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Advantech’s M2I Industrial Equipment Networking Solution – a general-purpose industry solution covering more than 90% of equipment networking scenarios


Everyone in the Industrial internet circle knows that the concept of digital twins has been very popular in recent years, and it is a powerful assistant for the digital transformation of factories. But in the face of its own weak technical strength and complex equipment usage scenarios, is there a solution that can be used out of the box, or can quickly realize digital management of equipment through simple configuration? The answer is “M2I (MachineUnite) Industrial Equipment Networking Solution” of Advantech Embedded IoT Business Group! In this issue, we will start from the basic concept of digital twins, and take you to understand the industry-wide equipment networking solution derived from this foundation – the M2I industrial equipment networking solution.

1. What is a digital twin?

The concept of “digital twin” is no stranger to readers in the industrial circle. Everyone knows that the digital transformation of an enterprise is a very important step for modern enterprises to achieve intelligence. In the process of digital transformation, it is necessary to model the characteristics of entities in the physical world in the computer and combine some relevant information and data fusion. show. Such a technology or method can be called a digital twin.

There is a neat definition of a digital twin: “A digital twin is a virtual representation of an object or system, spanning its lifecycle, updated from real-time data, and using simulation, machine learning, and reasoning to aid decision-making.” From usage As a key technology for interaction and mapping, the digital twin model seems to be a physical entity cloned in a virtual world, so it can help us better observe objects, understand and transform our physical world.

It is well-known in the industry that Advantech enters the market with hardware products. In recent years, in order to meet the general trend of the Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence, Advantech has proposed edge intelligence and Advantech Industrial Cloud (including WISE-PaaS industrial IoT) Networking cloud platform) as the core IoT software and hardware solutions to assist customers and partners to connect the industrial chain. Now it mainly focuses on the three major markets of Industrial Internet of Things, Embedded Internet of Things and Smart City.

Among them, Advantech has been deeply involved in digital twin technology for many years, and launched the Insight APM digital twin platform, which has helped many customers quickly establish domain applications and accelerated the digital transformation process of customers’ enterprises.

2. How awesome is M2I?

As we all know, the industrial scene itself is complex, and there are often large industry barriers between different industries, so Advantech has been exploring more general solutions to help customers with insufficient technical capabilities quickly build their own management platforms. In the end, in many scenarios, we see that almost every customer is very concerned about the use of equipment and the centralized monitoring and management of equipment usage. Therefore, the “M2I Industrial Equipment Networking Solution” based on the Insight APM digital twin platform came into being!

“M2I Industrial Equipment Networking Solution” is to connect industrial assets and provide end-to-cloud one-stop industrial IoT solutions. The solution integrates 6 major functions of equipment management, improves the efficiency of equipment management in an all-round way, and has served many industries and many customers. It has effectively solved the pain points of difficult equipment management and monitoring for customers, improved management efficiency and level, and truly realized Improve quality, reduce cost and increase efficiency.

Advantech’s M2I Industrial Equipment Networking Solution – a general-purpose industry solution covering more than 90% of equipment networking scenarios

The architecture of the entire solution provides one-stop subscription and a full set of services for device networking and data cloud management. It has won unanimous praise from customers for its excellent performance and considerate service from the team. Let’s take a look at how “M2I” is. Cattle?

1. Data collection:

Advantech has always been in the leading position in the industry in terms of its ability to adapt to the acquisition protocols of devices in industrial scenarios. Starting from the underlying data collection, the solution supports a wealth of equipment access, from small sensor equipment to large air compressor equipment, with Advantech edge gateways and collection software, all of which can achieve perfect protocol docking.

“Only what you can’t think of, nothing we can’t get!”

2. The core functions of the program:

After the data comes to the M2I platform, we provide six core functions:

Comprehensive situation room: global equipment monitoring, all equipment alarm information can be grasped on one screen;

Operation and maintenance: work orders are automatically and manually dispatched, and the maintenance process is fully recorded;

Remote operation and maintenance: built-in OAT function, remote equipment upgrade, remote maintenance;

Data analysis: all kinds of reports are generated with one click, and the management data is clear at a glance;

Performance management: comprehensive analysis of equipment production benefits, where

Abnormal early warning: scientific analysis of equipment health, abnormal early warning;

3. Highlights of the program:

Quick launch: rich device models, low-code platform operations, flexible solution deployment, and simple data access;

High security: Exclusive VPN data encryption, data security is impregnable;

High scalability: flexible and easy-to-use microservice architecture, zero barriers to cross-cloud data migration;

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