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A variety of Advantech edge computing units and boards based on Rockchip have completed OpenHarmony system adaptation

Under the wave of domestic digitalization, Advantech continues to keep up with the needs of localization, builds in-depth localized software and hardware solutions, and joins hands with industry partners to continue to steadily promote digital transformation.

Recently, Advantech’s IOT edge computing unit ITA-160/170 and single-board computer RSB-4710 products based on the Rockchip RK3399 platform have completed mutual authentication with Honghu Wanlian. The related products are equipped with Honghu Wanlian based on OpenHarmony3.1 version The SwanLinkOS software distribution version constructed shows excellent system stability during the system testing and verification process, and all performance characteristics meet the needs of commercial promotion.

A variety of Advantech edge computing units and boards based on Rockchip have completed OpenHarmony system adaptation

As a high-tech enterprise under iSoftStone focusing on the R&D and industrialization services of the intelligent IoT operating system, Honghu Wanlian has become the first batch of OpenHarmony enabling solution providers, and has launched several industry releases that have passed the OpenHarmony compatibility certification.

First, the SwanLinkOS transportation software distribution is an independent and controllable transportation-oriented distribution based on OpenHarmony created by Honghu Wanlian. It integrates the transportation edge computing engine and the two-passenger and one-danger general engine. At present, it has initially connected to Beidou The positioning system has a wide range of traffic usage scenarios, and can be widely used in road condition monitoring, electronic monitoring, big data analysis of road conditions, shipping intelligent terminals, marine communication equipment and other fields, providing effective solutions for vehicle-side, road-side and cloud service solutions for traffic travel .

The Advantech edge computing units ITA-160 and ITA-170, which are equipped with the SwanLinkOS transportation software release version and have completed mutual certification, are domestically produced fanless compact IOT edge computing units, small and strong, and designed for wide temperature range. Arm architecture, supports high-speed communication transmission, and can be equipped with Cambrian MLU accelerator card to achieve higher computing performance. In addition to its own rich interfaces, it can also quickly and easily customize the required functions, flexibly increase or decrease interfaces, and can be used for urban road monitoring. , trackside monitoring, pantograph inspection, chassis track inspection and other applications, which can meet various complex application environments of intelligent transportation.

Second, the SwanLinkOS commercial Display software release version is an independently controllable, interconnected and interoperable commercial display industry-oriented operating system created by Honghu Wanlian based on OpenHarmony, and is committed to providing alternative solutions for the localized commercial display industry. The system effectively guarantees the security and stability of the system from the source.

Advantech RSB-4710 is equipped with Honghu Wanlian SwanLinkOS commercial display release version. It is a RISC 3.5-inch single-board computer (SBC), equipped with RK3399 Cortex A72 high-performance processor, supports multiple displays and various IO interfaces, and is Industrial-grade Reliability design and verification, support wide temperature operation. Provide Advantech WISE-PaaS/DeviceOn software integration solution, which can effectively help customers reduce management costs, and with excellent flexibility, it can meet more diverse application requirements, such as self-service machine system, machine control, digital signage and physical Applications related to internet-connected devices.

Advantech, as a hardware-based upstream enterprise, will continue to deepen cooperation with domestic operating system manufacturers and give full play to their respective advantages in technological innovation and Industrial resources. As a professional operating system service provider, Honghu Wanlian, under the guidance of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation, enables the development of the OpenHarmony ecology and industry, and is committed to making SwanLinkOS the industry’s preferred brand. In the future, the two parties will launch more independent and controllable products and industry solutions based on the open source Hongmeng, work together to build, serve industry partners, and contribute to the construction of the national digital industry.

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