed that no news from China had been heard. But the good news is that the technical research of domestic manufacturers in autonomous driving has not fallen behind.

Baidu recently announced plans to open an autonomous driving platform called “Apollo”. Baidu said that through this platform, other partners in the automotive industry and the automatic field can quickly create a set of self-driving systems of their own.

In this process, Baidu mainly provides an open, complete and safe software platform, while relevant partners combine their existing vehicles and hardware systems to create their own autonomous driving systems. Does it sound like Google’s Android system?

If the “Apollo” project can be implemented smoothly, it is foreseeable that Baidu will be able to apply intelligent technology to more and more fields through this platform in the future.

In fact, a few days before the announcement of the “Apollo” plan, Wang Xing, CEO of Meituan Dianping, also talked about the use of AI (artificial intelligence) in the food delivery platform, and said that “unmanned vehicles,robotIt’s not very far away. I believe that food delivery Robots will appear sooner than unmanned vehicles. “Although it is difficult for people to understand why food delivery needs to use such cutting-edge technology, it can also be seen from Wang Xing’s words that all industries at the end are bound to develop towards technological operations.

A technological world, does this sound like what we read in science fiction books when we were young? Relying on the rapid development of AI technology, such a world may not be too far away.

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