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ABB debuts at the China International Industry Fair | Changes and changes with new, intelligent upgrades!

ABB debuts at the China International Industry Fair | Changes and changes with new, intelligent upgrades!
ABB booth
The five-day CIIF officially opened on September 17 and is a grand event for China’s equipment manufacturing industry. ABB and 2,600 other companies brought their products to the exhibition to empower the new development of the industry.

Change with new, digital product innovation debut

At this year’s China International Industry Fair, ABB will showcase a series of innovative digital products, solutions and services to drive the manufacturing industry towards an automated, connected factory of the future.
Li GangHead of ABB China Robotics and Discrete Automation Division
At this year’s CIIF, we brought you a series of advanced solutions to help customers cope with the trend of mass customization and stand out in the fierce market competition. Our pick and place technology leads the market, and our latest PickMaster® Twin software extends that lead.

ABB Robotics launches new PickMaster® Twin software

For the first time, the software uses digital twin technology to provide customers with digital production Kanban, bringing unprecedented visibility and transparency to help manufacturers achieve more efficient production. “

▼Watch manufacturing “Future Factory”

China is the center of the global electronics manufacturing industry, and there is an urgent need to improve the flexibility and efficiency of production lines to meet the needs of small batches and multi-variety manufacturing.
In order to demonstrate its strong strength in this field, ABB displayed a “factory of the future” for making watches at the Industrial Expo. Its production line model can assemble a batch of customized watches in real time. ABB’s series of flexible and efficient digital products allow All this is possible.
ABB Robotic Watch Assembly Future Factory Demonstration Station
Collaborative Robot YuMi®
The collaborative robot YuMi® picks up and places watch parts, exerting its excellent assembly accuracy;
SuperTrak flexible conveying system ensures timely movement of parts from one station to another;
With ABB’s latest digital twin technology, operators can control different production steps and simulate quality checks to take the necessary interventions to optimize the production process.

▼ Garbage Collection Smart Challenge

ABB will also demonstrate how digital solutions can address the challenges of future waste collection. ABB’s waste sorting demonstration unit is a solution developed according to the latest municipal waste management regulations issued by Shanghai. Through the neural network technology combined with robots, computers and sensors, it can sort and sort waste like a human brain.
ABB artificial intelligence waste sorting Display unit
The solution consists of a YuMi® dual-arm robot, an IRB 1200 for feeding, as well as a vision system, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more. The cloud-based dashboard shows the YuMi robot images of waste, helping it identify the type of waste and sort the waste into four types of bins. The waste is then transferred to the conveyor belt, and the IRB 1200 robot collects the waste and sends it to recycling.

▼The latest automotive manufacturing solutions

ABB will also showcase its latest automotive manufacturing solutions: advanced battery pack test cells demonstrate battery assembly processes for pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles; ABB’s advanced digital painting solutions demand; ABB Ability™ Connected Atomizer is the world’s first digital connected spray atomizer – it not only provides real-time analysis and diagnostics, but also reduces paint loss, increases uptime, and ensures zero spray defects for customers to avoid Millions of dollars in potential losses.
Taking advantage of wisdom and potential, blooming brilliantly
Steven Wyatt Head of Product and Digitalization at ABB Robotics and Discrete Automation
For more than 40 years, ABB has been leading the development of robotics digital technology. At this year’s CIIF, we showcased an exciting array of innovative technologies and solutions, showcasing how our design philosophy keeps our business and customers at the forefront of innovation and automation. Robots are our core product, and we also offer industry-standard robotics software, pre-engineered feature packs and the broadest service offering and network in the industry. All this means that we have a strong product portfolio ready to help our customers meet exciting challenges in Industrial automation. “
ABB’s booth is located at booth E001 in Hall 8.1, covering an area of ​​nearly 1,000 square meters. It is the largest exhibitor in this year’s CIIF. In addition to the aforementioned products, ABB will also be exhibiting products such as PickMaster® Twin software for pick and pack applications. In addition, ABB Ability™ connected service robot monitoring software and RobotStudio will also be unveiled. Using these software, customers can virtually program production lines before the actual production line is built.
ABB’s new member B&R (Booth B163 in Hall H6.1) will also appear at the CIIF, bringing a number of mechanical automation display units, including SuperTrak and ACOPOStrak flexible electric conveying systems, integrated vision systems, smart factory solutions solutions and integrated automation platforms.

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